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Sidecar Tricycle Category

A sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle producing a three-wheeled vehicle.
Our DB Contain Combination/Sidecar category vehicles since 1900 (Jawa 250 + sidecar Velorex 560, team) to 2014
Most powerful Combination/Sidecar bike is
2002 Other Zeus Side Bike
BMW  R 75 WH 1943 Combination/Sidecar photo

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BMW - Ural - Dnepr CJ 750 1998BMW5
BMW 51/3 1954BMW4
BMW 75/5 with Watsonia team 1972BMW8
BMW CJ750 1968BMW5
BMW Cross team 1977BMW5
BMW (Dnepr MT16) R71 1983BMW5
BMW HU - Feng Bao team 2003BMW5
BMW K 100 RS 16V STOYE RS 1990BMW4
BMW K 1200 LT knuckle speeder 1999BMW4
BMW K 1200 R / EML Speed ​​2000 sidecar 2007BMW4
BMW K 1200 R (Inzahlungsnahme) 1999BMW5
BMW K 1200 RS Achsschenklg EML SPEED 1997BMW5
BMW K 1200 RS with EML Speed ​​2000 1999BMW5
BMW K 75 S Schwenkergespann 1987BMW5
BMW K1 1990BMW5
BMW K100 - HGT team 1990BMW5
BMW k100 1985BMW4
BMW K100RS 16V 1200cc COUNTY 1992BMW4
BMW K100RS 1986BMW5
BMW K1100LT team 1995BMW1
BMW K1100RS-Speed2000 1992BMW4
BMW K1200 Dreamline 1998BMW5
BMW K1200GT 2010BMW5
BMW K1200LT EML GT2001 2005BMW9
BMW K1300S-Speed ​​Line 2009BMW7
BMW Lead-free camshaft 1000ccmDoppelzündung320Grad 1988BMW4
BMW M 72 1938BMW5
BMW MT80 with sidecar drive 1994BMW7
BMW R 100 1977BMW5
BMW R 100 RS ** sidecar team ********************* 1977BMW4
BMW R 100 Sport with EML sidecar 1982BMW2
BMW R 1100 R Triptq Heeler 1999BMW5
BMW R 1100 RS EML 1995BMW3
BMW R 1100 RS EZS RX 5 1994BMW4
BMW R 1150 GS with Tripteq Heeler solo and optional 2002BMW5
BMW R 12 1940BMW5
BMW R 26 1956BMW4
BMW R 50 1957BMW5
BMW R 50 Kalich team 1964BMW9
BMW R 50 RIGS 1957BMW5
BMW r 65 team 1990BMW12
BMW R 67 1951BMW4
BMW R 69 with Steib S350 sidecar 1958BMW4
BMW R 71 team from 1941 to 1943 1941BMW13
BMW R 75 1976BMW5
BMW R-75 WH 1941BMW5
BMW R 75 WH 1943BMW5
BMW R 75/5 1971BMW5
BMW R 75/6 1975BMW4
BMW R 80 G / S 1986BMW5
BMW R 80 GS R100 GS team 1992BMW5
BMW R 80 RT team 1989BMW4
BMW R 80/100 GS 1987BMW4
BMW R 850 R 2008BMW2
BMW R100 1984BMW5
BMW R100 R 1993BMW5
BMW R100R Classic m. Kalich sidecar 1993BMW5
BMW R100R-Velorex 565 1993BMW4
BMW R1100GS 1999BMW1
BMW R1100R Sauer-team 4-seater 1998BMW5
BMW R1100RT Tripteq Heeler 1999BMW6
BMW R1100RT with Goos Bos type Tripteq Heeler 2000BMW10
BMW R1150GS 2000BMW3
BMW R1150GS with sour Hawk Enduro BW, optional 2000BMW5
BMW R12 Wehrmacht sidecar 1938BMW5
BMW R50 / Steib TR500 (Hollandria) 1969BMW5
BMW R50 1965BMW5
BMW R60 / 2 1966BMW4
BMW R60 / 7 1987BMW5
BMW R60 + TR500 sidecar 1960BMW5
BMW R69 1959BMW5
BMW R75 - Wehrmachtsgespann 1942BMW5
BMW R75 1943BMW4
BMW R80 sidecar sidecar 1993BMW5
BMW R850R - R 850 R - TripTeq Heeler team 1997BMW5
BMW R90S sidecar 1973BMW5
BMW Team 1996BMW13
BSA A10 650 carriage sidecar 1950BSA5
BSA A65L-Watsonian Monaco 1969BSA5
BSA A7 with diesel engine + sidecar 1957BSA5
BSA Blue Star 500 1932BSA5
BSA CA 7 1957BSA5
BSA W32-7 Blue Star 1964BSA5
Can Am Commander 1000 X 2012Can Am8
DKW Jupitar team 1988DKW7
DKW KM 200 team 1932DKW5
DKW RT 250 S with sidecar Steib LS 200 1956DKW10
DKW Rt 250 s with Steib 1956DKW4
DKW RT 350 1955DKW5
DKW RT 350 1956DKW5
DKW Z500 sidecar 1927DKW15
Ducati Monster 600 either solo 1994Ducati5
Ducati Multistrada 2003Ducati11
Harley Davidson E - Glide Ultra Classic 1994Harley Davidson7
Harley Davidson E-Glide carriage 2002Harley Davidson5
Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTU 1990Harley Davidson14
Harley Davidson EVOLUTION 1962Harley Davidson13
Harley Davidson flathead ul le sidecar 1937 1937Harley Davidson3

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