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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Indian was released in 1917 (Indian powerplus)
Databikes contain 122 Indian bikes in 8 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (125 to 1850 cm³), Combination/Sidecar (1200 to 1300 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike, Motorcycle (100 to 1720 cm³), Other (250 to 1300 cm³), Racing (1000 cm³), Tourer (1440 to 1810 cm³), Trike (750 to 1700 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Indian in our DB is Indian 1800 Custom Harley like better!

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Indian 101 Other19292
Indian 101 scout 750 Motorcycle19309
Indian 1800 Custom Harley like better! Chopper/Cruiser20065
Indian 340 Chief Other19405
Indian 741 Chopper/Cruiser19395
Indian 741 Other19405
Indian 741 Motorcycle19435
Indian 741 Chopper/Cruiser19455
Indian 741 Army Scout Chopper/Cruiser19425
Indian Big Chief 1200 CDA 1941 Motorcycle19415
Indian Big Chief 150pcs. worldwide Chopper/Cruiser200314
Indian Big Chief Chopper/Cruiser20005
Indian Big Chief in 1200 Bonneville Chopper/Cruiser194711
Indian Big Chief team Combination/Sidecar19255
Indian Big Chief with Dusting sidecar Combination/Sidecar19275
Indian Big Foot Chopper/Cruiser20016
Indian Board Track Racer Racing19205
Indian Bomber Limited Edition Motorcycle20093
Indian Bomber Limited Edition Motorcycle20123
Indian Chief 1200cc Chopper/Cruiser19405
Indian Chief Other19358
Indian chief Chopper/Cruiser19375
Indian Chief Motorcycle19395
Indian Chief 1941 Other19448
Indian Chief Combination/Sidecar19445
Indian Chief Other19459
Indian Chief 1945 Other19455
Indian Chief Motorcycle19468
Indian Chief Chopper/Cruiser19475
Indian chief Chopper/Cruiser19485
Indian Chief Chopper/Cruiser19505
Indian Chief Tourer199915
Indian Chief Chopper/Cruiser20005
Indian chief Chopper/Cruiser20015
Indian Chief Chopper/Cruiser20024
Indian Chief Chopper/Cruiser20035
Indian Chief Motorcycle201215
Indian Chief 74 standard 340 Combination/Sidecar19445
Indian CHIEF 80 Motorcycle19515
Indian Chief Black Hawk DarkEdition Penzl exhaust Chopper/Cruiser201214
Indian Chief Bobber Chopper/Cruiser19345
Indian Chief Bomber Limited Edition Nr.012 Chopper/Cruiser201112
Indian Chief Classic + Jekill \u0026 amp; Hyde Sound Tourer20145
Indian Chief Classic Chopper/Cruiser20158
Indian Chief Classic 5-year warranty Chopper/Cruiser201415
Indian Chief Classic Accessories 5years warranty Chopper/Cruiser201411
Indian Chief Classic Case 5 years warranty Chopper/Cruiser201411
Indian Chief Classic Custom Chopper/Cruiser201413
Indian Chief Classic Jekill \u0026 amp; Hyde \u0026 amp; Lenkerumbau Chopper/Cruiser20144
Indian Chief Classic leather case Chopper/Cruiser201411
Indian Chief Classic Nr.4239 Chopper/Cruiser201415
Indian Chief Dark Horse Edition Penzl exhaust Chopper/Cruiser201213
Indian Chief Deluxe Chopper/Cruiser20105
Indian Chief Deluxe with German approval Chopper/Cruiser200315
Indian Chief Inc German Zullasung Chopper/Cruiser201215
Indian Chief Incl. TÜV and German postage Chopper/Cruiser201215
Indian Chief Limited Edition - No. 571 of 1100 Chopper/Cruiser199915
Indian Chief Springfield / approved in Germany Chopper/Cruiser20035
Indian CHIEF T3, 17 of 50 Chopper/Cruiser20035
Indian Chief TAIN 5 year warranty Chopper/Cruiser20145
Indian Chief Tain ABS Tourer201410
Indian CHIEF team Combination/Sidecar19435
Indian Chief Terminator 3 Chopper/Cruiser200314
Indian Chief Vintage Chopper/Cruiser20135
Indian Chief Vintage Chopper/Cruiser20148
Indian Chief Vintage Black Thunder Chopper/Cruiser20143
Indian Chief Vintage Edition Chopper/Cruiser20049
Indian Chief Vintage NEW 5 year warranty Chopper/Cruiser20143
Indian Chieftain - Presenter Tourer201415
Indian Chieftain Tourer20144
Indian Chieftain accessories 5 year warranty Tourer201413
Indian Chieftain little Km Cologne-Bonn Chopper/Cruiser20146
Indian Chieftain NEW 5 year warranty Chopper/Cruiser20143
Indian Chieftain Springfield Blue ABS 2014 - Presenter Chopper/Cruiser20147
Indian Chieftain \u0026 quot; full equipment \u0026 quot; Nr.314248 Chopper/Cruiser201415
Indian Custom 1800cc RevTec show bike - Bargain Chopper/Cruiser200615
Indian CUSTOM PLUS -POWER Chopper/Cruiser20045
Indian Dark Horse Motorcycle20125
Indian Dispatch Tow Trike19375
Indian Dispatch Tow Trike19413
Indian drifter 800 Chopper/Cruiser19993
Indian Eighty Chief Roadmaster Other195115
Indian Excelsior board track racer Other19245
Indian Fake Motorcycle19445
Indian Four Other192814
Indian Four Combination/Sidecar19305
Indian Four Motorcycle19405
Indian Four Chief Motorcycle19399
Indian Four Tuma with sidecar Combination/Sidecar19355
Indian Henderson De Luxe \ Other19225
Indian military GDA 1942 Motorcycle19425
Indian Police Scout Motorcycle19345
Indian powerplus Motorcycle19171
Indian RE Firearrow 1956 Other20128
Indian Roadmaster Chopper/Cruiser20129
Indian Roadmaster 2015 new arrived! Chopper/Cruiser20125
Indian Roadmaster life now! Tourer201210
Indian SCOUT - FABRYCZNIE NOWY Chopper/Cruiser20035
Indian scout Other19254
Indian Scout Motorcycle19265

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