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A tricycle, often abbreviated to trike, is a three-wheeled vehicle. A motorized tricycle's wheels may be arranged in either configuration: delta or tadpole. A delta trike has one wheel in front and two in back, and the tadpole trike has two wheels in front and one in back. Occasionally, rear wheel steering is used, although this increases the turning circle and can affect handling (the geometry is similar to a regular trike operating in reverse, but with a steering damper added).
Our DB Contain Trike category vehicles since 1932 (Moto Guzzi mototriciclo militare 109/32) to 2015
Most powerful Trike bike is
2012 Other Trike
Boom  Mustang ST1 compressor 2 with 197PS and APC 2012 Trike photo

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Boom LowRider Muscle Luxury - Special Offer 2014Boom3
Boom Lowrider Muscle Thunderbird 2011Boom8
Boom Lowrider Muscle Thunderbird 2012Boom6
Boom lowrider musscle 2014Boom5
Boom Lowrider top condition 2002Boom13
Boom Lowrider Trike - 1999 D-FZB 1999Boom5
Boom LR-Row Rider 1997Boom4
Boom Moto - Shadow 750 trike 2011Boom7
Boom Moto - Trike VT 750 Shadow 2012Boom7
Boom Moto-Trike Honda Shadow 750 2010Boom10
Boom Motor Trike Honda Shadow 2011Boom8
Boom Motor Trike Honda Shadow 750 2010Boom11
Boom Motor Trike Shadow 750, and many extras \ 2011Boom15
Boom Muscle 2006Boom5
Boom Mustang 2.0 ltr. Automatic \ 2013Boom4
Boom Mustang Family Thunderbird 2012Boom5
Boom Mustang Family Thunderbird 2014Boom7
Boom Mustang ST 1 \ 2012Boom10
Boom Mustang ST 1 2011Boom5
Boom Mustang ST 1 2012Boom5
Boom Mustang ST 1 new vehicle 2012Boom5
Boom Mustang ST1 2010Boom5
Boom Mustang ST1 2013Boom10
Boom Mustang ST1 2014Boom5
Boom Mustang ST1 compressor 2 with 197PS and APC 2012Boom9
Boom Mustang ST1 new vehicle 2014Boom5
Boom Mustang ST1 Touring Back with 50/50 funding 2014Boom6
Boom Mustang Thunderbird \ 2012Boom15
Boom Mustang Thunderbird 2014Boom8
Boom Mustang Thunderbird compressor ST1 2011Boom10
Boom Mustang Touring Back \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; 2012Boom13
Boom Mustang Touring Family Back Thunderbird 2012Boom3
Boom Mustang Touring Family Back \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; 2013Boom7
Boom New Highway 1.1 Touring Back 2013Boom15
Boom New Highway 1.5 Thunderbird Touring Back 2013Boom12
Boom New Highway 2012Boom4
Boom New Highway Thunderbird 2013Boom8
Boom New Highway Thunderbird new vehicle 2013Boom4
Boom New Highway Touring Back 2013Boom4
Boom New Highway \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; 2014Boom3
Boom New Highway Ultimate 2013Boom4
Boom New vehicle Fighter 2012Boom5
Boom No Easy Chopper Trike is a 2006Boom5
Boom not Deviel Trike 1998Boom5
Boom Power Fighter X11 190HP 2002Boom5
Boom Power Fighter X11 2.0 S 2012Boom4
Boom Rattler Trike 1989Boom5
Boom SF 1 Ultimate 2011Boom5
Boom Shark 500 2006Boom5
Boom Sontheim 1994Boom5
Boom ST1 Mustang \ 2011Boom6
Boom ST1 Mustang \ 2012Boom10
Boom ST1 Mustang Thunderbird 2011Boom8
Boom Street Fighter 1997Boom5
Boom Street Fighter 2002Boom4
Boom Street Fighter Fighter X11 TOP Condition 2003Boom5
Boom Three Seater family 2008Boom5
Boom \Top condition! 2004Boom11
Boom Top Low - Rider 5i Large - Limited Edition 2001Boom5
Boom Traveller 1994Boom3
Boom Trike 1989Boom5
Boom Trike 1992Boom5
Boom Trike 1993Boom3
Boom trike 1996Boom5
Boom Trike 1998Boom5
Boom Trike 2000Boom4
Boom Trike 2011Boom5
Boom Trike chopper 1994Boom5
Boom Trike Chopper 2003Boom5
Boom trike easy 1997Boom5
Boom Trike Family 2 (3-seater) 1997Boom5
Boom Trike Fun 500 2007Boom4
Boom Trike Fun II 500 Automatic 2005Boom5
Boom Trike LowRider 2000Boom3
Boom Trike Shadow 750, order vehicle 2011Boom5
Boom Trike Street Fighter X11 2003Boom3
Boom Trike Suzuki Intruder 1800 Thunderbird 2012Boom10
Boom Trike V 2 Automatic 2009Boom4
Boom Trike (with spare engine!!!!) 1995Boom5
Boom Trikes Family II Trike 2005Boom5
Boom Ultimate Fighter X11 Ltd.. Edition # 6 2012Boom5
Boom Ultimate fighterx11 like new 2012Boom5
Boom V 1 Thunderbird 2011Boom4
Boom V 1 Thunderbird 2012Boom5
Boom V1 2011Boom6
Boom V1 2012Boom5
Boom V1 Automatic \ 2012Boom3
Boom V1 Automatic 2010Boom1
Boom V1 automatic 2011Boom5
Boom V1 automatic handlers 2012Boom6
Boom V1 automatic model \u0026 quot; Thunderbird \u0026 quot; 2013Boom7
Boom V1 Thunderbird automatic 2011Boom7
Boom V1 Thunderbird Automatic 2013Boom4
Boom V2 automatic 1.Hd. 2009Boom15
Boom V2 automatic 2010Boom9
Boom V2 automatic trend 2010Boom8
Boom V2 Automatic \u0026 quot; Trend \u0026 quot; 2009Boom5
Boom V2 Ultimate 2008Boom10

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