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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Norton was released in 1929 (Norton 16H Flat Tank, original non-tinkering)
Databikes contain 114 Norton bikes in 9 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (350 cm³), Combination/Sidecar (490 to 600 cm³), Motorcycle (350 to 960 cm³), Naked Bike (350 to 1200 cm³), Other (250 to 920 cm³), Racing (500 to 660 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (500 to 960 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (500 to 880 cm³), Tourer (350 to 750 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Norton in our DB is Norton Harley Davidson / Goodman HDS 1200 (41 kW (56 PS))

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Norton 16 H Combination/Sidecar19375
Norton 16 H Motorcycle193814
Norton 16H Motorcycle19395
Norton 16H Motorcycle19425
Norton 16H Motorcycle19445
Norton 16H Motorcycle201215
Norton 16H Flat Tank, original non-tinkering Motorcycle192913
Norton 16H WK2 WH Motorcycle19416
Norton 18 Other19505
Norton 19 S Motorcycle19555
Norton 19 S Motorcycle19564
Norton 500 Dominator cafe racer Motorcycle196115
Norton 650SS Sports/Super Sports Bike19624
Norton 650SS Motorcycle19655
Norton 650SS Motorcycle19687
Norton 660SS Racing19685
Norton 750 Motorcycle19655
Norton 850 Commando Motorcycle19694
Norton 850 Commando Other19745
Norton 850 Commando Motorcycle19875
Norton 850 Commando Cafe Racer Motorcycle196010
Norton 850 Commando MK IIa Motorcycle19745
Norton 850 MK3 Motorcycle19755
Norton 961 Commando 961 Café Racer available Motorcycle201214
Norton 961 Commando 961 cafe racer and sport Motorcycle201115
Norton 961 KMT Racer Motorcycle20134
Norton Atlas Motorcycle19655
Norton Atlas Motorcycle19675
Norton Atlas Motorcycle19685
Norton Atlas 750 Motorcycle19685
Norton Atlas 750 Motorcycle19695
Norton Atlas, racing machine Motorcycle196211
Norton Big 4 Motorcycle19525
Norton Big 4 Motorcycle19535
Norton Big 4 original unrestored Motorcycle19525
Norton BIG FOUR team Combination/Sidecar19505
Norton C 961 Sport Naked Bike20124
Norton Commander Exclusive Motorcycle19921
Norton Commander Rotary Wankel Tourer19885
Norton COMMANDO Naked Bike19695
Norton Commando Sport Touring Motorcycles19715
Norton commando Tourer19725
Norton commando Motorcycle19734
Norton Commando Sport Touring Motorcycles20123
Norton Commando 750 \ Motorcycle197112
Norton Commando 750 Motorcycle19704
Norton Commando 750 Tourer197310
Norton Commando 750S MK I Motorcycle19715
Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle19703
Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle19745
Norton Commando 850 Naked Bike19752
Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle19764
Norton commando 850 Motorcycle19775
Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle198610
Norton Commando 850 mk 2 Motorcycle19745
Norton Commando 850 MK III, completely restored in2012 Sports/Super Sports Bike197813
Norton Commando 850 MK3 Motorcycle19755
Norton Commando 850 MkIII Interstate Motorcycle19755
Norton Commando 850 Roadster Mk IIa Motorcycle19745
Norton Commando 961 Naked Bike20125
Norton Commando 961 Sport Naked Bike20128
Norton Commando Cafe Racer Other19748
Norton Commando Fastback Motorcycle19685
Norton Commando Interstate MK1 Sport Touring Motorcycles19725
Norton Commando Interstate (Mk2A) Motorcycle19845
Norton Commando MK 3 Other19761
Norton Commando MK2 Motorcycle19755
Norton Commando MK3 Motorcycle19755
Norton Commando MK3 Motorcycle19775
Norton Commando MK3 Naked Bike19785
Norton Commando Roadster Motorcycle19706
Norton Commando Roadster Motorcycle19755
Norton Dominator Motorcycle195412
Norton Dominator Motorcycle19585
Norton Dominator 500 Cafe Racer Motorcycle19613
Norton Dominator 88 Motorcycle19595
Norton Dominator 88 Cafe Racer Motorcycle19565
Norton Dominator 99 Other19604
Norton Dominator 99 Motorcycle19614
Norton Dominator Cafe Racer Motorcycle19535
Norton Dominator Model 7 BJ 1955 Motorcycle20124
Norton Domiracer 88 SS Sports/Super Sports Bike19544
Norton ES 2 Racing19475
Norton ES 2 Motorcycle19485
Norton ES 2 Motorcycle19525
Norton ES 2 Motorcycle19585
Norton ES 2 Naked Bike19795
Norton ES 2, Cafe Racer in Manx Style Motorcycle19598
Norton Fastback Motorcycle19715
Norton Garden Gate Manx Racing19495
Norton Harley Davidson / Goodman HDS 1200 Naked Bike19951
Norton INTER Racing19335
Norton INTER Racing19555
Norton international Motorcycle19595
Norton interpol mk2 Motorcycle19865
Norton Jubilee 250 Other196415
Norton junak Chopper/Cruiser19645
Norton M 50, steam hammer, very original Naked Bike19575
Norton M 50, TUV full acceptance, immediately approvable Tourer19575
Norton M 50, very original, TÜV upon request, Chronometer Motorcycle19575

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