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1999 Year Motorcycles and ATV's

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KTM 640 LC4 Enduro/Touring EnduroKTM5
KTM 640 Supermoto Super MotoKTM5
KTM Duke Super MotoKTM5
KTM Duke 2 Super MotoKTM3
KTM Duke II 640 Super MotoKTM5
KTM EGS / EXC Enduro/Touring EnduroKTM2
KTM enduro / cross conversion complete OtherKTM3
KTM EXC / EGS 300 Dirt BikeKTM4
KTM EXC 200 Rally/CrossKTM5
KTM EXC 250 Enduro/Touring EnduroKTM4
KTM LC2 125 185 NEW TÜV Enduro/Touring EnduroKTM5
KTM LC4 Super MotoKTM4
KTM LC4 620 Competition Super MotoKTM5
KTM LC4 620 SC Super MotoKTM1
KTM LC640 Super MotoKTM1
KTM Mastiff 660 Super MotoKTM4
KTM Sx / Exc Rally/CrossKTM5
KTM SX 125 with accessories Rally/CrossKTM5
KTM SX Rally/CrossKTM3
KTM SX 50 Junior Rally/CrossKTM3
KTM SX 60 Rally/CrossKTM1
KTM SXC 540 Enduro/Touring EnduroKTM5
Kymco 125 Chopper/CruiserKymco1
Kymco 50 KB Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedKymco3
Kymco Cobra Cross 50 ScooterKymco3
Kymco Heroism ScooterKymco5
Kymco Meteorite ZX50 ScooterKymco4
Kymco RF-25 meteorite Chopper/CruiserKymco4
Kymco SH-10 ScooterKymco2
Kymco Spacer 50th .. Yager50 .. Loveboat ScooterKymco5
Kymco Zing Chopper/CruiserKymco5
Laverda 750 S RacingLaverda4
Laverda Formula MotorcycleLaverda5
Laverda Strike Black Cafe Racer Naked BikeLaverda5
Maico 500 SM Super MotoMaico3
Maico SM 620 Super MotoMaico4
Malaguti 250 MADISON WITH TOP BOX ScooterMalaguti15
Malaguti Centro SL ScooterMalaguti3
Malaguti Crizzly 10 PocketbikeMalaguti4
Malaguti Crosser ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti F 10 ScooterMalaguti8
Malaguti F.10 Jet-Line ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti F 12 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedMalaguti5
Malaguti F10 Jetline AC ScooterMalaguti3
Malaguti f15 ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti F15 Firefox ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti F15 Firefox LC ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti FIREFOX F 15 LC COMPLETELY OUT OF DATE! ScooterMalaguti4
Malaguti Firefox F15 ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti Grizzly 10 MotorcycleMalaguti4
Malaguti Grizzly 12 Rally/CrossMalaguti3
Malaguti malaguti madison 125 ottimo ScooterMalaguti1
Malaguti Phantom ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti Yesterday ScooterMalaguti5
Malaguti Yesterday 50 ScooterMalaguti5
MBK 125 ScooterMBK4
MBK 80 Evolis MotorcycleMBK5
MBK Booster ScooterMBK5
MBK Booster Rocket ScooterMBK3
MBK Evolis YE80 ScooterMBK5
MBK Flame 125 R ScooterMBK5
MBK Flame 125cc ScooterMBK5
MBK Flame ScooterMBK5
MBK FLAME R 125 ScooterMBK3
MBK Flame R ScooterMBK5
MBK Flame Yamaha Cygnus ScooterMBK4
MBK Fleming ScooterMBK3
MBK FORTE Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedMBK3
MBK Nitro ScooterMBK5
MBK Ovetto Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedMBK3
MBK Ovetto YN50 ScooterMBK2
MBK Pinball ScooterMBK4
MBK Skylinder 125 ScooterMBK4
MBK Skyliner 125 ScooterMBK4
MBK Skyliner ScooterMBK5
Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport Sports/Super Sports BikeMoto Guzzi15
Moto Guzzi California 1100 EV Chopper/CruiserMoto Guzzi5
Moto Guzzi California 1100 i Chopper/CruiserMoto Guzzi2
Moto Guzzi California Jackal Chopper/CruiserMoto Guzzi3
Moto Guzzi California Special Chopper/CruiserMoto Guzzi5
Moto Guzzi GA 10 Centauro! Mini indicators, luggage rack! Sport Touring MotorcyclesMoto Guzzi9
Moto Guzzi I California in 1100 TourerMoto Guzzi14
Moto Guzzi Moto Guzzi MotorcycleMoto Guzzi3
Moto Guzzi Nevada Chopper/CruiserMoto Guzzi4
Moto Guzzi Nevada 750 Chopper/CruiserMoto Guzzi7
Moto Guzzi Nevada Club 750 MotorcycleMoto Guzzi5
Moto Guzzi QUOTA 1100ES Enduro/Touring EnduroMoto Guzzi4
Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro! mini blinker, luggage rack! Sport Touring MotorcyclesMoto Guzzi9
Moto Guzzi V11Sport green MotorcycleMoto Guzzi1
Moto Guzzi VZ Centauro 10! Mini indicators, rear rack! Sport Touring MotorcyclesMoto Guzzi9
MV Agusta F4 ORO only 10 limited edition collector's item 155/300 Sports/Super Sports BikeMV Agusta5
Mz Bagheera Super MotoMz4
Mz Bagheera 660 E Street Moto Super MotoMz4
Mz Baghira Enduro/Touring EnduroMz5
Mz Baghira Black Panther Super MotoMz5
Mz Baghira E 660 Super MotoMz4
Mz Baghira Enduro Enduro/Touring EnduroMz7
Mz Baghira MuZ 660 Enduro Enduro/Touring EnduroMz5
Mz Baghira Street Moto Super MotoMz5
Mz Baghira Supermoto 660 Enduro/Touring EnduroMz3

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