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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by SMC was released in 1977 (SMC solo minibike)
Databikes contain 360 SMC bikes in 13 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (125 to 810 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (640 to 650 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 to 150 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 cm³), Motorcycle (200 to 1400 cm³), Naked Bike (650 cm³), Other (100 cm³), Quad (50 to 700 cm³), Scooter (50 to 125 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (1000 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (600 to 750 cm³), Streetfighter, Super Moto (250 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by SMC in our DB is SMC GSX1400

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SMC Quad 300 Captian Quad20102
SMC Quadzilla 300 Quad20075
SMC Quadzilla CVT 320E in white Quad20115
SMC Quadzilla Hydra Quad20074
SMC Quadzilla Quad 500 Quad20093
SMC Ram / Stinger 170 with only 425Km.OhneErstzulassung Quad20135
SMC RAM / Stinger Quad20035
SMC Ram 100 Quad20034
SMC RAM 150 | Original & 3500km 2.Hand | TOP condition Quad200413
SMC RAM 150 Quad20023
SMC RAM 150 Quad20032
SMC RAM 150 Quad20045
SMC RAM 150 Quad20085
SMC RAM 170 Quad20154
SMC RAM 170, SH 170 Seikel Quad20023
SMC RAM 170ccm Quad20045
SMC RAM Quad20045
SMC Ram Quad20055
SMC Ram Quad20061
SMC ram Quad20074
SMC Ram Quad20094
SMC Ram 250 Quad20035
SMC Ram 250 Quad20045
SMC RAM 250 Quad20084
SMC RAM 250 STG Quad20105
SMC RAM 250 STG-reverse-new Fzg. Quad20115
SMC Ram 250 structurally identical Derbi Drx 250 Quad20135
SMC RAM 300 Quad20105
SMC RAM 300 in 4x2 black Quad20113
SMC RAM 300 SMC300 Quad20114
SMC RAM 300e XLE + Accessories + helmet + Warranty \u0026 TUV Quad20125
SMC RAM 300L Quad20115
SMC RAM 303 Supermoto Quad20125
SMC RAM 303L Quad20125
SMC RAM 50 / RES aspen 50 CC Quad20139
SMC RAM 50 Quad20024
SMC Ram 50 Quad20035
SMC Ram 50 for road use Quad20084
SMC RAM 50 street-legal Quad20024
SMC RAM 503 Racing Quad20117
SMC RAM 520 sport quad Quad20129
SMC RAM 520 Supermoto RR Quad20125
SMC Ram 520rr Quad20123
SMC RAM Barossa 300 (Trasher Explorer 320) Quad201115
SMC RAM150 Quad Quad20034
SMC Rex *** 50 *** TOP *** in immediately! Scooter19974
SMC Rex *** Escape *** TOP *** Scooter20035
SMC rex 125 Chopper/Cruiser20003
SMC REX 125 CHOPPER Chopper/Cruiser20003
SMC Rex 125cc Cruiser Chopper/Cruiser20013
SMC REX 150 1.Hd. 1500 KM TÜV NEW! Quad20035
SMC Rex Chopper/Cruiser19985
SMC REX Scooter20025
SMC REX Streetfighter20054
SMC Rex 250 Quad20044
SMC Rex 250 Quad Explorer Quad20093
SMC REX 2stroke Minarelli AC Scooter20035
SMC Rex 50 Scooter19964
SMC REX 50 Scooter19994
SMC Rex 50 Scooter20033
SMC rex 50 with street approval Quad20104
SMC Rex Chopper 125 Chopper/Cruiser19985
SMC Rex Chopper 125 Chopper/Cruiser19993
SMC Rex Chopper 125 Chopper/Cruiser20004
SMC REX Chopper Chopper/Cruiser19995
SMC REX Chopper TÜV 09/2014 Chopper/Cruiser20005
SMC Rex cruiser Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike19994
SMC Rex Escape Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20035
SMC REX MOTO \ Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike201211
SMC Rex Rexy, Scooter, Drive Sprint 25/50 Scooter20025
SMC Rex RS 500 Scooter20065
SMC rex silver street 2 stroke Scooter20025
SMC Rex SM 50 moped Scooter19965
SMC Rexy / Axis Yamaha / MBK Forte (instant driving Wide) Scooter19965
SMC Rexy 50 Scooter20005
SMC Rexy (ready) / yamaha axis / mbk forte Scooter19965
SMC Rider Chopper 125 cc Chopper/Cruiser199710
SMC RR 520 Supermoto \ Quad20125
SMC RR Cross Ram 520 Supermoto conversion option Quad201213
SMC Savage Chopper/Cruiser19975
SMC Scooter Scooter19975
SMC Scooter 50 Scooter20024
SMC SH 150 Quad20025
SMC SH 170 Quad20024
SMC sk125T-3 Scooter20093
SMC Sky-4 Quad20075
SMC SKY-6 Quad20105
SMC Sky-6 250cc Quad20108
SMC SKY-6 Pesonen with reverse gear 2 Admission Quad20095
SMC Sky 6 with 250 ATV Reverse little km! Quad200813
SMC SM 520 RR Quad20125
SMC Snake Quad20045
SMC solo minibike Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped19774
SMC Sport Quad 300 Quad20065
SMC Sport Quad RAM 300 \ Quad20115
SMC Standard motor Quad20123
SMC STG 200 Quad20134
SMC STG 200 cc Quad20124
SMC Stinger 150 Quad20025
SMC Stinger 170 Quad20037

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