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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Tauris was released in 1959 (Tauris SR-2)
Databikes contain 193 Tauris bikes in 7 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (1500 cm³), Dirt Bike (125 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (50 to 125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 to 125 cm³), Other, Scooter (50 to 125 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (750 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Tauris in our DB is Tauris suzuki VL1500 (49 kW (67 PS))

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Tauris 125 Avenida Scooter20124
Tauris 125 Broadway Scooter201214
Tauris 125 Piccadilly ideal for campers - 88 Kg Scooter20146
Tauris 50 2T Fiera Art Collection Scooter20117
Tauris 50 2T Fiera Art Collection Scooter20123
Tauris 50cc scooter 300km top condition like NEW! Scooter20105
Tauris AS-125-GR / Rumba 125 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20095
Tauris Avenida 125 4T MINT Scooter201314
Tauris Avenida New vehicle 125 \ Scooter20127
Tauris Brio Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20092
Tauris brio Scooter20103
Tauris Brio 4T PINK! 25KM / H o 45 KM / H Scooter20123
Tauris Brio 50 ---- the last of his series ------ Scooter20121
Tauris Brio 50 Scooter20123
Tauris Brio 50 Scooter20135
Tauris Brio New 50 Scooter20127
Tauris Brisa Scooter20117
Tauris Brisa Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20125
Tauris Brisa Scooter20155
Tauris Brisa 50 Scooter20121
Tauris Brisa 50 4stroke engine Scooter20125
Tauris Brisa 50 4T \ Scooter201112
Tauris Brisa 50/4T Scooter20138
Tauris Brisa NEUFAHRZEUG TOP OFFER 45-25km / h Scooter201211
Tauris Cabri Flower art collection 50 Scooter20124
Tauris Capri \ Scooter201111
Tauris Capri 125 Scooter20105
Tauris Capri 125 4T Scooter20095
Tauris Capri 125 new \ Scooter20112
Tauris Capri Scooter20103
Tauris Capri Scooter20124
Tauris Capri Scooter20135
Tauris Capri 4T Scooter20105
Tauris Capri 50 Scooter20105
Tauris Capri 50 Scooter20114
Tauris Capri 50 Scooter20135
Tauris Capri 50 Scooter20145
Tauris Capri 50 2T \ Scooter20118
Tauris Capri 50 2T Scooter20101
Tauris Capri 50 Retro Scooter 2-stroke / Flower / Pink Scooter20115
Tauris Capri 50 Type Collection Scooter20118
Tauris Capri Flower Edition Scooter201110
Tauris Capri Flower-Edition Scooter20144
Tauris Corona Scooter20115
Tauris Corona 50 moped version at a special price -20% Scooter20127
Tauris Cubaba 125 Scooter20122
Tauris Cubaba 50 Scooter20122
Tauris Cubana 125 Scooter20113
Tauris Cubana 125 Scooter20125
Tauris Cubana 125 Scooter20134
Tauris Cubana 125 Scooter20145
Tauris Cubana 125 4T, Mint, like Vespa Scooter20102
Tauris cubana Scooter20103
Tauris Cubana Scooter20112
Tauris Cubana Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20124
Tauris Cubana 2T Scooter20105
Tauris Cubana 50 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20105
Tauris Cubana 50 Scooter20124
Tauris Cubana 50 Scooter20135
Tauris Cubana 50 Art Collection (Military Brown) Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20094
Tauris Cubana Military 50 Scooter20114
Tauris Cubana Military Brown 50 Scooter20124
Tauris Cubana50 \ Scooter20115
Tauris Estoril 50 2T NEUWERTIG Scooter201314
Tauris Fiera ----NEU--- 125 - Scooter20127
Tauris Fiera 125 Scooter20093
Tauris Fiera 125 Scooter20122
Tauris FIERA 125 CCM 80KMH throttled Scooter20105
Tauris FIERA 125 CCM NEW Scooter20125
Tauris Fiera 125 Xtreme Scooter20115
Tauris Fiera Scooter20104
Tauris Fiera Scooter20115
Tauris Fiera Scooter20134
Tauris Fiera 2t 50 Xtreme Scooter20125
Tauris Fiera 50 - Electronic Edition Scooter20121
Tauris Fiera 50 Scooter20085
Tauris Fiera 50 Scooter20095
Tauris Fiera 50 Scooter20117
Tauris Fiera 50 Aluminum + TUNING PARTS Scooter20125
Tauris Fiera 50 Mint Scooter20125
Tauris Fiera 50 special model Scooter20125
Tauris Fiera 50 Xtreme Scooter20104
Tauris Fiera ART COLLECTION Scooter20115
Tauris Fiera Art Collection 50 Scooter20124
Tauris Fiera Extreme 50 Scooter20115
Tauris Fiera special model Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20105
Tauris fiera xtreme Scooter20121
Tauris Fiera Xtreme 50 Scooter20113
Tauris fiera xtreme 50 Scooter20144
Tauris Fierra 125 Scooter20095
Tauris Fierra Scooter20095
Tauris Firefly --- 50 ---- 2015 Model Scooter201215
Tauris FireFly 25 or 45 km / h 2014 model Scooter201213
Tauris FireFly 25 or 45 km / h 2014 new model \ Scooter201211
Tauris Firefly 50 2T NEUWERTIG Scooter201315
Tauris Firefly \u0026 quot; RED BULL \u0026 quot; Scooter20145
Tauris FLASH 50 ELECTRIC SCOOTER Scooter20114
Tauris Flash e-Power Scooter20123
Tauris Flash E-Scooter New Scooter20127

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