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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by e-max was released in 1989 (e-max Export ETZ 251)
Databikes contain 38 e-max bikes in 6 categories: Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped (50 cm³), Motorcycle (500 cm³), Quad (300 cm³), Scooter, Sport Touring Motorcycles (250 cm³), Sports/Super Sports Bike (900 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by e-max in our DB is e-max 916S
e-max 110 electric scooter new model 2012 Scooter201215
e-max 110 S Scooter20113
e-max 110 s Scooter20135
e-max 110 S ELECTRIC - ROLLER \ Scooter20111
e-max 110S - 100 km range tested Scooter20095
e-max 110S Scooter20084
e-max 110S Scooter20104
e-max 110S Scooter20114
e-max 110s Scooter20123
e-max 1500 Scooter20041
e-max 1500 Scooter20122
e-max 80L Scooter20121
e-max 90 S Scooter20095
e-max 90 S Scooter201015
e-max 90 S Scooter201113
e-max 90 S ELECTRIC - ROLLER \ Scooter201110
e-max 90 S electric scooter ** ** ** new vehicle Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20112
e-max 90 s electric scooter Scooter20113
e-max 90S Scooter20114
e-max 90s Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20121
e-max 916S Sports/Super Sports Bike19955
e-max E-drive Scooter20114
e-max e-max Scooter20114
e-max E-max electric scooters S 110 Scooter20111
e-max E-Max EMAX 90s Scooter20116
e-max Eagle Bull 300 Quad20124
e-max Ep-1500L45 Scooter20061
e-max etropolis retro Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20119
e-max Export ETZ 251 Sport Touring Motorcycles19894
e-max GS500E Motorcycle19893
e-max Race GT 50 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20085
e-max Rex Eskape Scooter19984
e-max S 90 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped20095
e-max S-90 Scooter20125
e-max s110 Scooter20145
e-max S110 E-Scooter Scooter201210
e-max The electric scooter Scooter20113
e-max Vespa ET 4 fans for € 1111 Scooter19995

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