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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by CFMOTO was released in 1012 (CFMOTO Terra Lander 800 LOF)
Databikes contain 249 CFMOTO bikes in 11 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (250 to 1200 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 cm³), Motorcycle (240 to 650 cm³), Naked Bike (650 cm³), Other (590 to 800 cm³), Quad (50 to 800 cm³), Rally/Cross (590 to 800 cm³), Scooter (125 cm³), Sport Touring Motorcycles (500 to 650 cm³), Tourer (260 to 650 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by CFMOTO in our DB is CFMOTO Sportster XL1200 Custom (49 kW (67 PS))

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CFMOTO 125 T Scooter20083
CFMOTO 125t-21i Scooter20108
CFMOTO 500 Quad20094
CFMOTO 500 Quad20125
CFMOTO 500 Everest Quad20115
CFMOTO 500 One XL LOF 24 Months Warranty Quad201210
CFMOTO 500CM 4X4 Quad20123
CFMOTO 600 Trail Tracker Quad201010
CFMOTO 625 4x4 Quad20104
CFMOTO 625 Bazooka TerraCross 4x4 LOF, Quad20115
CFMOTO 625-C X6 4x4 long Quad20125
CFMOTO 625 EFI Terra Lander LOF little km Quad201210
CFMOTO 625 Z6 Quad20115
CFMOTO 650 NK Naked Bike20126
CFMOTO 650 NK Naked Bike20145
CFMOTO 650 TK Sport Touring Motorcycles201212
CFMOTO 650 TK Tourer20145
CFMOTO A CF500 (LOF-approval with Open Power & AHK) Quad20085
CFMOTO all-wheel buggy Quad20105
CFMOTO Allroad Quad20105
CFMOTO Allroad 500 Quad20123
CFMOTO Allroad 500 4x4 Quad20115
CFMOTO Aragon GP Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20084
CFMOTO Atlas 2A 500 4x4 Quad20115
CFMOTO atlas 4x4 Explorer Quad20125
CFMOTO Atlas 500 / Explorer Quad20135
CFMOTO ATLAS 500 Quad20075
CFMOTO Atlas 500 Quad20094
CFMOTO Atlas 500 Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas 500 Quad20125
CFMOTO Atlas 500 4x2 LOF Quad20135
CFMOTO Atlas 500 4x4 Automatic CVT retail Quad20105
CFMOTO Atlas 500 4x4 LOF long version Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas 500 4x4 LOF, winds with snow plow Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas 500 4x4 snow plow Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas 500 4x4L, AHK, Seilw, LOF, slide, like new! Quad201115
CFMOTO Atlas 500 LOF 33 hp 4x4 lock snow shield TÜV Quad200715
CFMOTO Atlas 500 with LOF Quad20104
CFMOTO Atlas 500/520 4x4 LOF Goes Quad20083
CFMOTO Atlas 500cc 4WD Aut.Schneeschild, LOF Quad201310
CFMOTO Atlas Compact 2WD LOF Quad20128
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 2x4 500cc Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 Quad20105
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 Quad20135
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 4x4 - LOF & AHK Good Condition Quad20113
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 4x4 Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500-A 4x4 Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 Lof Quad20115
CFMOTO Atlas Explorer 500 LOF approval Quad20096
CFMOTO Atlas500 Explorer 4X4 Long Lof Quad20119
CFMOTO ATU Scooters Scooter20114
CFMOTO ATV Atlas CF 500 A 4x4 Quad20065
CFMOTO Atv Quad Explorer Quad20075
CFMOTO ATV Terra Lander CForce 800 LOF approval! Quad20124
CFMOTO Bazooka / Terra Cross 625EFI, LOF approval. Quad20125
CFMOTO Bazooka 625 Quad20125
CFMOTO Bazooka 625 Explorer TerraCross LOF Quad20115
CFMOTO Bazooka 625 TerraCross Quad20115
CFMOTO Bazooka Explorer 625 TerraCross Quad20115
CFMOTO Bazooka LoF including approval Quad20127
CFMOTO BAZOOKA, LOF, Terra Cross Winter Special Quad20124
CFMOTO BAZOOKA, LOF, TerraCross Quad20135
CFMOTO Bazooka TerraCross 625 EFI 4x4 with LOF approval Quad20135
CFMOTO Buggy UTV side by side 4x4 CFMoto TerraCross Quad20124
CFMOTO BULLET 50 Quad20124
CFMOTO C Force 600 Quad20145
CFMOTO C-Force 800 BluePower TL 4x4 LOF servo Quad201214
CFMOTO CF 125 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20105
CFMOTO CF 125 EXPLORER Scooter20103
CFMOTO CF 125 T - 21 i Scooter20095
CFMOTO CF 2012 500-3 Quad20123
CFMOTO CF 500 - A (snow removing) Quad201210
CFMOTO CF 500-2A Everest 4x4 long Quad20123
CFMOTO CF 500-5C Quad20104
CFMOTO CF 500 XL ONE Quad20145
CFMOTO CF 625 Quad20135
CFMOTO CF-625 C / X6 Quad20123
CFMOTO CF 625-C incl snow blade finance. mög! Quad20136
CFMOTO CF.625 C-X6 Quad20115
CFMOTO CF-625 x6 Explorer Grison Quad20102
CFMOTO cf 625 z6 Quad20115
CFMOTO Cf-625C Quad20105
CFMOTO CF Moto 500 Quad20119
CFMOTO Cf moto 625 Grison X6 Terra Lander Goes ATV 4X4 Quad20125
CFMOTO CF Moto 625 X6 Grison Terra Freelander 4X4 Quad ATV Quad20125
CFMOTO CF Moto Allroad X7 4X4 600 Quad20123
CFMOTO CF Moto ident. Everest 500 4x4 CFMoto Quad20123
CFMOTO CF Moto Z6 625 Quad20115
CFMOTO CF125T Scooter20113
CFMOTO CF500-2A 4x4 with LoF Quad201215
CFMOTO CF500 ONE XL 4X4 LoF Vorführfahrzeug Quad201414
CFMOTO CF500-SC X5 Quad20115
CFMOTO CF500A Quad20075
CFMOTO CF500A Explorer 4x4 LOF including snow plow Quad20125
CFMOTO CF625-C Quad20114

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