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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Dinli was released in 2001 (Dinli 50cc)
Databikes contain 351 Dinli bikes in 2 categories: Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike (125 cm³), Quad (50 to 800 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Dinli in our DB is Dinli 800 EVO EPS (35 kW (48 PS))

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Dinli Masai l50 Quad20103
Dinli Masai L50 automatic street legal Quad20055
Dinli Masia A450 Quad20095
Dinli New Vehicle Small Plate 50 Quad Quad20144
Dinli PRO 800 L 4x4 Centhor LOF luxury liner for two! Quad20117
Dinli PRO Centhor 700 (LOF) Quad20115
Dinli PRO Centhor 800 L (LOF) Quad20113
Dinli PRO Centhor LOF 700 4x4 Quad20114
Dinli Professional Centhor 700 LOF including snow plow Quad201110
Dinli Quad / ATV Centhor 700 4x4 LOF Quad20134
Dinli Quad Quad20103
Dinli Quad Quad20113
Dinli Quad Quad20125
Dinli Quad 801-270300 TUV NEW! Quad20076
Dinli Quad DINLI 450 aluminum rims - Nitrogen Shock Quad201113
Dinli Quad DL 603 Quad20033
Dinli QUAD DL801 Quad20095
Dinli Quad T-Rex 50 Quad20031
Dinli rc Quad20084
Dinli RC Quad20115
Dinli Rooki 300 Special Quad20113
Dinli ROOKIE 300 Quad20135
Dinli Rookie 300 4x2 Quad20113
Dinli Rookie 300 engine noise, but ready to ride! Quad201211
Dinli Rookie 300 Special Quad20116
Dinli Rookie 300R Offroad Quad Automatic Quad201414
Dinli Rookie Quad 300 special Quad20114
Dinli Special 450 S Quad201313
Dinli Special 50 Quad Quad20135
Dinli Special 904 Quad20115
Dinli Special S 450 Lof condition warranty until 02/2016 Quad20145
Dinli Special Supermoto 450 38 hp new condition Quad20125
Dinli Sports 450 Special * LOF * Quad201110
Dinli Sports 450 Special L.O.F. Quad20113
Dinli Sports 450 Special off-road 4 x 2 Quad20115
Dinli Sports 450 Spring Special price including LOF Quad20117
Dinli Steelhaed 700 Quad20093
Dinli T-Rex 100 Quad20035
Dinli T-Rex 100 Quad20045
Dinli T-Rex Quad20055
Dinli T-Rex 50 Quad20055
Dinli T-Rex 50cc + trailer Quad20035
Dinli T-Rex import Sachs! Quad20039
Dinli Trasher Quad20095
Dinli Trasher 450 Quad20095
Dinli Trasher 450 Quad20105
Dinli Trasher 450 Special Quad20093
Dinli Trasher Explorer Type 902 Quad20105
Dinli WITH A NEW ENGINE 450 DMX901! Quad20075
Dinli Yiing-Benzhou-Vehicle Auto-1.Hand Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike20095
Dinli ZR 50 Quad20105

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