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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Boom was released in 1988 (Boom CHICKEN)
Databikes contain 290 Boom bikes in 5 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (460 to 1600 cm³), Motorcycle (2000 cm³), Quad (460 to 500 cm³), Scooter (50 cm³), Trike (460 to 2400 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Boom in our DB is Boom * Trike TRIKE PORSCHE TYPE 4 * TOP * (103 kW (140 PS))

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Boom Mustang ST1 Trike201310
Boom Mustang ST1 Trike20145
Boom Mustang ST1 compressor 2 with 197PS and APC Trike20129
Boom Mustang ST1 new vehicle Trike20145
Boom Mustang ST1 Touring Back with 50/50 funding Trike20146
Boom Mustang Thunderbird \ Trike201215
Boom Mustang Thunderbird Trike20148
Boom Mustang Thunderbird compressor ST1 Trike201110
Boom Mustang Touring Back \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; Trike201213
Boom Mustang Touring Family Back Thunderbird Trike20123
Boom Mustang Touring Family Back \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; Trike20137
Boom New Highway 1.1 Touring Back Trike201315
Boom New Highway 1.5 Thunderbird Touring Back Trike201312
Boom New Highway Trike20124
Boom New Highway Thunderbird Trike20138
Boom New Highway Thunderbird new vehicle Trike20134
Boom New Highway Touring Back Trike20134
Boom New Highway \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; Trike20143
Boom New Highway Ultimate Trike20134
Boom New vehicle Fighter Trike20125
Boom No Easy Chopper Trike is a Trike20065
Boom not Deviel Trike Trike19985
Boom Power Fighter X11 190HP Trike20025
Boom Power Fighter X11 2.0 S Trike20124
Boom Rattler Trike Trike19895
Boom SF 1 Ultimate Trike20115
Boom Shanyang Taiwan Scooter19973
Boom Shark 500 Trike20065
Boom Shark 500 Advance Quad20075
Boom SHARK 500 Automatic Quad20069
Boom Sontheim Trike19945
Boom ST1 Mustang \ Trike20116
Boom ST1 Mustang \ Trike201210
Boom ST1 Mustang Thunderbird Trike20118
Boom Street Fighter Trike19975
Boom Street Fighter Trike20024
Boom Street Fighter Fighter X11 TOP Condition Trike20035
Boom Three Seater family Trike20085
Boom \Top condition! Trike200411
Boom Top Low - Rider 5i Large - Limited Edition Trike20015
Boom Traveller Trike19943
Boom Trike Trike19895
Boom Trike Trike19925
Boom Trike Trike19933
Boom trike Trike19965
Boom Trike Trike19985
Boom Trike Trike20004
Boom Trike Trike20115
Boom Trike chopper Trike19945
Boom Trike Chopper Trike20035
Boom trike easy Trike19975
Boom Trike Family 2 (3-seater) Trike19975
Boom Trike Fun 500 Trike20074
Boom Trike Fun II 500 Automatic Trike20055
Boom Trike FX 12 Motorcycle20105
Boom Trike LowRider Trike20003
Boom Trike Shadow 750, order vehicle Trike20115
Boom Trike Street Fighter X11 Trike20033
Boom Trike Suzuki Intruder 1800 Thunderbird Trike201210
Boom Trike V 2 Automatic Trike20094
Boom Trike (with spare engine!!!!) Trike19955
Boom Trikes Family II Trike Trike20055
Boom Ultimate Fighter X11 Ltd.. Edition # 6 Trike20125
Boom Ultimate fighterx11 like new Trike20125
Boom V 1 Thunderbird Trike20114
Boom V 1 Thunderbird Trike20125
Boom V1 Trike20116
Boom V1 Trike20125
Boom V1 Automatic \ Trike20123
Boom V1 Automatic Trike20101
Boom V1 automatic Trike20115
Boom V1 automatic handlers Trike20126
Boom V1 automatic model \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; Trike20137
Boom V1 Thunderbird automatic Trike20117
Boom V1 Thunderbird Automatic Trike20134
Boom V2 automatic 1.Hd. Trike200915
Boom V2 automatic Trike20109
Boom V2 automatic trend Trike20108
Boom V2 Automatic \u0026 quot; Trend \u0026 quot; Trike20095
Boom V2 Ultimate Trike200810
Boom V2 Ultimate Automatic Trike20109
Boom VT750 Shadow Trike Trike20135
Boom WK 170 newly Constructed Trike19915
Boom WK Daytona Trike19955
Boom Wolf travelers Trike20005
Boom Wolf Traveller (BOOM chopper) Trike20034
Boom Wolf Trikes Mustang Thunderbird long version Trike20135
Boom X11 PowerFighter RS Trike20065

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