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A streetfighter is a sport bike that is customized by removing the fairing, and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look. Beyond simply removing fairings, specific changes that exemplify the streetfighter look are a pair of large, round headlights, tall, upright handlebars such as those on a motocross bike, and short, loud, lightweight mufflers.
Our DB Contain Streetfighter category vehicles since 1972 (Kawasaki Mach III) to 2014
Most powerful Streetfighter bike is
2000 Harley Davidson Custom Bike

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Yamaha fz 750 genesis 1987Yamaha1
Yamaha FZ1 2012Yamaha5
Yamaha FZR 100 1992Yamaha5
Yamaha fzr 1000 1988Yamaha5
Yamaha FZR 1991Yamaha5
Yamaha fzr 1993Yamaha5
Yamaha FZR 600 1989Yamaha4
Yamaha FZS 600 Streedfighter 2012Yamaha5
Yamaha R1 Street Fighter 2000Yamaha10
Yamaha Street Fighter FZ 750 1987Yamaha5
Yamaha streetfighter 1992Yamaha5
Yamaha Streetfigther 2006Yamaha5
Yamaha TRX 1996Yamaha4
Yamaha V Max 1200cc / 96 Kw - TÜV again 1986Yamaha5
Yamaha XJ 600 1994Yamaha5
Yamaha XS 650 1978Yamaha5
Yamaha YX 600 Radian 1986Yamaha2
Yamaha YZF 1995Yamaha2
Yamaha yzf 750 1998Yamaha3
Yamaha YZF 750 street fighter 1997Yamaha5
Yamaha YZF-R1 2001Yamaha5
Yamaha YZF R1 RN01 1997Yamaha5
Yamaha YZF600R 1996Yamaha4

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