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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Gasgas was released in 1990 (Gasgas 250ec)
Databikes contain 454 Gasgas bikes in 12 categories: Dirt Bike (125 to 300 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (50 to 520 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (125 cm³), Motorcycle (125 to 300 cm³), Other, Quad (250 to 600 cm³), Racing (80 cm³), Rally/Cross (50 to 2940 cm³), Scooter (50 to 200 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (450 cm³), Super Moto (50 to 450 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Gasgas in our DB is Gasgas EC 300 (18 kW (24 PS))

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Gasgas FSE 515 2008 Enduro/Touring Enduro201110
Gasgas FSE 515 Enduro/Touring Enduro20095
Gasgas FSE 515 model 2008 Enduro/Touring Enduro20098
Gasgas fse450 SM Super Moto20055
Gasgas FSR 450 Enduro/Touring Enduro20075
Gasgas FSR 450 Rally/Cross20081
Gasgas FSR 515 Rally/Cross20085
Gasgas FSR 515 Rally/Cross20095
Gasgas Full cross 250cc Rally/Cross19983
Gasgas GAS GAS 125cc street legal Rally/Cross20085
Gasgas Gas Gas EC 200 Rally/Cross20005
Gasgas Gas Gas EC (WR CRF KTM KX) Enduro/Touring Enduro20054
Gasgas Gas Gas MC 250 fully cross Enduro (no Ktm) Rally/Cross19975
Gasgas Gas Gas Pampera * 250 * Very rare with approval Enduro/Touring Enduro199913
Gasgas Gas Gas Pampera 125 DR DT Beta Husqvana Enduro/Touring Enduro20075
Gasgas Gas Gas TXT 280 Raga NEW CONDITION Other20135
Gasgas GT 200 is the latest! Year 2008 Scooter200812
Gasgas HP 450 Quad20035
Gasgas HP 450 Quad20085
Gasgas HP 450 Wild Mod 2012 - VKP Quad20117
Gasgas HP450 wild Quad20045
Gasgas HP450 Wild Quad20054
Gasgas Jotagas JTG 300 Rally/Cross20135
Gasgas JT Other19945
Gasgas JT 25 Contact Other19952
Gasgas JT 250 Other19947
Gasgas JT 35 Enduro/Touring Enduro19955
Gasgas Jt Contact 238ccm Other19945
Gasgas JT25 Dirt Bike19955
Gasgas JT25 TXT Trail Trial Enduro/Touring Enduro19933
Gasgas JTG 300 trial Other20137
Gasgas JTG Jotagas 300 Trial BETA SHERCO. Other201211
Gasgas JTR 370 Trial GasGas Other19965
Gasgas k2 250 atv Quad20065
Gasgas KTM 525 Quad20034
Gasgas MC / EC 125 as KTM EXC / SX Rally/Cross20015
Gasgas MC 125 Rally/Cross20035
Gasgas MC 125 Rally/Cross20053
Gasgas MC 125 Rally/Cross20095
Gasgas mc 250 Rally/Cross20042
Gasgas mc 250 Rally/Cross20054
Gasgas MC 250 Motorcycle20065
Gasgas MC 65 Rally/Cross20105
Gasgas MC 65, Cross Rally/Cross20108
Gasgas MC 65 Motocross Rally/Cross20113
Gasgas MC 65 Motocross children 8 - 12 years Rally/Cross20063
Gasgas MC125 Rally/Cross20045
Gasgas Model EC 250 E 2012 NEW Enduro/Touring Enduro201215
Gasgas no KTM, yamaha kawasaki, husqvarna, suzuki ... Rally/Cross20024
Gasgas Ossa TR280I Dirt Bike20135
Gasgas Pamper 400 Enduro/Touring Enduro200612
Gasgas Pampera 125 Motorcycle19972
Gasgas Pampera 125 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20105
Gasgas Pampera Enduro/Touring Enduro19964
Gasgas Pampera Rally/Cross19995
Gasgas Pampera 250 Enduro/Touring Enduro19985
Gasgas Pampera 250 Rally/Cross19995
Gasgas Pampera 320 Enduro/Touring Enduro19981
Gasgas Pampera Pampera 250 250 (2002-05) Other20033
Gasgas Pro 2003 Rally/Cross20044
Gasgas quad Quad20045
Gasgas Quad Quad20125
Gasgas Racing 300cc Other20135
Gasgas raga 2004 trial Other20043
Gasgas RALLY RAID EC450F Factory Demonstration Rally/Cross201515
Gasgas Randonne 125 Dirt Bike20115
Gasgas Randonne 125 4T Enduro/Touring Enduro20115
Gasgas Randonne Other20124
Gasgas RANDONNEE 125 4-T Motorcycle20119
Gasgas Randonner 125 4T Trial Enduro/Touring Enduro201114
Gasgas Randonner 125 4T Trial with special engine tuning! Enduro/Touring Enduro20129
Gasgas Randonner 200 4T Racing Enduro/Touring Enduro201414
Gasgas Rijue R 125 R Super Moto19975
Gasgas Rookie 80 Rally/Cross20085
Gasgas RR 125 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20128
Gasgas SFE 450 Enduro/Touring Enduro20074
Gasgas SM 450 Super Moto20035
Gasgas SM 450 Super Moto20057
Gasgas SM 450 F Racing \u0026 quot; factory replica \u0026 quot; 2014 30th GG Super Moto201211
Gasgas SM 450 FSE engine failure Super Moto20035
Gasgas SM 450 Halley Super Moto20105
Gasgas SM 450 Supermoto Super Moto20035
Gasgas SM 450 Supermoto Super Moto20075
Gasgas SM50 Super Moto20054
Gasgas T-25 Trial Contact Rally/Cross19935
Gasgas TR 20 Trial Rally/Cross20083
Gasgas Trail 250 Motorcycle19941
Gasgas Trail 250 Rally/Cross200010
Gasgas Trail, TXT 125 Pro Rally/Cross20055
Gasgas Trial Other19975
Gasgas Trial Rally/Cross19993
Gasgas Trial Other20111
Gasgas Trial 250 2T Other19945
Gasgas Trial 320 Enduro/Touring Enduro19974
Gasgas Trial 327 Other19945
Gasgas Trial Trail 250 day Trial Good and Cheap Enduro/Touring Enduro199514
Gasgas Trial TxT 50 Boy Enduro/Touring Enduro20003
Gasgas Trial TXT per Other20075
Gasgas Trial TXT PRO 280 Rally/Cross20082
Gasgas trial txt80 youth Other20065

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