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Supermoto or Supermotard is motorcycle racing on a circuit that alternates between three types of track: flat track, motocross and road racing, using motorcycles designed for that purpose. Supermoto was originally conceived as something like an all-star game, in which the best riders from the three separate genres of motorcycle racing could temporarily leave their normal race class to come together and compete for the title of best all around racer. Today supermoto is a distinct genre of its own and riders in the other classes do not routinely cross over into supermoto.
Our DB Contain Super Moto category vehicles since 1981 (Other Testi Real beavers 40) to 2015
Most powerful Super Moto bike is
2008 Buell XB12STT SuperTT rarity in white 2007!
Other  R 30 Black Mamba 2004 Super Moto photo

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Mz 125 SM 2005Mz5
Mz 125 SM 2009Mz5
Mz 125 SM GANGSTA 2009Mz3
Mz 125cc Supermoto 2009Mz1
Mz 660 Baghira 2003Mz5
Mz 660 SM Bagheera 2008Mz5
Mz 660 Supermoto 2007Mz5
Mz Bagheera 1999Mz4
Mz Bagheera 2000Mz5
Mz Bagheera 2001Mz4
Mz Bagheera 2003Mz5
Mz Bagheera 2004Mz5
Mz Bagheera 660 2003Mz4
Mz Bagheera 660 E 2000Mz4
Mz Bagheera 660 E Street Moto 1999Mz4
Mz Baghira 2000Mz4
Mz baghira 2001Mz5
Mz Baghira 2002Mz3
Mz Baghira 660 2000Mz5
Mz Baghira 660 2008Mz4
Mz Baghira 660 Black Panther 2004Mz5
Mz Baghira 660 E Black Panther 2004Mz3
Mz baghira 660 tüv bis03/2014 2002Mz5
Mz Baghira Black Panther 1999Mz5
Mz Baghira Black Panther 2001Mz4
Mz Baghira Black Panther 660 E 2007Mz5
Mz Baghira E 660 1999Mz4
Mz Baghira SM HR 2007Mz5
Mz Baghira Street Moto 1998Mz5
Mz Baghira Street Moto 1999Mz5
Mz Baghira Street Moto 2010Mz5
Mz Baghira Street Moto 2011Mz5
Mz Bagira Street Moto 2002Mz6
Mz Bagira Supermoto 2000Mz5
Mz Black Panther 2001Mz3
Mz Black Panther Bagheera 2000Mz5
Mz Mastiff 1998Mz5
Mz Mastiff 2001Mz2
Mz Mastiff 2003Mz5
Mz Mastiff 660 1997Mz5
Mz Mastiff 660 SuperMoto 1997Mz5
Mz Mustiff 660 1997Mz5
Mz Muz 660 E Supermoto 1998Mz5
Mz MZ 125 SM 2002Mz5
Mz Replica 2009Mz5
Mz SM 125 \ 2010Mz1
Mz SM 125 2002Mz5
Mz SM 125 2003Mz4
Mz SM 125 2004Mz5
Mz SM 125 2006Mz5
Mz SM 125 2008Mz3
Mz SM 125 2009Mz5
Mz SM 125 Gangsta 2008Mz5
Mz SM 125 Supermoto 2007Mz5
Mz SM 125 Tüv -11/2014! 1996Mz2
Mz SM 2001Mz3
Mz SM 2002Mz5
Mz SM 2003Mz5
Mz SM 2004Mz4
Mz Sm 2006Mz4
Mz SM 2007Mz5
Mz SM 660 2008Mz5
Mz sm cup replica 2006Mz4
Mz Sm cup Replica Edition 2006Mz3
Mz Supermoto 125 2008Mz8
Mz Supermoto Baghira 2000Mz4
Mz Supermoto Mastiff 660 E 2005Mz3
Before Vertemati 450 SM 2004Other4
CCM 644 Dual Sport 2004Other5
Goetz 125 2011Other5
KSR MOTO TR 50 SM One 2012Other5
Luxxon Supermoto 125 2011Other2
Luxxon Supermoto 125 LC 80Km / h 2011Other4
Madix SM 125 2012Other5
Motorhispania Furia Supermotard 50 2006Other5
Motorhispania ryz urban bike 2010Other4
Orion Apollo 125 SM 2010Other5
R 30 Black Mamba 2004Other5
Romet Motors 2010Other5
Supermoto 2007Other5
Testi Real beavers 40 1981Other5
Tomos SM 125 F 2008Other4
Tomos SM 125 F Supermoto Akrapovic 2007Other6
Tomos Supermoto SM125Y 2008Other5
Trigger 50 sm 2011Other5
Vertemati 501 2004Other5
Vertemati VOR SM 530 2002Other5
Vertemati VOR supermoto 1999Other4
vertenmati 1999Other4
Peugeot XPS 50 AE 2007Peugeot14
Peugeot XPS CT 125 2007Peugeot5
Puch Frigerio GS 600 1984Puch5
Rieju Marathon SM 125 2010Rieju5
Rieju Marathon Supermoto 125! SELLOUT! 2012Rieju9
Rieju MRI Super MOTO 125 2012Rieju15
Rieju Mrt 2009Rieju4
Rieju Mrt 2011Rieju4
Rieju MRT 50 Freejump 2014Rieju5
Rieju MRT 50 Racing 2015Rieju5
Rieju MRT 50 SM Racing 2013Rieju5

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