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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Derbi was released in 1965 (Derbi spacial)
Databikes contain 573 Derbi bikes in 15 categories: Enduro/Touring Enduro (50 to 660 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (50 to 125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 to 125 cm³), Motorcycle (50 to 660 cm³), Naked Bike (125 to 660 cm³), Other (50 to 125 cm³), Pocketbike (50 to 125 cm³), Quad (230 to 450 cm³), Racing (80 to 125 cm³), Rally/Cross (50 cm³), Scooter (30 to 300 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (50 to 125 cm³), Streetfighter (125 cm³), Super Moto (50 to 125 cm³), Tourer (660 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Derbi in our DB is Derbi Mulhacen 659 (35 kW (48 PS))

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Derbi Cross City 125 4T SM Damaged Fahrbereit Enduro/Touring Enduro20108
Derbi Cross City 125 Enduro Enduro/Touring Enduro20095
Derbi Cross City Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20115
Derbi DERBI GPR 125 racing Sports/Super Sports Bike20065
Derbi Dirt Boy 10 Rally/Cross20005
Derbi Dirt Kid 12 Rally/Cross20074
Derbi DRD 125 Super Moto20115
Derbi DRD 125 R Enduro/Touring Enduro20105
Derbi DRD 125 R 4T Racing Moto-X-FIGHTER 2011! Enduro/Touring Enduro20114
Derbi DRD 125 R Enduro four-stroke 15hp Enduro/Touring Enduro20129
Derbi DRD 125 R No cheap junk \ Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20126
Derbi DRD 125 SM Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20105
Derbi DRD 125 SM Super Moto20125
Derbi DRD 125 SM 4T Super Moto20105
Derbi DRD 125 SM newest model Super Moto20128
Derbi DRD 125 Supermoto 4-valve 15hp Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike201211
Derbi DRD Super Moto20084
Derbi DRD Enduro/Touring Enduro20135
Derbi DRD 50 Malossi \ Enduro/Touring Enduro20035
Derbi DRD 50 MX-FIGHTER ANNIVERSARIO EDITION Enduro/Touring Enduro20115
Derbi DRD 50 R Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20125
Derbi DRD EVO 50 Scooter20124
Derbi DRD Evo demonstrator only about 150 KM Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped201112
Derbi DRD Limited Edition Super Moto20043
Derbi drd per Super Moto20052
Derbi DRD Racing, 2010 Super Moto201212
Derbi DRD Racing 50 / SM Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20094
Derbi DRD RACING 50 R MX-FIGHTER ALSO MOFA INCL.!! Enduro/Touring Enduro20117
Derbi DRD RACING 50 SUPER-MOTO-FIGHTER 2011! Super Moto20112
Derbi DRD Racing Supermoto + + + + + +4 + + +2011 + + clock + Super Moto20113
Derbi DRD Senda SM 125 Supermoto with 15HP Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20118
Derbi Drd Senda X-treme Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20114
Derbi DRD SM 125 4T SUPER MOTO FOR SUPER PRICE Super Moto20114
Derbi DRD SM Enduro/Touring Enduro20115
Derbi DRD X-Treme Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20125
Derbi DRD Xtreme Super Moto20145
Derbi DRD125SM Supermoto Model 2014 Special Price Super Moto20128
Derbi DRX 250 Quad20063
Derbi DRX 250 Quad20085
Derbi DRX 250 Quad20105
Derbi DVD Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20117
Derbi DXR 250 Quad20056
Derbi DXR 250 Quad20065
Derbi DXR 250 Quad20072
Derbi DXR 250 Quad20101
Derbi dxr 250 Quad20114
Derbi DXR 250 (driving license) Quad20105
Derbi DXR 250 SportMax Quad20103
Derbi DXR 250 Sportmaxx SMC Quad20105
Derbi DXR250 Quad20085
Derbi Enduro Senda Baja Enduro/Touring Enduro20115
Derbi Extreme Scooter20044
Derbi famously Scooter19953
Derbi FDS 50 Scooter19915
Derbi FDS Savannah Enduro/Touring Enduro20034
Derbi Fenix Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped19942
Derbi Festina Predetor Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20005
Derbi FURAX F Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped19963
Derbi Furax F EVA 050 Scooter19975
Derbi GBR 125 Motorcycle20055
Derbi GP 1 - PRED Scooter20034
Derbi GP 1 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20075
Derbi GP 1 Scooter20085
Derbi GP-1 Scooter20094
Derbi GP 1 Scooter20105
Derbi GP 1 50 V1 Scooter20075
Derbi GP 1 open \ Scooter20125
Derbi GP 125 Scooter20128
Derbi GP 50 Scooter20025
Derbi GP 50cc Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20063
Derbi GP1 125 Scooter20085
Derbi GP1 125 Scooter20125
Derbi GP1 125 R Scooter20096
Derbi GP1 125 Racing Scooter20075
Derbi GP1 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20035
Derbi GP1 Scooter20044
Derbi GP1 Scooter20064
Derbi GP1 Scooter20077
Derbi GP1 Scooter20114
Derbi GP1 250 Scooter20085
Derbi GP1 50 Scooter20075
Derbi Gp1 50 open Scooter20105
Derbi GP1-50 OPEN Scooter20112
Derbi Gp1 50 Open Malossi Edition Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20085
Derbi GP1 50 open moped Scooter200810
Derbi GP1 50 Racing Scooter200511
Derbi GP1 50cc Sport Scooter20084
Derbi gp1 diodes Scooter20095
Derbi GP1 LC Scooter20035
Derbi GP1 Open Scooter20085
Derbi gp1 open Scooter20095
Derbi GP1 Open 50 Scooter20113
Derbi Gp1 open 50 lc Scooter20095
Derbi Gp1 Race50 Scooter20055
Derbi GP1 Racing 125cc Scooter20085
Derbi GP1 Racing Scooter20093
Derbi GP1 Racing ONLY ORIGINALS 832 km GONE! Scooter20055
Derbi GP1 Revolution Scooter20055
Derbi GP1 Revolution 50 Scooter20055
Derbi GP1 V1 Scooter20021

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