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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by BMW was released in 1928 (BMW R 47)
Databikes contain 3576 BMW bikes in 16 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (650 to 1200 cm³), Combination/Sidecar (250 to 1300 cm³), Dirt Bike (450 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (60 to 1200 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Motorcycle (125 to 11070 cm³), Naked Bike (250 to 1300 cm³), Other (250 to 1650 cm³), Racing (125 to 1090 cm³), Rally/Cross (450 cm³), Scooter (125 to 650 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (600 to 12000 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (740 to 1300 cm³), Streetfighter (450 to 1200 cm³), Super Moto (450 to 1200 cm³), Tourer (70 to 1650 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by BMW in our DB is BMW K1600GT (118 kW (160 PS))

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BMW K1200 LT with great features Tourer20044
BMW K1200 R Motorcycle20004
BMW K1200 R Naked Bike20065
BMW K1200 R Power Cup replica Streetfighter20069
BMW K1200 R Sport Sports/Super Sports Bike20087
BMW K1200 RS 1.2 liter Sports Tourer Motorcycle19989
BMW K1200 RS Sport Touring Motorcycles19975
BMW K1200 RS Sport Touring Motorcycles19995
BMW K1200 RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20014
BMW K1200 RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20024
BMW K1200 RS Motorcycle20045
BMW K1200 RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20065
BMW K1200 RS Luggage * Financing & Warranty Motorcycle20019
BMW K1200 S Sport Touring Motorcycles20064
BMW K1200 S Sport Touring Motorcycles20075
BMW K1200 S Sports/Super Sports Bike20085
BMW K1200 S Akrapovic ESA is still under warranty Sport Touring Motorcycles20072
BMW K1200 S Indigo blue Sport Touring Motorcycles20055
BMW K12000R Motorcycle20069
BMW K1200GT, 1.HAND, ABS, 2 CASES Motorcycle20044
BMW K1200GT Sport Touring Motorcycles20035
BMW K1200GT Tourer20046
BMW K1200GT Tourer20064
BMW K1200GT Tourer20085
BMW K1200GT Combination/Sidecar20105
BMW K1200GT ABS Cruise control heating package case Motorcycle200415
BMW K1200GT first Hand well maintained Tourer20079
BMW K1200GT with box system BARGAIN Tourer200412
BMW K1200GT with heated seats and cruise control Tourer201214
BMW K1200LT / Baehr system / chassis Wilber Tourer200514
BMW K1200LT / TopCase / CD / and much more Motorcycle20007
BMW K1200LT-04/2002- black 20900 km Tourer20025
BMW K1200LT Chopper/Cruiser19985
BMW K1200LT Tourer19995
BMW K1200LT Tourer20002
BMW K1200LT Tourer20032
BMW K1200LT Tourer20044
BMW K1200LT Tourer20055
BMW K1200LT Tourer20064
BMW K1200LT Tourer20075
BMW K1200LT by the dealer fully equipped TOP Motorcycle20036
BMW K1200LT EML GT2001 Combination/Sidecar20059
BMW K1200LT Ölins, Baehr, backrest Tourer20015
BMW K1200LT, xenon, Baehr Intercom, 5 \ Tourer20045
BMW K1200R Naked Bike20055
BMW K1200R Naked Bike20062
BMW K1200R Naked Bike20073
BMW K1200R Naked Bike20084
BMW K1200R Naked Bike20128
BMW K1200R Carbon Special paint well maintained Sport Touring Motorcycles20055
BMW K1200R ESA Naked Bike20055
BMW K1200R ESA Case ABS Carbon parts TOP KAHEDO Naked Bike20053
BMW K1200R ESA suspension Motorcycle20053
BMW K1200R financing 1 year warranty Sport Touring Motorcycles200810
BMW K1200R Sport Motorcycle20069
BMW K1200R Sport Sport Touring Motorcycles20075
BMW K1200R Sport Sport Touring Motorcycles20085
BMW K1200R Sport with case and ESA Motorcycle20078
BMW K1200RS, 1.Hd. Topzst. m. Case, Soft Case u.TRS Sport Touring Motorcycles20025
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles19961
BMW K1200RS Motorcycle19981
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles19995
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles200010
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20014
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20023
BMW K1200RS Tourer20034
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20045
BMW K1200RS Sports/Super Sports Bike20054
BMW K1200RS Sport Touring Motorcycles20065
BMW K1200RS, ABS / Heated Grips / Holder Case Motorcycle19985
BMW K1200RS ABS, 2HD., Only 18.000km! perfect Sport Touring Motorcycles19972
BMW K1200RS ABS, GH, suitcases, topcase + + + Sport Touring Motorcycles20025
BMW K1200RS case, tank bag, Gepäckbrü. Sport Touring Motorcycles19975
BMW K1200RS engine 60000km Sport Touring Motorcycles19975
BMW K1200RS first With hand luggage Sport Touring Motorcycles20006
BMW K1200RS GT Sport Touring Motorcycles20015
BMW K1200RS like new CARE TOP Tourer20004
BMW K1200RS sports tourer Sport Touring Motorcycles20024
BMW K1200RS sports tourer Sport Touring Motorcycles20045
BMW K1200RS top condition a few km incl Sport Touring Motorcycles20024
BMW K1200RS up with new rebuilt engine Tourer20005
BMW K1200S + + + + ESA + ABS + alarm + checkbook Sports/Super Sports Bike20065
BMW K1200S - 2006 Tourer20065
BMW K1200S - ABS, ESA, ESF, heated grips - mint condition Sports/Super Sports Bike20055
BMW K1200S / ESA / Akrapovic Sport Touring Motorcycles20065
BMW K1200S Sport Touring Motorcycles20044
BMW K1200S Sport Touring Motorcycles20051
BMW K1200S Sports/Super Sports Bike200615
BMW K1200S Sport Touring Motorcycles20071
BMW K1200S Sports/Super Sports Bike20085
BMW K1200S Motorcycle20095
BMW K1200S Sport Touring Motorcycles201211
BMW K1200S ABS Sport Touring Motorcycles20066
BMW K1200S ABS, ESA Sport Touring Motorcycles20065
BMW K1200S, AC Schnitzer, case system, garage Sport Touring Motorcycles20054
BMW K1200S complete equipment / accessories, etc.. Sport Touring Motorcycles20074
BMW K1200S ESA Sport Touring Motorcycles20064
BMW K1200S ESA ABS Heated Grips Sports/Super Sports Bike20057
BMW K1200S ESA Griffh, cruise control, Main St., suitcase. Sports/Super Sports Bike20054
BMW K1200S ESA with many options + warranty! Motorcycle20056

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