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1954 Year Motorcycles and ATV's

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BMW 51/3 Combination/SidecarBMW4
BMW EMW R35 MotorcycleBMW5
BMW Governor Hoffman MP 250-2 new condition MotorcycleBMW12
BMW R 25/3 MotorcycleBMW5
BMW R 35-3 EMW MotorcycleBMW5
BMW R25 / 3 MotorcycleBMW3
BMW R51 / 3 MotorcycleBMW4
BSA A10 MotorcycleBSA3
BSA B31 MotorcycleBSA2
BSA C11 MotorcycleBSA5
BSA C11G 250 OHV MotorcycleBSA5
BSA Golden Flash MotorcycleBSA4
BSA M 33 MotorcycleBSA4
BSA Triauthentic cafe racer Sports/Super Sports BikeBSA5
BSA TriBSA, Cafe Racer, Metisse Sports/Super Sports BikeBSA5
DKW 250/2 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW ish 49 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW KS 200 OtherDKW5
DKW RT 125 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW RT 125 2H MotorcycleDKW10
DKW RT 125 vintage motorcycle - Auto Union - 1954 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW RT 125/2 MotorcycleDKW11
DKW RT 175 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW RT MotorcycleDKW3
DKW rt 250 MotorcycleDKW1
DKW RT125 IFA / 0 orig. Car GDR-letter Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeDKW3
Gilera 150 Sports MotorcycleGilera5
Gilera Saturno, 500 sports top condition OtherGilera4
Harley Davidson Bj.1954 panhead rigid frame Chopper/CruiserHarley Davidson15
Harley Davidson FL Chopper/CruiserHarley Davidson5
Harley Davidson FLH Chopper/CruiserHarley Davidson5
Harley Davidson Panhead Hydraglide original 50JA.Harley! MotorcycleHarley Davidson5
Harley Davidson Rigid frame EVO 1340 Chopper/CruiserHarley Davidson4
Harley Davidson Starr Softail frames 1954 MotorcycleHarley Davidson12
Harley Davidson sweden chopper Chopper/CruiserHarley Davidson5
Hercules 316 MotorcycleHercules5
Herkules 175 MotorcycleHerkules5
Herkules 212 MotorcycleHerkules5
Herkules 214, Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedHerkules5
Herkules Moped from 1954 with 1.25 hp Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedHerkules15
Jawa 355 MotorcycleJawa5
Jawa Perak Naked BikeJawa5
Maico 175 M / T MotorcycleMaico3
Maico M 175 - with papers - good basis MotorcycleMaico7
Maico M 200 MotorcycleMaico4
Maico MAICO-MOBIL MB200 ScooterMaico5
Maico mobile ScooterMaico5
Maico Mobile MB200 MotorcycleMaico15
Moto Guzzi Galletto - 1954 192 cc ScooterMoto Guzzi1
Moto Guzzi Zigolo 98 cc MotorcycleMoto Guzzi5
Moto Morini 175 sport MotorcycleMoto Morini5
Motobi ard sport 125 2T Sports/Super Sports BikeMotobi5
MV Agusta 125TRE OtherMV Agusta5
Mz 125-1 MotorcycleMz2
Mz Bk 350 MotorcycleMz1
Mz RT 125-2 TourerMz4
Norton Dominator MotorcycleNorton12
Norton Domiracer 88 SS Sports/Super Sports BikeNorton4
Norton Model 50 TourerNorton5
NSU 251OSB High Standard MotorcycleNSU1
NSU Fox MotorcycleNSU5
NSU Lambretta 125 ScooterNSU5
NSU Lambretta Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeNSU5
NSU LD 125 ScooterNSU5
NSU Max Sport Touring MotorcyclesNSU5
NSU Max 251 OSB MotorcycleNSU5
NSU MAX Special MotorcycleNSU1
NSU Quckly Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedNSU5
NSU Quick MotorcycleNSU4
NSU Quickly N Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedNSU5
NSU quikly Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedNSU5
NSU Special High MotorcycleNSU1
Achilles 175 Sport ScooterOther5
Adler MB 201 MotorcycleOther5
Adler MB 250 MotorcycleOther12
Ariel Square Four 1000 cc MotorcycleOther5
BIANCHI STORICA MotorcycleOther1
Champion moped M45S Saxonia Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedOther5
Duerkopp Diana ScooterOther5
EMW R35 TourerOther3
Express Radex 255 OtherOther4
Goggo ScooterOther5
Horex Regina MotorcycleOther5
Horex Regina 400 MotorcycleOther4
Miele K 100 * 98 * he MotorcycleOther5
progress thug ScooterOther5
RAVEN EICK Sachs moped Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedOther8
Rex 2-speed Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedOther5
Rixe OtherOther5
Tornax V200 OtherOther5
Piaggio Vespa 125 Faro Basso Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikePiaggio4
Piaggio Vespa faro basso 1954 ScooterPiaggio15
Puch 175 SV MotorcyclePuch4
Puch 250 SGS MotorcyclePuch5
Puch SGS250 MotorcyclePuch3
Royal Enfield Meteor700 MotorcycleRoyal Enfield5
Royal Enfield Model G chopper Bj 1954 Chopper/CruiserRoyal Enfield5
Royal Enfield Rigid Frame Chopper Chopper/CruiserRoyal Enfield14
Sachs Hikers MF2 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small MopedSachs5

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