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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Explorer was released in 1900 (Explorer Cracker spin GE50)
Databikes contain 507 Explorer bikes in 10 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (125 cm³), Dirt Bike (125 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (50 to 125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 to 70 cm³), Motorcycle (125 cm³), Other (125 to 630 cm³), Pocketbike (125 cm³), Quad (50 to 4930 cm³), Rally/Cross (125 cm³), Scooter (30 to 125 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Explorer in our DB is Explorer Terra Lander 800 Vorführfahrzeug (48 kW (65 PS))

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Explorer 05 Scooter20145
Explorer 125 Chopper/Cruiser20113
Explorer 125 Dirt Bike20124
Explorer 125W Scooter20085
Explorer 150 LC Quad200515
Explorer 200 CF Quad20094
Explorer 2009 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20095
Explorer 300 Quad20065
Explorer 430 Patriot 4x4 DELUXE Quad201113
Explorer 430 Patriot 4x4 deLuxe LoF VAT. Quad20114
Explorer 430 Patriot 4x4 DeLuxe (Vorführfahrzeu) Quad20125
Explorer 430 Patriot 4x4 WINTER CAMPAIGN Quad20116
Explorer 430 Patriot 4x4 with snow tires Quad20115
Explorer 50 GT Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20095
Explorer 50 GT Scooter20125
Explorer 50 GT Race Scooter20094
Explorer 50 GT Race Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20115
Explorer 50 GT Racer Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20105
Explorer 50cc scooter, 2-takter to deliver low! ! Scooter200910
Explorer 625 EFI 4X4 Grison Terra countries LOF Quad20119
Explorer 625 EFI 4x4 Grisson LOF Edition Quad20118
Explorer ARES 700 Quad20113
Explorer Ares 700 4x4 argon / Jumbo 700 / dozer Quad20116
Explorer Ares 700 incl LoF Dinli Centhor Maasai Quad20106
Explorer Argon Quad20117
Explorer Argon 330 Quad20115
Explorer ARGON 330 Quad20125
Explorer Argon 330 Quad20134
Explorer Argon 330 2X4 Quad20119
Explorer Argon 330 Mod.2012 Quad20116
Explorer Argon 330S rims reverse gear Untersetzungsgan Quad201212
Explorer Argon 700 Quad20111
Explorer Argon 700 Quad20121
Explorer Argon 700 Quad20135
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 Quad20114
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 Deluxe *** + BigHorn aluminum wheels! *** Quad201112
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 Deluxe \ Quad20113
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 deluxe Quad20114
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 Deluxe LOF Quad201115
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 LOF Quad20112
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 LOF Schneeschild Quad201315
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 normal XL version Quad20113
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 with snow plow Quad201110
Explorer Argon 700 4x4 with snow plow LOF Quad20124
Explorer Argon 700 4x4LOF Quad20143
Explorer ARGON 700 50hp Deluxe LOF CONVERSION Quad20118
Explorer Argon 700 Deluxe Quad20113
Explorer Argon 700 Deluxe 4x4 Quad20121
Explorer Argon 700 Deluxe SPECIAL PRICE! WITH SCHNEESCILD! Quad20112
Explorer Argon 700 incl LOF and snow plow! Quad20114
Explorer Argon 700 LOF Quad20114
Explorer Argon 700 LOF 2013 Edition Quad20135
Explorer Argon 700 LOF Quad20153
Explorer Argon 700 XL 4x4 LOF Presenters Quad20147
Explorer Argon 700 XL 4x4 presenter Quad20134
Explorer Argon black 330 2x4, Quad20124
Explorer Argon with 700 on the LOF snow shield bearing black Quad20115
Explorer Argon7004X4.Am Sunday Open House Quad20114
Explorer Atlas Quad20094
Explorer Atlas 4X2 hammer price Quad20115
Explorer atlas 4x4 Quad20075
Explorer Atlas 4x4 500 Quad20125
Explorer Atlas 500 / 2x4 LOF including 50cc Scooters Quad20127
Explorer Atlas 500 Quad20082
Explorer Atlas 500 Quad20095
Explorer Atlas 500 Quad20115
Explorer Atlas 500 2X4 Quad20113
Explorer ATLAS 500 2x4 COMPACT Quad20113
Explorer ATLAS 500 2x4 COMPACT VKP Quad20129
Explorer Atlas 500 2x4 including LOF (Demonstration) Quad20125
Explorer Atlas 500 4 x 4 Edition LOF Quad20115
Explorer ATLAS 500 4mal4 Quad201111
Explorer ATLAS 500 4x2 Quad20124
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 ** ** LOF Quad201113
Explorer Atlas 500 4X4 * AHK * winch * back * Quad201114
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 Quad20115
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 Camo LOF wider rims Quad20117
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 INCL LOF and SCHNEESCHILD Quad20103
Explorer ATLAS 500 4x4 incl LOF approval Quad20085
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 LOF Quad20114
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 LOF Quad20124
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 long version Quad20074
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 long wheelbase version and moldboard Quad20127
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 or 2x4 long short rims *** ** Quad201115
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 or 2x4 long short rims *** ** Quad201215
Explorer ATLAS 500 4x4 warranty! Quad20112
Explorer Atlas 500 4x4 with winch Black Lof approval Quad20114
Explorer Atlas 500 Black Edition 2x4 Quad20116
Explorer Atlas 500 CF500 4x4 Quad20085
Explorer Atlas 500 Compact 2x4, snow plow Quad20112
Explorer Atlas 500 incl winch and snow plow Quad20118
Explorer Atlas 500 LOF CF MOTO Quad20115
Explorer Atlas 500 LOF edition 4x4 topcase Long Version Quad20114
Explorer Atlas 500 LOF Perm Diff Long 4x4 version. Lockout Quad20071
Explorer Atlas 500 new vehicles Quad20113
Explorer ATLAS 500 with LoF! Quad20116
Explorer Atlas ATV 500cc 4x4, LOF Zugm. Quad200811
Explorer Atlas CF 500 4x4 737km Seilw. + * AHK * MIT_VIDEO Quad200815
Explorer Atlas CF 500 A LOF Edition Quad20119
Explorer Atlas CF Moto 500 4X4 extended version LOF approval Quad200712

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