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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by BMW was released in 1928 (BMW R 47)
Databikes contain 3576 BMW bikes in 16 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (650 to 1200 cm³), Combination/Sidecar (250 to 1300 cm³), Dirt Bike (450 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (60 to 1200 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Motorcycle (125 to 11070 cm³), Naked Bike (250 to 1300 cm³), Other (250 to 1650 cm³), Racing (125 to 1090 cm³), Rally/Cross (450 cm³), Scooter (125 to 650 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (600 to 12000 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (740 to 1300 cm³), Streetfighter (450 to 1200 cm³), Super Moto (450 to 1200 cm³), Tourer (70 to 1650 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by BMW in our DB is BMW K1600GT (118 kW (160 PS))

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BMW F 800 ST Sports/Super Sports Bike20134
BMW F 800 ST ABS Sport Touring Motorcycles20104
BMW F 800 ST ABS 99.00 monthly. Tourer200611
BMW F 800 ST ABS, heated grips, luggage Tourer20094
BMW F 800 ST ABS, RDC, heated grips, luggage holder Tourer20107
BMW F 800 ST F 800 ST Other20073
BMW F 800 ST, special paint Sport Touring Motorcycles20117
BMW F 800 ST usata Tourer20101
BMW F 800 ST with lowering and touring package Motorcycle20123
BMW f 800GS 30 years of GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20105
BMW F 800R Naked Bike20102
BMW F 800R Naked Bike20114
BMW F 800S Sport Touring Motorcycles20074
BMW F 800ST 'comfort control' Sport Touring Motorcycles20126
BMW F from 650 1.Hand orig. only 7.000 km!!!!! Enduro/Touring Enduro199415
BMW F (G) 650 Gs - fully equipped 34 or 50 hp Enduro/Touring Enduro20054
BMW F st 650 STRADA Enduro/Touring Enduro19994
BMW F650 - Black / Orange - 2 Hand Enduro/Touring Enduro19966
BMW F650 169 Enduro/Touring Enduro19971
BMW F650 Enduro/Touring Enduro19945
BMW F650 Tourer19954
BMW F650 Enduro/Touring Enduro19964
BMW F650 Enduro/Touring Enduro19975
BMW F650 Motorcycle19985
BMW F650 Enduro/Touring Enduro19994
BMW F650 CAT Enduro/Touring Enduro19945
BMW F650 CS Enduro/Touring Enduro20022
BMW F650 CS Tourer20034
BMW F650 CS Motorcycle20045
BMW F650 CS Enduro/Touring Enduro20062
BMW F650 CS 60 PS ABS Motorcycle200512
BMW F650 CS ABS ------------------ ---------------- Enduro/Touring Enduro200212
BMW F650 CS ABS Motorcycle20026
BMW F650 CS ABS Motorcycle20053
BMW F650 CS ABS Scarver Motorcycle20035
BMW F650 CS ABS, top case, SR-60 HP Racing Exhaust Motorcycle20029
BMW F650 CS (Scarver) Motorcycle20035
BMW F650 CS Scarver Motorcycle20043
BMW F650 CS Scarver top features! Motorcycle20047
BMW F650 CS Scaver Motorcycle20033
BMW F650 Dakar Enduro/Touring Enduro20015
BMW F650 Dakar Enduro/Touring Enduro20041
BMW F650 Dakar Enduro/Touring Enduro20055
BMW F650 Dakar with ABS Enduro/Touring Enduro20035
BMW F650 Funduro Enduro/Touring Enduro19984
BMW F650 Funduro top condition! Enduro/Touring Enduro19945
BMW F650 GS - OFF 1.HAND - ABS Enduro/Touring Enduro20053
BMW F650 GS - top condition - Check 3/12 - Case Enduro/Touring Enduro20042
BMW F650 GS 1 Hand Enduro/Touring Enduro20012
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20004
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20014
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20045
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20065
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20072
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20085
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20095
BMW F650 GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20113
BMW F650 GS ABS case-good-maintained condition Enduro/Touring Enduro20025
BMW F650 GS ABS top condition, heated grips, Enduro/Touring Enduro20056
BMW F650 GS BLU 97 VERONA Enduro/Touring Enduro19974
BMW F650 GS Dakar Enduro/Touring Enduro20005
BMW F650 GS Dakar Enduro/Touring Enduro20052
BMW F650 GS little * km * Enduro/Touring Enduro200114
BMW F650 GS Low Enduro/Touring Enduro20095
BMW F650 GS Lowering \ Enduro/Touring Enduro20074
BMW F650 GS Twin Enduro/Touring Enduro20085
BMW F650 GS Twin Enduro/Touring Enduro20102
BMW F650 lowered Enduro/Touring Enduro20013
BMW F650 motorcycle learner drivers Enduro/Touring Enduro19975
BMW F650 SC Scarva / Top * / finance / warranty Motorcycle200313
BMW F650 ST Enduro/Touring Enduro19934
BMW F650 ST Motorcycle19955
BMW F650 ST Tourer19972
BMW F650 ST Enduro/Touring Enduro19993
BMW F650 ST Enduro/Touring Enduro20003
BMW F650 Top condition, Touring Edition, Case, GS / ST Enduro/Touring Enduro199914
BMW F650 TUV New! Enduro/Touring Enduro19985
BMW F650CS Motorcycle20025
BMW F650CS Motorcycle20034
BMW F650CS Streetfighter20043
BMW F650CS F650 CS SCRAVER Naked Bike20027
BMW F650CS Scarver Motorcycle20044
BMW F650CS-special paint, AC Schnitzer conversion Motorcycle20035
BMW F650GS - like new! Warranty! Enduro/Touring Enduro20109
BMW F650GS / E650G / ABS Enduro/Touring Enduro20051
BMW F650GS 2_ZYLINDER Deeper & 25kW Enduro/Touring Enduro20113
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20004
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20015
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20022
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20031
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20045
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20055
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20069
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20075
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20085
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20095
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20101
BMW F650GS Enduro/Touring Enduro20111
BMW F650GS 800 seat height 80cm Enduro/Touring Enduro20095
BMW F650GS ABS-25KW CHECKBOOK Enduro/Touring Enduro20027

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