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A minibike, sometimes called a mini moto or pocketbike, is a miniature motorcycle. Most minibikes use two-stroke engines and chain drive. Like go-karts, the first minibikes were made by enthusiasts from spare parts found in their garages. They were first popularly used as 'pit bikes', for drag racers to travel in the pits during races in the late 1950s.
Our DB Contain Pocketbike category vehicles since 1995 (Other Di Blasi-Limited Edition-Mateus) to 2014
Most powerful Pocketbike is
2012 Honda NC 700S with ABS
Malaguti  Crizzly 10 1999 Pocketbike photo
Baotian BT 49 PY - 2 2005Baotian5
Baotian BT 49 PY-2 2006Baotian5
Beta Mini R10 Cross 2011Beta2
Beta R-10 2008Beta5
Beta r 125 Mini Cross 2009Beta3
Blata Minibike 2.5 Yamaha Red Bull Design 2007Blata4
Derbi Birt Boy Child Cross 2011Derbi1
Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM 4T 4V current model 2011Derbi6
Ducati Monster 2011Ducati5
Explorer RXR 125 2014Explorer4
Explorer xrx 2012Explorer5
Honda mini cross dla Dziecka okazja 2008Honda4
Honda NC 700S with ABS 2012Honda1
Honda XR 50 CRF 50 as PW 50 2002Honda5
Lifan Pitbike Supermoto 2007Lifan4
Malaguti Crizzly 10 1999Malaguti4
Malaguti Grizzly 10 2005Malaguti2
Malaguti Grizzly 2007Malaguti2
Mz Charlie 2001Mz2
49cc Pocket Bike Racing Bike NITRO SPECIAL 2012Other2
Apollo enduro bike 49cc pocket bike 2012Other3
CROXX 2012Other11
Di Blasi-Limited Edition-Mateus 1995Other5
Dirtbike / Motocross 2005Other5
Honda DAX Replica 2007Other3
Lem NX 50 2011Other6
Mini-Bike 1995Other4
mini scooter 2010Other1
Nitro pocket bike PS912 Special 2012Other3
Pitbike, pocket bike, children bike 2010Other5
Pocket Bike 2005Other5
Pocket Bike 49cc Race GreenPower ALUSEILZUG 2012Other2
Pocket Bike Big Bore 5 2012Other2
Pocket Cross with sportausstatung 2011Other4
Pocket Mini Bike NEW * Shipping ONLY 20 € * 2011Other15
Pocket Mini Bike Tuning * have * € + shipping NUR20 2011Other15
Pocket Quad 49cc kids quad light electric start Edi. 2011Other3
Xingyue XYQH-815B * pocket bike street legal * 2006Other8
Piaggio Zip Pocket Bike 2010Piaggio5
Skyteam 125 Monkey 2012Skyteam8
Skyteam Dax Skymax per 2009Skyteam4
Skyteam Gorilla ST 125 8A 2007Skyteam4
Skyteam ST 125 2013Skyteam5
Skyteam ST 125 Replica Monkey 2008Skyteam5
Suzuki JR 50 1999Suzuki5
Yamaha PW 2006Yamaha4

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