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There are various types of off-road motorcycles, also known as 'dirt bikes', specially designed for off-road events like motocross and mx.
Motocross is a form of motorcycle racing held on enclosed off road circuits. The sport evolved from motorcycle trials competitions held in the United Kingdom. Motocross is a physically demanding sport held in all weather conditions.
Our DB Contain Dirt Bike category vehicles since 1920 (Other LEM 50 LX2 Factory) to 2015
Most powerful Dirt Bike is
1999 Harley Davidson electra glide street glide
BSA  Goldstar 500 SS 1971 Dirt Bike photo

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Aprilia Climber 280 1989Aprilia3
Aprilia Pocketbieke 2000Aprilia1
Beeline pocket bike (dirt bike) 2011Beeline5
Benelli 900 RS 2007Benelli5
Beta Alp 200 2011Beta5
Beta EVO 125 2009Beta5
Beta EVO 125 2012Beta4
Beta Mini R12 Cross model 2012! 2011Beta12
Beta Mini Trial 2007Beta3
Beta R10 Mini Cross / Kindercrossähnl. PW50 2003Beta5
Beta rev 3 2002Beta5
Beta REV 3, 250 cc, model 07 with papers! 2007Beta1
Beta REV 3250 Trial 2006Beta3
Beta RR 400 Factory 2011Beta5
Beta RR 400 model 2012 2012Beta11
Beta Scorpa SY 250 FR Long Ride (4-stroke) 2009Beta5
Beta Techno 250 Trial 1998Beta1
Beta Techno techno 250 250 targata 1994Beta4
Beta Trial 2004Beta3
BMW G 450X 2009BMW5
BRP Dirt Bike 2001BRP3
BSA Goldstar 500 SS 1971BSA5
Cagiva 125 cm3 2007Cagiva4
Can Am Bombardier Rotax 250 1979Can Am5
CPI XB21 2012CPI5
Explorer 125 2012Explorer4
Explorer Children Cross 125cc 2012Explorer3
Explorer fully coss 2010Explorer3
Gasgas 270TXT 2001Gasgas3
Gasgas 280ccm TXT Racing 2013 2013Gasgas5
Gasgas JT25 1995Gasgas5
Gasgas Ossa TR280I 2013Gasgas5
Gasgas Randonne 125 2011Gasgas5
Gasgas txt 125 racing 2012Gasgas4
Gasgas txt 125 trial 2006Gasgas5
Gasgas TXT 200 optical new condition! 2004Gasgas5
Gasgas TXT 280 Raga 2012Gasgas5
Gasgas TXT 300 Pro 2011Gasgas4
Gasgas TXT 321 1999Gasgas3
Gasgas TXT PRO 250 2011Gasgas1
Gasgas TXT Pro 300 Mod 2012 2011Gasgas4
Gasgas TXT Pro 300 Racing 2010Gasgas5
Gasgas TXT300PRO Model 2012! 2011Gasgas15
Harley Davidson Dirt Tracker 1970Harley Davidson7
Harley Davidson electra glide street glide 1999Harley Davidson3
Harley Davidson V-Rod Thunderbike HOT ROD * unique * 2008Harley Davidson15
Harley Davidson X-90 1974Harley Davidson5
Herkules Electric Bike 1988Herkules3
Honda CR 125 2002Honda5
Honda CR 250 1998Honda5
Honda CR 250 2001Honda5
Honda CRF 150R 2009Honda5
Honda CRF 250 CR-09 CR F 2009Honda4
Honda Montesa 1987Honda5
Honda TL200 1991Honda1
Husaberg FE 250 2013Husaberg5
Husaberg FE 400 1996Husaberg5
Husaberg FE 450 2009Husaberg10
Husaberg FE 501 1996Husaberg5
Husaberg MC 501 1997Husaberg5
Husaberg Model FE 390 14.5 2012 TOP Hours 2011Husaberg4
Husqvarna 510TC 2007Husqvarna5
Husqvarna CR 125 Special Edition 2010Husqvarna7
Husqvarna CR 50 2012Husqvarna3
Husqvarna sx 50 Boy Ktm Lem Malaguti 2006Husqvarna4
Husqvarna TC 125 2015Husqvarna4
Husqvarna TC 250 2008Husqvarna5
Husqvarna TC 250 2011Husqvarna3
Husqvarna TC 449 2012Husqvarna5
Husqvarna Tc 610 1997Husqvarna4
Husqvarna tc sm 450 smr 2009Husqvarna5
Husqvarna Vintage Montesa cross 250 Cappra Twinshock 1976 1976Husqvarna3
Italjet XXL 56 kids bike 2014Italjet5
Jawa 250 cross 1976Jawa2
Jawa 90 Cross 1968Jawa3
Jawa CZ 175 Trail Scrambler Dirtbike 1977Jawa4
Jawa ESO 1964Jawa2
Kawasaki Kawasaki kx 80 2002Kawasaki5
Kawasaki KX 125, no kxf 250 cr yz rm 2006Kawasaki5
Kawasaki KX 450 2008Kawasaki3
Kawasaki KXF 2011Kawasaki5
Kawasaki KXF 450 2010Kawasaki5
Kawasaki Replica, reproduction, cross / Dirt Bike 2008Kawasaki5
KTM 125 SX 2002KTM5
KTM 450 SX-F / 2103 / Fianz. 4.99% 2012KTM1
KTM 65 SX 2003KTM7
KTM EXC / EGS 300 1999KTM4
KTM EXC 300 2010KTM4
KTM EXC 380 (more displacement than 125/250/300) 1998KTM5
KTM FMX250 2011KTM1
KTM Sx 125 2004KTM5
KTM SX 50 Junior LC 2003KTM5
KTM sx 50 pro senior lc 2003KTM5
KTM sx 60 2001KTM4
KTM SX 65-2012 2012KTM5
KTM XC 65 2008KTM5
Lifan 125 \ 2011Lifan5
Lifan 125cc 2010Lifan5
Lifan 200cc dirt bike motocross 2014Lifan4
Lifan 70 children Crosser 2010Lifan9

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