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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by WMI was released in 1985 (WMI Yamaha XVZ 1200 TD)
Databikes contain 127 WMI bikes in 13 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (50 to 1190 cm³), Combination/Sidecar (1000 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (125 to 600 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Motorcycle (125 to 1190 cm³), Naked Bike (125 to 1250 cm³), Quad (350 to 700 cm³), Scooter (50 to 125 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (1000 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (600 to 1000 cm³), Streetfighter (125 cm³), Super Moto (125 cm³), Trike (1190 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by WMI in our DB is WMI XJR 1300 SP (72kW (98PS))

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WMI 1000 YZF Thundercat Sports/Super Sports Bike19995
WMI 125 Bobtail Chopper/Cruiser20095
WMI 125 Cross Street Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20105
WMI 125 Cross Street Enduro/Touring Enduro20115
WMI 125 Street Cross Naked Bike20135
WMI 350 WMI Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI 700R Special Edition 2009 including RMX Racing Quad20095
WMI Adam John Smith (AJS) Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Aerox Scooter19985
WMI As new 350 bobtail NEW MOT Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Barhog 125 Chopper/Cruiser20125
WMI Barhog 125 bobber Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Barhog Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Barhog Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20113
WMI BEFORE 530 Motorcycle20045
WMI Bobber / Barhog / Regal Raptor (Harley Davidson) Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI bobber 125 Chopper/Cruiser20125
WMI Bobtail 125 Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI BOBTAIL 125 Chopper/Cruiser20125
WMI Bobtail Chopper/Cruiser20104
WMI Bobtail Chopper/Cruiser20113
WMI Bobtail 350 *** young Vehicle with Warranty! *** Chopper/Cruiser20109
WMI Bobtail 350 Chopper/Cruiser20103
WMI Bobtail 350 Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Bobtail 350 Chopper/Cruiser20145
WMI Bobtail 350 new vehicle fair price Chopper/Cruiser20121
WMI Bobtail Daytona 350 LTD Chopper/Cruiser20128
WMI Bobtail new car 350 Chopper/Cruiser20121
WMI Cross Street, 125 Motorcycle20115
WMI Cross Street, 125 Chopper/Cruiser20123
WMI Cross Street 125 (80km / h) Naked Bike200911
WMI Cross Street Streetfighter20085
WMI Daytona Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI DD 125 E Raptor Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike201215
WMI DD-125 E Spyder Chopper/Cruiser20085
WMI DD 50 E2 Chopper/Cruiser20075
WMI DD125 Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI DD125E-2C Chopper/Cruiser20104
WMI DD250E-10 Chopper/Cruiser20095
WMI DD250E Chopper/Cruiser20085
WMI Drag part Spyder 350 CDI \u0026 quot; Yuki \u0026 quot; Chopper/Cruiser20111
WMI Drag Tail 8/11 kW / HP Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Dragtail 125 ** 2 year warranty ** Chopper/Cruiser20118
WMI Dragtail 125 Chopper/Cruiser20075
WMI Dragtail Chopper/Cruiser20095
WMI Dragtail Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI dragtail Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20112
WMI Dragtail 250 Chopper/Cruiser20102
WMI Dragtail 350 Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Dragtail in the 125cc Harley-Style Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Dragtail Spider 350 Yuki Chopper/Cruiser20135
WMI Dragtail Yuki Spider 350 \ Chopper/Cruiser20125
WMI Draigtail 350 Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI draigtail 350 Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Fz6 Sports/Super Sports Bike20072
WMI FZR 1000 Motorcycle19924
WMI GTS 1000 ABS Sport Touring Motorcycles19985
WMI Iron / Hawk Chopper/Cruiser20094
WMI Iron DD125E Chopper/Cruiser20085
WMI Madix Super Moto20103
WMI Madix Super Moto20125
WMI Madix SM 125 Super Moto20094
WMI MOTORCYCLES, Barhog 125.350, BOBBER, ACTION!! Chopper/Cruiser20118
WMI MOTORCYCLES, Barhog 350.125, BOBBER, ACTION, NEW Chopper/Cruiser20117
WMI MOTORCYCLES BOBTAIL 125 or 350 NEW!! Chopper/Cruiser20118
WMI MOTORCYCLES BOBTAIL 350/125, NEW! Chopper/Cruiser20117
WMI Motorcycles Cross Street 125, NOW OR NEVER! Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike201110
WMI MOTORCYCLES DRAGTAIL 125,250,350, CUSTOM ACTION Chopper/Cruiser201114
WMI MOTORCYCLES, REPCO 125, NEW Chopper/Cruiser201114
WMI New Bobtail 350 ******* Chopper/Cruiser20129
WMI pivo DD50 Chopper/Cruiser20101
WMI R6 Sports/Super Sports Bike20101
WMI Raptor 125 Chopper/Cruiser20085
WMI Raptor 125 Chopper/Cruiser200914
WMI Raptor Daytona 125 Chopper/Cruiser20093
WMI RD 350 Motorcycle19875
WMI Regal Raptor 125 Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Regal Raptor 125 Repco Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20085
WMI Regal Raptor 125 throttle 80 km / h Chopper/Cruiser20073
WMI Regal Raptor Chopper/Cruiser20084
WMI Regal Raptor Chopper/Cruiser20094
WMI Regal Raptor Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Regal Raptor Chopper/Cruiser20123
WMI Regal Raptor 80km / h over 16 years Throttled Chopper/Cruiser20075
WMI REGAL RAPTOR DD 125 E Chopper/Cruiser200715
WMI Regal Raptor DD125E \ Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Regal Raptor DD125E-5 Dragtail Chopper/Cruiser20101
WMI Regal Raptor DD125E-8 Chopper/Cruiser20134
WMI Regal Reptor 125 Spyder Chopper/Cruiser20108
WMI Repco 125 Chopper/Cruiser20094
WMI Repco 125 Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Repco 125 Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI REPCO Chopper/Cruiser20105
WMI Repco Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Repco 250 Chopper/Cruiser20104
WMI Repco EFI 250 Chopper/Cruiser20115
WMI Repco Regal Raptor 125, DD-125E 8S Chopper/Cruiser20074
WMI Rex RS 1100 Scooter20095
WMI skyliner Scooter20005

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