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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Rewaco was released in 1977 (Rewaco Or the Swap Sell Harley-Davidson 1200)
Databikes contain 220 Rewaco bikes in 6 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (400 cm³), Motorcycle (125 to 810 cm³), Other (810 cm³), Scooter, Sports/Super Sports Bike (600 to 1000 cm³), Trike (800 to 2290 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Rewaco in our DB is Rewaco CT 2300 T 20 Triumph Rocket III Anniversary 20y (78 kW (106 PS))

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Rewaco HS1 Family Trike201211
Rewaco HS1 Family 3 seater Trike199614
Rewaco HS2 Trike19945
Rewaco HS3 Skyline Trike19995
Rewaco HS4 Trike20003
Rewaco HS4 Trike20015
Rewaco HS4 Trike20025
Rewaco HS4 Trike20035
Rewaco HS4 Trike20045
Rewaco HS4 Trike20055
Rewaco HS4 Trike20065
Rewaco HS4 Trike20128
Rewaco HS4 Chopper Trike20044
Rewaco HS4 Family Trike20045
Rewaco HS4 Sportline Trike20055
Rewaco HS4 Trike Trike20018
Rewaco HS4/Cosmopolitan with towing device and AHK Trike19944
Rewaco HS5 Family 1.6 liter 4-cylinder boxer engine Trike200210
Rewaco HS5 Family anniversary package 15years rewaco Trike20065
Rewaco HSS Family Trike20014
Rewaco Jamaha R1 Sports/Super Sports Bike20095
Rewaco New Custom S CT 1500 without approval Trike20127
Rewaco Or the Swap Sell Harley-Davidson 1200 Trike19775
Rewaco Others HS1 Trike199710
Rewaco Piaggio MP 400 LT Chopper/Cruiser20095
Rewaco Regal-Raptor Motorcycle20114
Rewaco Rewaco Trike19935
Rewaco RF 1 - GT 2 - WINTER PRICE Trike20126
Rewaco RF 1 140 GT Style 2-seater sofa, 1.6 ltr.5 gear shift Trike201314
Rewaco RF 1 Trike20075
Rewaco RF 1 Trike20095
Rewaco RF 1 Trike20124
Rewaco RF 1 GT-Style Trike20065
Rewaco RF 1 GT Style Automatic Demonstration Trike20135
Rewaco RF 1 GT Turbo Trike200811
Rewaco RF 1 GTmit 115 hp Trike20125
Rewaco RF 1 LT-2 Style Trike20125
Rewaco RF 1 LT 2 Turbo R-Edion from 1.Hand Trike201415
Rewaco RF 1 LT-2 Turbo Special Price Trike201212
Rewaco RF 1 LT 2 with 115 hp Trike20126
Rewaco RF 1 LT2 style new vehicle Trike20145
Rewaco RF-1 LTS-2 Trike20125
Rewaco RF 1 ST-2 70 hp Trike201214
Rewaco RF 1-ST 2 new vehicles Trike20125
Rewaco RF 1 ST-3 70 HP Trike201215
Rewaco RF 1 ST-3 seater 70 HP Trike201215
Rewaco RF 1 ST-70-3-seater, 1.1 ltr. 5-speed MANUAL. Trike201214
Rewaco RF 1 Turbo Trike20093
Rewaco RF1 - GT - Style Trike20127
Rewaco RF1 - GTR TURBO R Edition 201 hp - WINTER PRICE Trike20125
Rewaco RF1 115 GT Tour Trike20125
Rewaco RF1 Trike20055
Rewaco RF1 Trike20105
Rewaco RF1 Trike20115
Rewaco RF1-GT \ Trike20115
Rewaco RF1 GT 110 HP STYLE Trike201415
Rewaco RF1 GT 140 Style 0.2-seater sofa, bi-color paint, 1.6 lt Trike201312
Rewaco RF1 GT 140 style, 2-seater sofa, bi-color paint 1,6lt, Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 GT 140 STYLE Trike20125
Rewaco RF1 GT Trike20076
Rewaco RF1 GT Trike20085
Rewaco RF1 GT Style Automatic Trike201410
Rewaco RF1 GTR Turbo, the new VCT with 201HP Trike20129
Rewaco RF1 GTR VCT 201 hp Trike20135
Rewaco RF1-GTR VCT 201HP with trailer hitch, navigation, Windshield, Zus Trike20135
Rewaco RF1 HS2 Trike19935
Rewaco RF1-long version from GTR 185cm size Trike20119
Rewaco RF1 LT \ Trike20117
Rewaco RF1 LT-2 110 Style Trike201310
Rewaco RF1 LT-2 R-Edition Turbo Trike201214
Rewaco RF1 LT-2 Style Trike20145
Rewaco RF1 LT-2 Turbo R edition Trike20145
Rewaco RF1 LT-2115 Tour, 1.6 ltr.Schaltgetriebe 0.2-seater sofa Trike201314
Rewaco RF1 LT-2115 tour, 1,6ltr.Schaltgetriebe, 2-seater sofa Trike201313
Rewaco RF1 LT-3 Trike20128
Rewaco RF1 LT Turbo \ Trike20129
Rewaco RF1 R-Edition Turbo VCT 201PS Trike201410
Rewaco RF1 ST-2 Trike201111
Rewaco RF1 ST-2 Trike201215
Rewaco RF1 ST-2 81KW CVTAutomatik Club, heated seats f + r Trike201514
Rewaco RF1 ST-2 Club Trike20143
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 1.1 51kW 5-speed, 3-seater, 3xNackenpolste Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 1.1 51kW 5-speed, 3-seater sofa, 3xNackenpolste Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 1.1 51kW 5-speed, metallic, 3-seater, 3xNP Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 1.1 51kW 5-speed, metallic, 3-seater sofa, 3xNP Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 110 Club * Chrome * Side impact protection * ALU Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 110 club, 3 seater, 1.5, 110 hp Trike201415
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 Trike20129
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 70 3-seater 51KW Trike20137
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 81KW CVTAutomatik Club, Power shifter, Trike201515
Rewaco RF1 ST 3 Club Trike20135
Rewaco RF1 ST-3 Eco 70 hp Trike20135
Rewaco RF1 ST 3110 Club Trike20134
Rewaco RF1 ST 70 / N / 2 Für3 people Vollausstattung Trike201315
Rewaco RF1 ST2 Trike20134
Rewaco RF1-ST2 Trike20148
Rewaco RF1 ST2 with LED taillights Trike20116
Rewaco RF1 ST2 with LED taillights Trike20128
Rewaco RF1GT Style AUTOMATIC racing brake R-Edition Trike201411

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