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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by CFMOTO was released in 1012 (CFMOTO Terra Lander 800 LOF)
Databikes contain 249 CFMOTO bikes in 11 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (250 to 1200 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 cm³), Motorcycle (240 to 650 cm³), Naked Bike (650 cm³), Other (590 to 800 cm³), Quad (50 to 800 cm³), Rally/Cross (590 to 800 cm³), Scooter (125 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (500 to 650 cm³), Tourer (260 to 650 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by CFMOTO in our DB is CFMOTO Sportster XL1200 Custom (49 kW (67 PS))

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CFMOTO TerraCross 625 EFI 4x4 LOF Quad201310
CFMOTO TerraCross 625 Z6 buggy / Quad Quad20143
CFMOTO TerraCross zforce 800 EX V2 EFI 4x4 Quad20127
CFMOTO TK 650 Tourer20126
CFMOTO Tracker / UFORCE 800 EX LOF 2015 Quad20128
CFMOTO Tracker 800 Quad201213
CFMOTO Tracker 800 Quad20135
CFMOTO Tracker V2 800 4 × 4 LOF Quad201214
CFMOTO Tracker V2 800 EFI 4x4 LOF Demonstration Quad20138
CFMOTO Trasher 520 Quad20122
CFMOTO Trralander 800 Quad20125
CFMOTO U Force LOF 4x4 V-2 engine Quad201210
CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Buggy LOF immediately Other20128
CFMOTO UTV buggy Grambler Rancher 525 Snow Blade Quad20126
CFMOTO UTV buggy Grambler Rancher 525 with snow plow Quad20115
CFMOTO UTV, Grumbler, Rancher 600 ähnl.Ranger Quad201211
CFMOTO V5 Chopper/Cruiser20065
CFMOTO V5 250 Motorcycle20077
CFMOTO vand atv cfd moto x6 4 * 4 600cc INJECTIE Quad20115
CFMOTO Wall Street 125 € 3 LED when new 3500km TOP Scooter20105
CFMOTO Wall Street 125 Scooter20113
CFMOTO Wall Street 125 scooter delivery nationwide Scooter20124
CFMOTO Wall Street 125 silver Scooter20087
CFMOTO Wall Street 125 with REST WARRANTY!! Scooter20113
CFMOTO Wall Street Scooter20085
CFMOTO Wall Street Scooter20095
CFMOTO Wall Street Scooter20105
CFMOTO Wall Street CF125T Scooter20083
CFMOTO Wall Street CF125T-21i Scooter20095
CFMOTO wallstreet 125 i Scooter20105
CFMOTO X 6 / CF 625 / Explorer Quad20115
CFMOTO X 6 CF 625 / Explorer 625 with snow plow Quad20106
CFMOTO X-Lander CF625-C EFi 4x4 Quad201215
CFMOTO X5 Quad20115
CFMOTO X6 Other20105
CFMOTO X6 Quad20115
CFMOTO X6-4x4-ZM/LOF Quad20104
CFMOTO X6 625 Quad20105
CFMOTO X6 625 Quad20125
CFMOTO X6 625c Quad20105
CFMOTO X6 Bazooka Terra Cross, including snow plow Quad20128
CFMOTO X8 Luxury 2012 Second Hand Quad20125
CFMOTO Z Force 800 4x4 LOF Other201210
CFMOTO Z6 Quad201113
CFMOTO Z6 Bazooka UTV Side by Side Other20128
CFMOTO Zforce 800 EX 4X4 Rally/Cross201215
CFMOTO Zforce 800 EX V2 4x4 LoF Quad20128
CFMOTO Zforce 800 EX V2 EFI 4 × 4 Quad20127
CFMOTO Zforce 800Red 4x4 NEW immediately 48kW ab174, 13 € * Quad20129

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