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According to databikes data (registered in our system), first bike constructed by Boom was released in 1988 (Boom CHICKEN)
Databikes contain 290 Boom bikes in 5 categories: Chopper/Cruiser (460 to 1600 cm³), Motorcycle (2000 cm³), Quad (460 to 500 cm³), Scooter (50 cm³), Trike (460 to 2400 cm³),
Most powerful vehicle made by Boom in our DB is Boom * Trike TRIKE PORSCHE TYPE 4 * TOP * (103 kW (140 PS))

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Boom Fun 500 Automatic well maintained Trike20068
Boom fun trike Trike20053
Boom Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Trike Trike20108
Boom Hayabusa \ Trike20134
Boom Hayabusa Trike20113
Boom Highway Trike19925
Boom Highway Trike19934
Boom Highway Trike19945
Boom Highway Trike19953
Boom Highway Trike19964
Boom Highway Trike19973
Boom Highway Trike19983
Boom Highway Trike19995
Boom Highway Trike20005
Boom Highway Trike20015
Boom Highway Trike20025
Boom Highway Trike20128
Boom Highway A1 Trike19935
Boom Highway A1 BME 1085 Trike19955
Boom Highway deluxe - Rebuilding Trike19975
Boom HIGWAY Trike19955
Boom Honda Motor Trike original price 27 590, - Trike20119
Boom Honda Shadow 750 Black Spirit Trike201115
Boom Honda VT750 Shadow Motor Trike Trike20118
Boom Hyghway Trike19965
Boom Hyghway trikes Trike20015
Boom Individual production Trike20005
Boom Intruder 1800 Motor Trike Trike20118
Boom Krauter Trike19965
Boom Low Rider Trike19964
Boom Low Rider Trike19973
Boom Low Rider Trike19984
Boom Low Rider Trike19995
Boom Low Rider Trike20003
Boom Low Rider Trike20025
Boom Low Rider Trike20055
Boom Low Rider Trike20075
Boom low rider Trike20085
Boom Low Rider Trike20102
Boom Low Rider Trike20115
Boom Low Rider Trike20126
Boom Low Rider 3i Trike20128
Boom Low Rider 4i Trike199910
Boom Low Rider 4i Trike20035
Boom Low Rider 4i Classik Trike20085
Boom Low Rider 5I For Sale! Trike20063
Boom Low Rider Family Trike20115
Boom Low Rider Family2 Trike19973
Boom Low Rider injection Trike20078
Boom Low Rider LR6i Trike20075
Boom Low Rider ML Dragster Trike20087
Boom Low Rider model 4i Trike20005
Boom Low Rider MUSCLE Trike20065
Boom Low Rider Muscle Trike20095
Boom Low Rider Muscle Trike20102
Boom Low Rider Muscle Trike20125
Boom Low Rider Muscle Family Trike20115
Boom Low Rider Muscle, long version Trike20113
Boom Low Rider Muscle new car Trike20125
Boom Low Rider Muscle (special edition Thunderbird) Trike20112
Boom Low Rider Muscle Tageszulassung Trike20127
Boom Low Rider Muscle Thunderbird Trike20145
Boom Low Rider Thunderbird Trike20124
Boom Low Rider Trike Trike20025
Boom Low Rider with trailer hitch Trike20088
Boom Lowrider 1600 Trike19975
Boom Lowrider 1600i Trike20005
Boom Lowrider Trike20015
Boom Lowrider Trike20043
Boom LowRider 4i Trike20055
Boom Lowrider 5i Trike20085
Boom Lowrider 7 Trike20065
Boom LowRider anniversary price Trike20103
Boom Lowrider Basic 3i Trike20095
Boom Lowrider Family 3i 3-seater 1.Hand Trike200715
Boom Lowrider Model V Trike19974
Boom LowRider Muscle at a bargain price Anniversary Trike20112
Boom Lowrider Muscle Klassich black with lots of Stainl Trike201115
Boom LowRider Muscle Luxury - Special Offer Trike20143
Boom Lowrider Muscle Thunderbird Trike20118
Boom Lowrider Muscle Thunderbird Trike20126
Boom lowrider musscle Trike20145
Boom Lowrider top condition Trike200213
Boom Lowrider Trike - 1999 D-FZB Trike19995
Boom LR-Row Rider Trike19974
Boom Moto - Shadow 750 trike Trike20117
Boom Moto - Trike VT 750 Shadow Trike20127
Boom Moto-Trike Honda Shadow 750 Trike201010
Boom Motor Trike Honda Shadow Trike20118
Boom Motor Trike Honda Shadow 750 Trike201011
Boom Motor Trike Shadow 750, and many extras \ Trike201115
Boom Muscle Trike20065
Boom Mustang 2.0 ltr. Automatic \ Trike20134
Boom Mustang Family Thunderbird Trike20125
Boom Mustang Family Thunderbird Trike20147
Boom Mustang ST 1 \ Trike201210
Boom Mustang ST 1 Trike20115
Boom Mustang ST 1 Trike20125
Boom Mustang ST 1 new vehicle Trike20125
Boom Mustang ST1 Trike20105

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