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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Ural was released in 1941 (Ural M 72)
Databikes contain 395 Ural bikes in 11 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (650 to 750 cm³), Combination/Sidecar (350 to 1000 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (650 to 960 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 to 600 cm³), Motorcycle (350 to 750 cm³), Other (650 to 750 cm³), Quad (33300 cm³), Rally/Cross (650 cm³), Scooter (125 cm³), Tourer (350 to 1050 cm³), Trike (650 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Ural in our DB is Ural Triumph Tiger 1050 (76 kW (103 PS))

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Ural K650 (Dnepr) Motorcycle19705
Ural K650 Oldtimer electronic ignition sidecar Combination/Sidecar19585
Ural K750 Combination/Sidecar19615
Ural K750 Combination/Sidecar19645
Ural K750 Dnepr M72 Combination/Sidecar19525
Ural K750 MOLOTOV Combination/Sidecar19625
Ural K750M Combination/Sidecar19675
Ural KIEV K 750 Combination/Sidecar19625
Ural KMZ Dnepr MW 650 Combination/Sidecar19915
Ural M 61 Combination/Sidecar19605
Ural M-61 Combination/Sidecar19685
Ural M 61 GENERALÜBE RHOLT! Combination/Sidecar19705
Ural M-61 team Combination/Sidecar19585
Ural m-62 Combination/Sidecar19625
Ural M-63 Combination/Sidecar19655
Ural m-63 Combination/Sidecar19675
Ural M 63 Tourer19685
Ural M-63 with reverse gear Combination/Sidecar19715
Ural M 63/67 Police team Combination/Sidecar19805
Ural M-67 Combination/Sidecar19758
Ural M-67 Combination/Sidecar19793
Ural M-67 Combination/Sidecar19835
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar19412
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar19423
Ural M-72 Combination/Sidecar19465
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar19475
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar19485
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar19505
Ural M-72 Combination/Sidecar19525
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar19575
Ural m-72 Motorcycle19605
Ural m-72 Combination/Sidecar19695
Ural M 72 Combination/Sidecar20124
Ural M 72, MW 750, BMW R71, Dniepr, K750 Combination/Sidecar195615
Ural m-81 Combination/Sidecar19854
Ural M Chang Jiang 750 sidecar - New Year, 500 km of Combination/Sidecar20064
Ural M12 Combination/Sidecar19955
Ural m16 Combination/Sidecar19605
Ural M61 Combination/Sidecar19595
Ural m63 Motorcycle19695
Ural M63 Combination/Sidecar19704
Ural m63 beiwagen Combination/Sidecar19724
Ural m66 Enduro/Touring Enduro19675
Ural M66 Combination/Sidecar19705
Ural m66 Motorcycle19715
Ural M66 Other19725
Ural M67 Combination/Sidecar19814
Ural M67 Chopper/Cruiser19855
Ural M67-36 Combination/Sidecar19765
Ural M67 Wehrmacht sidecar R75 Combination/Sidecar19714
Ural m72 Combination/Sidecar19455
Ural M72 Combination/Sidecar19495
Ural M72 Combination/Sidecar19515
Ural M72 Combination/Sidecar19535
Ural M72 Motorcycle19545
Ural M72 Combination/Sidecar19555
Ural M72 Other19565
Ural M72 Combination/Sidecar19585
Ural M72 Combination/Sidecar19615
Ural M72 R71 Combination/Sidecar19585
Ural m72 sidecar BMW R71 Repl old model (rare) Combination/Sidecar19445
Ural M72 team with German car letter Combination/Sidecar194912
Ural M72 team with German car letter Combination/Sidecar195215
Ural M72 TOP - Restored state Other19525
Ural MB750 Combination/Sidecar19685
Ural Military Gear UP Combination/Sidecar20025
Ural Model T Combination/Sidecar20125
Ural Molotov K 650 Combination/Sidecar19715
Ural Molotov M72 Other19545
Ural Molotov M72 Other19595
Ural Molotov Militarmotorrad K750 - with new ENGINE Combination/Sidecar19675
Ural Motor Dnepr MT 10 with Bmw R60 / 7 Motorcycle19824
Ural MT-10 Combination/Sidecar19755
Ural MT 10 Combination/Sidecar19785
Ural MT 1036 Combination/Sidecar19824
Ural mt 11 Combination/Sidecar19915
Ural MT 11 original patina condition! Combination/Sidecar19894
Ural MT 12 Combination/Sidecar19835
Ural MT-12 (MW-750) Combination/Sidecar19825
Ural MT 16 Combination/Sidecar19895
Ural Mt 16 Combination/Sidecar19964
Ural MT 16 Dnepr Combination/Sidecar19945
Ural MT-16 sidecar drive! Motorcycle19855
Ural MT 16 with TÜV to 2015 Combination/Sidecar19975
Ural Mt 19 rare model (8.157.01) Combination/Sidecar19932
Ural MT-9 Chopper/Cruiser19695
Ural MT-9 Combination/Sidecar19735
Ural MT11 Combination/Sidecar19815
Ural MT11 Combination/Sidecar19935
Ural MT16 Combination/Sidecar19885
Ural MT9 Chopper/Cruiser19843
Ural mw / 750 mb Combination/Sidecar19585
Ural MW-750 ORIGINAL Combination/Sidecar19665
Ural MW 750 WHEEL \u0026 amp; DIFERENZIALSPERRE MILITARY CCCP Combination/Sidecar19648
Ural N / 650 Combination/Sidecar19755
Ural NEW 750cc sidecars Combination/Sidecar201115
Ural Others Ranger 2WD Combination/Sidecar20125
Ural Others Ranger Tundra Other20124
Ural Patrol 750ccm Brand new. Combination/Sidecar20105
Ural PO ODPRAWIE CELNEJ Combination/Sidecar19755

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