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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Motobi was released in 1930 (Motobi Monet Goyon Bj. 1930)
Databikes contain 126 Motobi bikes in 11 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (150 cm³), Enduro/Touring Enduro (50 cm³), Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (50 to 125 cm³), Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 to 250 cm³), Motorcycle (125 to 250 cm³), Other (50 to 150 cm³), Quad (320 to 570 cm³), Racing (250 cm³), Scooter (50 to 350 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (125 to 250 cm³), Super Moto (50 to 125 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Motobi in our DB is Motobi Moto 6.0 Bionics 4x4 LOF * Gerry Mayr Edition * (29 kW (39 PS))

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Motobi 125 - Benelli Moto Guzzi 125 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike197311
Motobi 125 imperial d'epoca del 1960 restaurata Motorcycle19605
Motobi 125 SS Motorcycle19705
Motobi 125 SS Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike19721
Motobi 250 Sport Special (Kraftei) Sports/Super Sports Bike19854
Motobi 250 SS Motorcycle19705
Motobi 250 SS Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped197115
Motobi 250 SS Corsa Racing19698
Motobi 48 Sprint Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped19665
Motobi 50 Basic Misano Enduro/Touring Enduro201212
Motobi 50cc scooter Scooter20114
Motobi Aeon Moto Bionics Bistrada 03.05 Quad201111
Motobi Aeon Moto Bionics Bistrada 3.5 Quad201211
Motobi AEON Urban 125 Scooter20125
Motobi ard sport 125 2T Sports/Super Sports Bike19545
Motobi BC 1 Scooter20128
Motobi BC One 50 Scooter201411
Motobi BC1 50 ACTION different colors Scooter201210
Motobi BC1 50 Classic Scooter 2014 (as a moped) Scooter20125
Motobi BC2 TWO ACTION 125 different colors Scooter20149
Motobi Bistrada 3.5 Quad20117
Motobi Bistrada 5.3 Moto Bionics Quad20116
Motobi BS 1 Scooter20126
Motobi BS 1 ECO Scooter20126
Motobi BS 1 eco action! Travel free sample! Scooter201412
Motobi BS 1 sample Sitting welcome! Scooter20147
Motobi BS1 50 Moto2 ACTION Scooter201210
Motobi Catria ORIGINAL CONDITION 175 CC 1959 Motorcycle19595
Motobi CYR Route 151 Scooter201214
Motobi Elite 125 Delivery Nationwide Scooter20127
Motobi Elite 350i Scooter20124
Motobi FLAMING50 Other20097
Motobi Imola Scooter20115
Motobi Imola Scooter20127
Motobi imola Scooter20135
Motobi Imola 50 Scooter20104
Motobi Imola 50 Scooter20144
Motobi Imola 50 RS, cheaper scooter Scooter20129
Motobi Imola 50 SE Scooter20117
Motobi Imola 50 SE Scooter20125
Motobi Imola for SPECIAL PRICE! Scooter20113
Motobi Imola RS Scooter20123
Motobi Imola RS Scooter20146
Motobi Imola RS, July & Agust Free Boost Jet Helmet Scooter20121
Motobi Imola SE Scooter201113
Motobi Imola SE Scooter20123
Motobi Imola SE Scooter20145
Motobi IMOLA SE 50 Scooter20125
Motobi Imola SE, July and August Free Boost Jet Helmet Scooter20122
Motobi Imola Sport Elegance + Equipment Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20125
Motobi Imola than 45/25 Red Devil Scooter20118
Motobi Imola50 Scooter20121
Motobi Misano 125 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20122
Motobi Misano 125 new vehicles Super Moto20128
Motobi Misano 125 SM Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20128
Motobi Misano 125 SM Supermoto XT Super Moto20126
Motobi Misano Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20125
Motobi Misano Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20135
Motobi Misano 50 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20144
Motobi Misano 50 Basic Enduro Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20125
Motobi Misano 50 Basic Supermoto Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20124
Motobi Misano 50 Sport Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20154
Motobi MISANO 50 Sport SM Supermoto ACTION Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20149
Motobi Misano 50 Sport Supermoto, Enduro, Dirtbike NEW Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped201210
Motobi MISANO 50 Sport SX ACTION Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20149
Motobi Misano 50 SX Enduro/Touring Enduro20129
Motobi Misano Enduro Supermoto / Cross 50cc New Enduro/Touring Enduro20133
Motobi Misano SM 50 Super Moto20127
Motobi Misano50 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20123
Motobi Misnao 50 cc Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20134
Motobi Monet Goyon Bj. 1930 Motorcycle19304
Motobi Motino Jonway Italia S.r.l. Scooter20075
Motobi Moto 50cc B Scooter20112
Motobi Moto 6.0 Bionics 4x4 LOF * Gerry Mayr Edition * Quad201111
Motobi Motobecane Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped19975
Motobi Motom dolce vita 150 Scooter20124
Motobi Multi Strada 3.5 Quad20114
Motobi Pesario Scooter20125
Motobi Pesaro Scooter20105
Motobi Pesaro Scooter20113
Motobi Pesaro Scooter20125
Motobi Pesaro Scooter20135
Motobi Pesaro 50 Scooter20105
Motobi Pesaro 50 Scooter20111
Motobi Pesaro 50 Scooter20124
Motobi Pesaro 50 Scooter20133
Motobi Pesaro 50, incl.Helm & Gloves Scooter20112
Motobi Pesaro 50 new vehicles Scooter20145
Motobi PESARO 50 Replica Scooter201115
Motobi Pesaro 50 Replica Scooter20124
Motobi Pesaro 50 Super Sport Replica Scooter20114
Motobi Pesaro 50 Super Sport Replica original price 1799th - Scooter20124
Motobi Pesaro 50/25 Moto GP 2 Collector's Edition Scooter20114
Motobi Pesaro 50SS Scooter20145
Motobi PESARO ACTION 50 different colors Scooter201513
Motobi Pesaro Replica Scooter20134
Motobi Pesaro50 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20093
Motobi Pessaro 50ss Scooter20113
Motobi Pessaro scooter 50 cc only 725 km run Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20135

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