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1938 Year Motorcycles and ATV's

BMW M 72 Combination/SidecarBMW5
BMW R 35 OtherBMW5
BMW R12 Wehrmacht sidecar Combination/SidecarBMW5
BMW R23 OtherBMW2
BSA B 24 Silver Star, restored, very nice, 1938 MotorcycleBSA5
BSA M22 ohv MotorcycleBSA5
DKW 200 OtherDKW5
DKW 250 TourerDKW5
DKW 350 NZ OtherDKW5
DKW diamond Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeDKW3
DKW KS 200 TourerDKW3
DKW NZ 250 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW NZ 350 MotorcycleDKW2
DKW NZ500 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW RT 100 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW RT 3 MotorcycleDKW3
DKW SB 200 MotorcycleDKW6
DKW SB 250 classic cars MotorcycleDKW8
DKW SB 350 - ready to drive MotorcycleDKW7
DKW SB 500 MotorcycleDKW5
DKW SB 500 dynastart New MOT MotorcycleDKW15
Harley Davidson Harley-Davidson may model bj. 1938 MotorcycleHarley Davidson5
Hercules Sachs MotorcycleHercules5
Jawa 175 Special Year 1938 OtherJawa5
Moto Guzzi Super Alce with sidecar Combination/SidecarMoto Guzzi5
Norton 16 H MotorcycleNorton14
NSU 201 MotorcycleNSU10
NSU 351 OSL Chopper/CruiserNSU5
NSU 351OT identical to 251 OSL MotorcycleNSU5
NSU 501osl MotorcycleNSU4
NSU 601 OSL MotorcycleNSU5
NSU OSL 351 with Stoye MotorcycleNSU5
NSU OSL 601 built about 1938 MotorcycleNSU5
NSU OSL250 MotorcycleNSU5
NSU Pony 100 MotorcycleNSU5
NSU Quick MotorcycleNSU2
Bohmerland 350 OtherOther3
Prewar Wanderer Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeOther15
Sarolea AS 38 MotorcycleOther5
Standard Record MotorcycleOther5
Swallow Sidecar English Combination/SidecarOther5
Villiers 98ccm OtherOther15
Wanderer Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeOther4
Puch 250 T 3 OtherPuch4
Sachs Brennabor Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeSachs5
Sachs Gustloff OtherSachs5
Sachs Hiking Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeSachs5
Sachs Wanderer Lightweight Motorcycle/MotorbikeSachs1
Zundapp Zündapp BW 38 Combination/SidecarZundapp5
Zundapp Zündapp DB 200 MotorcycleZundapp5
Zundapp Zündapp DB 200 classic cars MotorcycleZundapp8
Zundapp Zündapp KS 600 sidecar (sidecar Sauer / Sperber) Combination/SidecarZundapp5

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