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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Barossa was released in 1900 (Barossa Moto Cross 170)
Databikes contain 146 Barossa bikes in 5 categories: Enduro/Touring Enduro (125 cm³), Quad (50 to 310 cm³), Rally/Cross (250 cm³), Scooter (50 cm³), Super Moto (270 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Barossa in our DB is Barossa SMC Jumbo 320 (argon Explorer 330) (15 kW (20 PS))

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Barossa 170 Quad20055
Barossa 170 AAM Quad20044
Barossa 170 [only 2,700 KM run / immediately available] Quad200315
Barossa 170, Quad, Quad20035
Barossa 2003 Quad20055
Barossa 250 Quad20033
Barossa 250 Quad20043
Barossa 250 Quad20055
Barossa 250 Quad20067
Barossa 250 Quad20085
Barossa 250 cc Quad20045
Barossa 250 cc Quad20054
Barossa 250 Cheetah \ Quad201115
Barossa 250 Quarterback Quad20085
Barossa 250 quaterback Quad20075
Barossa 250 Silverhawk Quad20075
Barossa 250 SMC 4rock M.RÜCKWÄRTSGANG & OIL COOLER Quad20076
Barossa 250 STINGER (aam 170 aky-1) Quad20043
Barossa 250/4 rock Sachs Quad20045
Barossa 250cc Quad silverhawk Quad20093
Barossa 250/nur 4900km/viel Accessories / MOT 07/2014 Quad20046
Barossa 300 Titan Quad20073
Barossa 300cc Quad20065
Barossa 300L Quad20095
Barossa 4rock S 250 Quad20081
Barossa AAM 170 - 240m³ Quad20085
Barossa AAM 170 Quad20025
Barossa AAM 170 Quad20035
Barossa AAM 170 Quad20055
Barossa AAM 170 234ccm Same SMC Quad20085
Barossa AAm 170 Stinger Quad20045
Barossa AAM170 Quad20045
Barossa AAM170 Quad20064
Barossa AAM170 Quad20074
Barossa BAOTIAN GT1 - 4trendys Scooter20025
Barossa Bardena Enduro/Touring Enduro20123
Barossa barossa 170 Quad20035
Barossa barosssa Rally/Cross20043
Barossa Blackhawk Quad20055
Barossa Blackhawk 250R Quad20065
Barossa BM1 250 GNI -1 Quad20085
Barossa Bonco 300 LV Quad20103
Barossa Bronco Quad20075
Barossa Bronco Quad20084
Barossa Bronco Quad20095
Barossa Bronco Quad20104
Barossa Bronco 300 Quad20113
Barossa Bronco 300 Quad20125
Barossa Bronco 300 Quad Quad20085
Barossa Bronco Smc 300ccm 3.300Euro VB Quad20128
Barossa BS 250 Quad20039
Barossa Canyon Quad20135
Barossa Canyon 300 Quad20085
Barossa Canyon 300 Quad20093
Barossa Cheetah - 250 cc - 19 HP - TÜV neu! 1A state Quad20093
Barossa Cheetah 170 Quad20013
Barossa CHEETAH 170 Quad20033
Barossa Cheetah 170 Quad20043
Barossa Cheetah Quad20034
Barossa Cheetah Quad20045
Barossa Cheetah Quad20054
Barossa Cheetah Quad20063
Barossa Cheetah Quad20075
Barossa Cheetah Quad20085
Barossa Cheetah 250 Quad200511
Barossa Cheetah 250 Quad200613
Barossa Cheetah 250 Quad20085
Barossa cheetah 250 Quad20115
Barossa cheetah 250 Quad20128
Barossa cheetah 250cc TÜV / AU new road quad Quad20045
Barossa Cheetah Ram 150 Quad20074
Barossa cheetha Quad20045
Barossa Cheetha Quad20054
Barossa Child ATV Quad20065
Barossa Engine Quad20034
Barossa Jumbo / argon 302 Kardan Quad20118
Barossa Jumbo 300 Quad20085
Barossa Jumbo 302 Quad20105
Barossa Jumbo 302 ATV Quad20117
Barossa Jumbo 320 from 4.690, - Quad201113
Barossa Jumbo302 Jumbo 302 Quad20095
Barossa magna Quad20023
Barossa magna Quad20034
Barossa Magna Quad20045
Barossa Magna Quad20054
Barossa Magna 250 Quad20035
Barossa MAWI SPEED RACE MOFA Scooter20085
Barossa Moto Cross 170 Quad19003
Barossa Motor Quad20114
Barossa MSC Sport 300L Quad20115
Barossa Other Canyon 300R Supermoto Super Moto201111
Barossa Python 100 Quad20044
Barossa QB 250 Quad20075
Barossa Quad Quad20034
Barossa Quad Quad20054
Barossa Quad Quad20085
Barossa Quad AAM 170 250 cc / UP TO 100KMH Quad200814
Barossa Quad SMC 50 Quad20094
Barossa Quarterback Quad20044
Barossa Quarterback 250 R Tuning Edition Quad20055

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