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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Cectek was released in 2008 (Cectek Quadrift)
Databikes contain 170 Cectek bikes in 2 categories: Quad (500 to 530 cm³), Trike (180 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Cectek in our DB is Cectek Gladiator (36 kW (49 PS))

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Cectek GladiotorT5Ixd EFI / LOF / handle-Sitzheizg / 8xReifen Quad20148
Cectek Hercules Quad20085
Cectek HERCULES King Cobra 500-NEW-opt. Snow plow Quad20112
Cectek King Cobra Quad20095
Cectek King Cobra Quad20107
Cectek King Cobra Quad20115
Cectek King Cobra Quad20123
Cectek King Cobra Quad20136
Cectek KING COBRA 500 EFI / LOF-VARIANT / QUAD / ATV Quad201113
Cectek King Cobra 500 EFI IxD Quad201013
Cectek King Cobra 500 IxD 4x4, Anthracite Quad20105
Cectek King Cobra 500 model 2012 - LOF immediately available Quad20117
Cectek King Cobra 500 Rockster Edtion EFI 500 T5 Quad20134
Cectek King Cobra 500 WIDE NUMBAU MATURE! Quad20119
Cectek King Cobra 500EFI * LOF * NOW * Quad20117
Cectek King Cobra 500ix LOF including snow plow Quad201110
Cectek King Cobra 500ixD LOF, Anthracite Quad20111
Cectek KING COBRA 500Lof Diff IXD * vo + hi * Dealer Quad201115
Cectek King Cobra IXD, 4WD, LOF, winch, snow plow Quad20123
Cectek KING KOBRA XID / Best used by dealer Quad20119
Cectek KING KOBRA XID SSV new car price advantage! Quad201214
Cectek New vehicle Quadrift 500 Special Price! Quad20144
Cectek Quad Atv Quad20105
Cectek Quad drift Quad20095
Cectek Quad drift 500 Quad20085
Cectek Quad drift 500 EFI Quad20123
Cectek Quad drift 500 EZ.07.2009 14600 km LOF Quad201311
Cectek Quad drift 500 T5 Quad20134
Cectek Quad drift 500 T5 Rear Diff * test drive now * Quad201213
Cectek Quad drift 525 T6 rear diff * test drive now * Quad201213
Cectek Quad drift EFI 500 Quad20114
Cectek Quad drift EFI 500 Quad20157
Cectek Quad Gets 500 Quad20125
Cectek Quadrift Quad20082
Cectek Quadrift Quad20094
Cectek Quadrift Quad20105
Cectek quadrift Quad20115
Cectek Quadrift Quad20125
Cectek Quadrift 500 Quad20094
Cectek Quadrift 500 Quad20105
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI - LOF Quad20083
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI / LOF-variant Quad20116
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI Quad20112
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI 2011 Quad201115
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI Quad20124
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI Quad20145
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI delivery nationwide Quad201011
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI EVO AHK Quad201311
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI-LOF Quad20112
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI LOF Quad20135
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI with LOF-approval Quad20105
Cectek Quadrift 500 EFI yellow Quad20091
Cectek Quadrift 500 EVO T5 EFI LoF o projectionist. EZ New Quad201415
Cectek Quadrift 500 LOF with AHK, 2100 KM! Quad200910
Cectek Quadrift 500!!!! new!!!! Quad20121
Cectek Quadrift 500 T5 LOF Quad201213
Cectek Quadrift 500EFI Quad20084
Cectek Quadrift 525 EFI T6 LOF collection Price - NEW Quad201212
Cectek Quadrift 525 EFI T6 LOF including delivery inkl.LOF Quad201213
Cectek Quadrift EFI T6 525 LOF Quad20129
Cectek Quadrift EVO Quad20115
Cectek Quadrift Evo Efi Quad20103
Cectek Quadrift LOF 500 EFI KIT BOX at large Heckträg Quad20114
Cectek Quadrift T5 LOF (special price) Quad20125
Cectek Quadrift T5 Special Quad20124
Cectek Quadrift T6 525 EFI (injection) Quad20145
Cectek Quadrift T6 550 EFI LOF approval Quad20135
Cectek Quadrift-wide black-including strong LOF / low Quad20123
Cectek T5 ix gladiator gladiator including snow plow Quad20125

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