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A streetfighter is a sport bike that is customized by removing the fairing, and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look. Beyond simply removing fairings, specific changes that exemplify the streetfighter look are a pair of large, round headlights, tall, upright handlebars such as those on a motocross bike, and short, loud, lightweight mufflers.
Our DB Contain Streetfighter category vehicles since 1972 (Kawasaki Mach III) to 2014
Most powerful Streetfighter bike is
2000 Harley Davidson Custom Bike
Buell  1125 CR 2010 Streetfighter photo

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Aprilia 1000 Tuono 2007Aprilia5
Aprilia RSV / R 2000Aprilia4
Aprilia RSV 1000 Tuono 2011 NEW V2 dt eff.Z 0.0% 2011Aprilia3
Aprilia RSV Mille 2006Aprilia5
Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS new Aprilia Siegen.de 2011Aprilia6
Aprilia SL 750 Shiver ABS 0.0% rms. Interest / Mod 2012 2011Aprilia3
Aprilia SL 750 Shiver ABS VF 0.0% rms. Interest test drive 2012Aprilia3
Aprilia Tuono 125 SF 2005Aprilia5
Aprilia Tuono RSV4R 2011Aprilia12
Aprilia Tuono RSV4R with traction control / switch version 2011Aprilia12
Aprilia Tuono V4 R / APRC / RSV4 instantly 0.0% eff 2011Aprilia3
Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC test with us! 2011Aprilia7
Benelli 1130 TNT TORNADO 2004Benelli5
Benelli T.N.T 1130 2006Benelli3
Benelli TNT * 1130 **** R160 at CAMP ****** 2011Benelli8
Benelli TNT 1130 2007Benelli5
Benelli TNT 1130 Sport Evo exhaust HPE + 1 year warranty 2010Benelli8
Benelli TnT 2005Benelli5
Benelli TNT 899 2008Benelli1
Benelli TNT Cafe Racer - Naked Bike 2011Benelli5
Benelli TNT Cafe Racer 2007Benelli5
Benelli TNT R160 Carbon, Rizoma, xenon, no H.Eintrag 2012Benelli15
Benelli TNT R160 Carbon, Rizoma, xenon, no owner 2012Benelli15
Benelli Tornado Tre TNT Nake Sport EVO 2010Benelli14
Bimota Mantra DB3 2001Bimota5
Bimota Mantra DB3 show car! 1999Bimota5
Blata SUZUKI BANDIT 1200 S \ 2002Blata4
BMW F650CS 2004BMW3
BMW K 1200 R 2004BMW5
BMW K1200 R Power Cup replica 2006BMW9
BMW R45 1981BMW5
BMW S 1000 RR Street Fighter 2011BMW2
BMW Street Fighter K1100 RS 1995BMW4
BMW TOP K1200R 1A + accessories look ...! 2006BMW5
BSA X 1 1999BSA5
Buell 1125 CR 2009Buell6
Buell 1125 CR 2010Buell7
Buell 1125 CR 2011Buell6
Buell 1125CR Dark Bat GM Special 2012Buell9
Buell 1125CR (XB3) 2009Buell15
Buell cr1125 2009Buell5
Buell Dark Bat GM-1125CR Special 2011Buell9
Buell Dark Bat GM-1125CR Special 2012Buell9
Buell Dark XB12Ss GM Special 2011Buell9
Buell Dark XB12Ss GM Special 2012Buell9
Buell Erik Racing EWC 1190SX 2012Buell9
Buell Firebolt 900 2003Buell5
Buell Firebolt XB12R 2005Buell3
Buell Lightning EB1 1998Buell5
Buell Lightning S1 1996Buell5
Buell Lightning XB 12s 2007Buell5
Buell Lightning XB 9 S 2003Buell4
Buell LIGHTNING XB9S 2003Buell5
Buell M2 S1 Showbike Streetfighter 1998Buell5
Buell RRC Remus XB12S 2007Buell1
Buell S1 Lightning - PRECIOUS COOL RAT! 1998Buell13
Buell S1 Lightning - THE LEGENDARY - MATT BEIGE !!! 1998Buell13
Buell S1 LIGHTNING 2000Buell10
Buell S1 Lightning 2012Buell8
Buell S3 THUNDER BOLD 2003Buell10
Buell s3 thunderbolt 2001Buell5
Buell Top XB12R Firebolt!!!! 2004Buell5
Buell x 1 .... motorcycle purchase all brands ....... 2000Buell11
Buell X1 1ER MAIN 35000KM 2000Buell5
Buell X1 Lightning 2003Buell11
Buell XB-1125CR GM Special 12 2011Buell9
Buell XB-1125CR GM Special 12 2012Buell9
Buell xb 12 2008Buell2
Buell XB 12 S 2008Buell5
Buell XB 12 scg 2008Buell4
Buell XB 12 Scg lightning 25 years anniversary model 2010Buell5
Buell XB 12 Ss 2007Buell5
Buell XB 12/14 S M-Tek Engine 1430 cc 2014Buell5
Buell XB 12S Lightning 2005Buell8
Buell XB 12X Ulysses LED tail conversion mount stainless steel 2008Buell5
Buell XB 12X Ulysses, TOP Zust.1 year warranty, accessories 2005Buell9
Buell xb 9 2008Buell5
Buell xb 9 Lightning City 2008Buell5
Buell XB 9 S Race Kit Monte Carlo Magic XB9S Lightning 2004Buell11
Buell XB Firebolt 1 2005Buell4
Buell XB1 Custom Bike 2005Buell5
Buell XB12 2006Buell4
Buell XB12 s 2005Buell3
Buell XB12 SS / STT 2008Buell5
Buell XB12S 2005Buell5
Buell XB12S 2010Buell4
Buell XB12S Dragster-GM Special 2011Buell9
Buell XB12S Dragster-GM Special 2012Buell9
Buell XB12S Lightning 25th Anniversary Edition MJ2008 2007Buell5
Buell XB12S Lightning Low GM Special 2012Buell9
Buell XB12Ss Dark GM Special 2012Buell9
Buell XB12Ss long 2009Buell5
Buell XB12sx Lightning CityX 2010 2010Buell2
Buell XB12X 09 `he 3years warranty 2011Buell3
Buell XB12X Ulysses 2007Buell5
Buell XB9 R Firebolt (race kit)! tended Z 2004Buell5
Buell XB9R Firebolt 2005Buell5
Buell XB9S 2002Buell5

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