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A touring motorcycle is a type of motorcycle designed for touring. Although any motorcycle can be used for this purpose, manufacturers have developed specific models designed to address the particular needs of these riders. Touring motorcycles commonly have large displacement fairings and windshields that offer a high degree of weather and wind protection, large-capacity fuel tanks for long ranges between fill-ups, engines with a great deal of low-end horsepower, and a more relaxed, upright seating position than sport bikes. These motorcycles can be further divided into multiple sub-categories, which are commonly used terms within the motorcycle industry.
Our DB Contain Tourer category vehicles since 1912 (Other Wanderer 4 hp) to 2015
Most powerful Tourer bike is
2008 Triumph ROCKET 3 TOURING
BMW  R100 1981 Tourer photo

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BMW R 1200 RT ESA, heated seats, 1.Hd. 2007BMW5
BMW R 1200 RT first Hand luggage ESA 8021 KM HG BC 2005BMW9
BMW R 1200 RT Lots of Accessories 2007BMW5
BMW R 1200 RT model 2010 with DOHC - Engine 2009BMW5
BMW R 1200 RT, MT 2011BMW12
BMW R 1200 RT NAVI, BC, ABS 2006BMW11
BMW R 1200 RT, only 3500 km! 2007BMW9
BMW R 1200 RT radio, ESA, BMW Navigator III, DWA 2006BMW3
BMW R 1200 RT Safety Comfort radio only 9650 km 2009BMW13
BMW R 1200 RT Safety Package, Touring Package 2010BMW8
BMW R 1200 RT SE 2009BMW15
BMW R 1200 RT touring package ABS, top case, radio-CD 2009BMW10
BMW R 1200 ST ABS ESA 2005BMW7
BMW R 1200RT 2011BMW4
BMW R 1200RT ESA Temp Griffe-/Sitzheizung SPEAKER 1Hd 2007BMW15
BMW R 25/3 for restoration 1953BMW5
BMW R 45 1978BMW2
BMW R 45 1985BMW7
BMW R 45 N Contactless ignition TSZ 1981BMW5
BMW R 45 type 248 1980BMW5
BMW R 45/248 1982BMW4
BMW R 50/5 1972BMW5
BMW R 65 1984BMW2
BMW R 65 from 2 Hand 1989BMW7
BMW R 65 LS 1982BMW5
BMW R 65 LS 1984BMW5
BMW R 65 RT 1980BMW1
BMW R 75/6 1976BMW1
BMW R 75/7 1976BMW5
BMW R 80 1987BMW3
BMW R 80 1990BMW7
BMW R 80 R 2-valve type 247E Top 1993BMW5
BMW R 80 R t 1986BMW5
BMW R 80 R t 1987BMW3
BMW R 80 RT 1983BMW5
BMW R 80 RT 1984BMW5
BMW R 80 RT 1985BMW5
BMW R 80 RT 1986BMW3
BMW R 80 RT 1987BMW10
BMW R 80 RT 1990BMW5
BMW R 80 RT 1991BMW3
BMW R 80 RT 1992BMW2
BMW R 80 RT 1993BMW4
BMW R 80 RT 1994BMW2
BMW R 80 RT 2012BMW10
BMW R 80 RT, 247 1985BMW4
BMW R 80 RT Police motorcycle 1993BMW7
BMW R 80 RT top condition / 3660km 1986BMW11
BMW R 80 ST 1983BMW5
BMW R 80/247 1984BMW4
BMW R 80/7 1980BMW3
BMW R 80/7 41 000 KM 2.Hand 1979BMW12
BMW R 80RT 1983BMW7
BMW R 850 1996BMW2
BMW R 850 1998BMW5
BMW R 850 and R with ABS handle heating 2000BMW5
BMW R 850 HG ABS luggage topcase maintained 2000BMW15
BMW R 850 R 1997BMW3
BMW R 850 R 1998BMW8
BMW R 850 R 2000BMW5
BMW R 850 R 2002BMW5
BMW R 850 R 2003BMW5
BMW R 850 R ABS 1998BMW5
BMW R 850 R ABS 2003BMW13
BMW R 850 R ABS little kms warranty! 1997BMW7
BMW R 850 R Comfort 2004BMW5
BMW R 850 R, windshield 2000BMW8
BMW R 850 RT ex police no K 75 RT 1999BMW5
BMW R100 1981BMW3
BMW R100 1992BMW1
BMW R100 CS 1981BMW5
BMW R100 R 1992BMW7
BMW R100 RS 1981BMW3
BMW R100 rt 1981BMW2
BMW R100 RT 1982BMW5
BMW R100 RT 1994BMW5
BMW R100 RT Classik 1996BMW5
BMW R1000GS 1994BMW3
BMW R100R - 247 E - R 100 R 1991BMW5
BMW R100R 1995BMW5
BMW R100R Classic 1994BMW5
BMW R100R Mystic 1994BMW5
BMW R100R Mystic 1996BMW1
BMW R100R mysticism 1994BMW5
BMW R100R type 247E 1992BMW4
BMW R100RS / RT 1980BMW5
BMW R100RS 1978BMW3
BMW R100RS 1994BMW4
BMW R100RS 1995BMW1
BMW R100RS/RT 1984BMW5
BMW R100RT 1 hand 1982BMW12
BMW R100RT 1980BMW5
BMW R100RT 1981BMW5
BMW R100RT 1984BMW2
BMW R100RT 1988BMW5
BMW R100RT by vintage reports 1982BMW5
BMW R100RT Classic - Powder coating - 1995BMW5

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