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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Polaris was released in 1992 (Polaris vespa NSL)
Databikes contain 529 Polaris bikes in 7 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (1500 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 cm³), Motorcycle (760 cm³), Other (120 to 900 cm³), Quad (50 to 1300 cm³), Scooter (50 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (700 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Polaris in our DB is Polaris VICTORY TOURING (55 kW (75 PS))

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Polaris Outlaw 525 Quad20075
Polaris outlaw 525 Quad20095
Polaris Outlaw 525 Quad20104
Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS \ Quad200914
Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS Quad20075
Polaris Outlaw 525 S, KTM LC4 engine tractor Quad20111
Polaris OUTLAW 525 with LOF Quad20111
Polaris Outlaw 525Írs KTM 70HP! Quad20095
Polaris Outlaw 90 Quad20074
Polaris Outlaw 90 Quad20105
Polaris Outlaw 90 Quad20111
Polaris Outlaw 90 Quad20125
Polaris Outlaw MXR 450 Ready to Race like new! Quad201112
Polaris Outlow 450mxr Quad20085
Polaris Outlow 500 Quad201210
Polaris Phoenix 200 Quad20055
Polaris Phoenix 200 Quad20065
Polaris Phoenix 200 Quad20088
Polaris Phoenix 200 Quad20092
Polaris Phoenix 200 Quad20105
Polaris Phoenix 200, cardan & Automatic Quad20105
Polaris Phoenix Quad20055
Polaris PHOENIX SPORTS Quad20075
Polaris POAR / Sand Storm 500 Quad20095
Polaris Polaris 250 Trailblazer TRAILBLAZER 250 2t Quad20055
Polaris POLARIS 850 TOURING EPS Quad20101
Polaris PREDATOR Quad20033
Polaris Predator Quad20045
Polaris predator Quad20065
Polaris predator Quad20072
Polaris Predator 500 Quad20055
Polaris Predator 500 Quad20085
Polaris Predator 500 approval more than yfz, trx, ltz Quad20055
Polaris Predator 500 road legs AUTHORISATION Quad20045
Polaris Predator 500 TLD Quad20073
Polaris quad Quad20053
Polaris quad 4X4 Quad19965
Polaris Quad D-Bat 400 6 x 6 Quad20003
Polaris QUAD POLARIS 500 Quad20094
Polaris Ranger Quad20083
Polaris RANGER Other20105
Polaris ranger Quad20114
Polaris Ranger 400 Quad20114
Polaris Ranger 400 Quad20124
Polaris Ranger 400 H.O. Quad20117
Polaris Ranger 400 LOF with roof like new Quad20137
Polaris Ranger 400 Packet winter snow shield Quad20136
Polaris Ranger 400 winter special Quad20114
Polaris Ranger 4x4 Diesel 3 persons Lof approval orig Quad201111
Polaris Ranger 4x4 Diesel 3 persons Lof, hammer prices Quad201211
Polaris Ranger 500 Quad20102
Polaris Ranger 570 - Full Size Quad20128
Polaris Ranger 6x6 700XP Other20085
Polaris Ranger 6x6 800 EFI / 3 of seats Quad20112
Polaris Ranger 6x6 800 LOF Perm. Projectionist Quad201211
Polaris Ranger 700 Quad20078
Polaris Ranger 700 4x4 Quad20087
Polaris Ranger 700 XP E site Drakenburg Quad200711
Polaris Ranger 700 XP EFI 4x4 LOF street legal Quad200815
Polaris Ranger 800 Quad20098
Polaris Ranger 800 Quad20124
Polaris Ranger 800 EFI EPS level high LOF Quad201114
Polaris Ranger 800 RZR German approval! Quad200810
Polaris Ranger 800 XP + hunter + vehicle Lots of extras !! Quad20138
Polaris Ranger 800 XP Quad20105
Polaris Ranger 800 XP Quad20117
Polaris Ranger 800 XP EPS MY 12 LOF approval Quad201114
Polaris Ranger 800XP EPS Quad20111
Polaris Ranger 900 - LOF + cabin Premium Deluxe Edition! Quad201215
Polaris Ranger 900 DIESEL Quad20125
Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel 4x4, Lof, closed. Cab, 2 wind Quad20125
Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel LOF with cabin Quad20116
Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel MwSt.ausweis, 1.Hand, cabin Quad20135
Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel Schneeschild cabin Quad20115
Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel Winter Special & cabin Quad20115
Polaris Ranger 900 diesel with LOF approval Quad201113
Polaris Ranger 900 LOF diesel now! Quad20114
Polaris Ranger 900 XP - VVF action! 3.9% rms. Interest Quad20138
Polaris Ranger 900 XP Quad201311
Polaris Ranger 900 XP Camo Cabin Quad20136
Polaris Ranger 900 XP EPS servo LOF 4x4 Quad20148
Polaris Ranger 900 XP including complete cabin! - NEW! Quad201215
Polaris Ranger 900 XP including LOF approval Other201311
Polaris Ranger 900 XP LE LOF power steering EPS Quad20126
Polaris Ranger 900 XP Lim - 0.0% eff. Interest Action! Quad201215
Polaris Ranger 900 XP LOF approval Other201214
Polaris Ranger 900 XP LOF including winter maintenance snow Quad201215
Polaris Ranger 900 XP with LOF - cab, sign, spreaders Quad201415
Polaris Ranger 900 XP with LOF + disk + roof - TOP! Quad201415
Polaris Ranger Browning 700 Quad20105
Polaris Ranger Crew 800/6 seats Quad20112
Polaris Ranger Diesel 900ccm FULL-SIZE Quad20118
Polaris Ranger Diesel 900ccm FULL-SIZE Quad20128
Polaris Ranger Diesel LOF Quad20117
Polaris Ranger Diesel LOF cabin Quad20138
Polaris Ranger Diesel LOF demo Quad20116
Polaris Ranger EV electric demonstrator Quad20106
Polaris Ranger HD 800 EFI 4X4 VAT reclaimable Quad20115
Polaris Ranger HD 800 EPS Quad20128

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