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Our DB Contain Rally/Cross category vehicles since 1900 (Honda X-Sport CRF 50125) to 2015
Most powerful Rally/Cross bike is
2002 Gasgas EC 300
Cagiva  WRX 250 WMX 250 cross PEKKA VEKHONEN replica Mon 1988 Rally/Cross photo

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Adly Mini Car 320 2011Adly8
Aprilia Mini RX 50 Experience 2003Aprilia2
Aprilia MXV 450 Super state 2009Aprilia4
Aprilia RX 1994Aprilia3
Aprilia RX Rotax 123 1992Aprilia5
Aprilia RXV 450 09 2009Aprilia7
Aprilia RXV 450cc 45KW 2009Aprilia4
Aprilia tx 310 trial 1990Aprilia5
Arctic Cat Wild Cat 1000iX including roof * LOF-approval 2013Arctic Cat13
Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 I X 2014Arctic Cat15
Barossa barosssa 2004Barossa3
Beta 250 Moto Cross was demolished by beta amatori 1970Beta5
Beta 250 Trial Trail with letter 2009Beta5
Beta 300 Factory 2011Beta1
Beta 400 RR 2005Beta3
Beta 400 RR 2009Beta9
Beta 400RR Model 2014 Year 2015 1. Hand 2015Beta7
Beta 450 rr 2011Beta5
Beta 50 2006Beta3
Beta 80 Trial 2006 2006Beta7
Beta ALP 200 2001Beta10
Beta ALP 4.0 2009Beta7
Beta beta minicros R12 2007Beta3
Beta Children Cross 2006Beta5
Beta Children Cross 50 2000Beta5
Beta Children Cross beta 50 2008Beta3
Beta EV ET 300 cc 4 stroke 2010Beta6
Beta EVO 250 4T 2011Beta3
Beta Evo 80 Junior 2009Beta3
Beta Fantic FM 455 249cc 1995Beta5
Beta Mini Cross 1998Beta4
Beta Mini Cross 2006Beta5
Beta mini cross monomarcia motore 50 ktm 10 cv 2009Beta4
Beta Mini Cross R 12 children 8-12 years KTM pitbike 2012Beta10
Beta Mini Cross R 12 Children 9-12 years KTM pitbike 2011Beta9
Beta Mini R10 Cross Endurocross 2011Beta1
Beta Mini R12 Cross `12 (15\ 2011Beta3
Beta Mini R12 Cross, Special Model Racing 2012 Trial 2011Beta1
Beta Mini-trial (no Yamaha PW50 Mini KTM) 2011Beta15
Beta Minicross R12 Yamaha PW or any similar 2010Beta3
Beta MY 2012 RR 350 sports enduro dirt bike 2011Beta15
Beta New 2012 Model R10 Mini Cross 2011Beta2
Beta R 10 Mini Cross `12 (12\ 2011Beta3
Beta R 107 4T Children Cross Motorcycle 2007Beta5
Beta R 12 2012Beta5
Beta R 12 Kids Crosser 2010Beta1
Beta R 125 4T 2008Beta4
Beta R-150 2011Beta1
Beta R 150 4T Mini Cross `13 2012Beta3
Beta R10 2006Beta4
Beta R10 Mini Cross 4-8 years in stock! 2011Beta2
Beta R12 2009Beta5
Beta R12 Kids Crosser 2005Beta5
Beta R12 Mini Cross 8-12 years in stock! 2012Beta2
Beta R12 Mini Cross New Model 2012 2011Beta2
Beta R12 Mini Cross stock 2011Beta1
Beta R125 2010Beta1
Beta R125 Minicross 2009Beta2
Beta REV 3 2008Beta5
Beta Rev 50 2008Beta4
Beta RR 150 2010Beta5
Beta RR 250 Year 2013 2012Beta3
Beta RR 300 Year 2013 2012Beta3
Beta RR 350 2012Beta5
Beta RR 450 NEW CROSS COUNTRY! 2011Beta4
Beta RR 50 2010Beta5
Beta RR 520 11 FACTORY 2011Beta1
Beta RR250 2013Beta4
Beta SX 50 2004Beta4
Beta Trial 50 2006Beta5
Beta Trial EVO 300 Model 2012 available now 2011Beta15
Beta Trial EVO 80 Senior Trial children children bike 2013Beta15
Beta Trial Mini Children Kids Motorcycle Cross Trail 2009Beta12
Beta Trial Rev 270 EVO no gas gas 2005Beta15
Beta Trial REV 270 Trail wanders Rail Alp 2005Beta15
Beta Zero 1990Beta3
BMW G 450 X model 2010 2009BMW5
BMW G 450 X model 2010 2010BMW5
BMW G 450 X Year 2010 2010BMW2
Bombardier 250 military sites 1982Bombardier1
Bombardier Skidoo MXZ 2005Bombardier5
BRP Ski-doo MXZ Renegade 800 HO 2004BRP5
BSA 500 SS Gold Star 1972BSA15
BSA B.S.A B44VS Rickman / Metisse 1968BSA5
BSA BSA_B50 MX500 (Motocross) 1971BSA5
Cagiva 125 1981Cagiva5
Cagiva Fantic Caballero RC80 1993Cagiva2
Cagiva WMX 125 DAVE Strijbos replica Campione del mondo 1988Cagiva14
Cagiva WRX 250 WMX 250 cross PEKKA VEKHONEN replica Mon 1988Cagiva14
CFMOTO TerraCross 625 2012CFMOTO4
CFMOTO TerraCross 625 EFI / disk / roof 2013CFMOTO15
CFMOTO Zforce 800 EX 4X4 2012CFMOTO15
CPI SX / SM 2006CPI5
Derbi Dirt Boy 10 2000Derbi5
Derbi Dirt Kid 12 2007Derbi4
Derbi Pitbike Dirtbike Dirt KID Children Cross 2008Derbi4
Derbi SENDA 2001Derbi5
Derbi SENDA 50 2004Derbi5
Derbi Senda 50 DT never ENDUROCROSS crispy 2008Derbi3

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