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Our DB Contain Rally/Cross category vehicles since 1900 (Honda X-Sport CRF 50125) to 2015
Most powerful Rally/Cross bike is
2002 Gasgas EC 300
Other  Cc 2 stroke dirt bike 49 \ 2011 Rally/Cross photo

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MV Agusta HUSQVARNA 2001MV Agusta5
Mz 125 2003Mz3
Mz 125 Sm 2012Mz3
Mz GE 250 1989Mz2
Mz TS 150 cross conversion Funbike 1982Mz3
Mz TS Enduro 1979Mz4
200cc dirt bike 2006Other5
250 2011Other5
49erCross, children, Pocket, Dirt Bike, NEW, 10 inches! 2011Other5
BUGGY 150 2004Other12
CBS 125cc 2011Other3
Cc 2 stroke dirt bike 49 \ 2011Other5
Children motorcycle Tomos MC 50 Senior 1995Other3
Cross 2010Other5
CZ 250 R 2012Other5
Gas Gas EC 125 Motocross 2005Other5
HM Locusta 200 2011Other9
Kawasaki 4-stroke 2011Other4
LEM 50 motocross kids 1999Other1
LEM LX 3 Super 2002Other5
LEM LX2 2001Other1
LEM LX2 (Cross Children from 6 years) 2005Other2
LEM LX2 factory SX50 Children Cross 1999Other3
LEM SM3 2011Other2
Loncin 125 2011Other5
LX 3 Sports Kindercroser 2004Other4
Montesa Trial 123 1979Other5
OSET 12.5 Bike 24V 2011Other9
OSET 16 \ 2011Other5
Oset Mecatecno 2012Other12
Others Others Zabel VMC-motocross team 2000Other4
Pit Bike 2011Other5
Polini XP 65 R (no SX65, KX65, RM65, CR65, ...) 2009Other5
Quantya FMX 2008Other6
Quantya MMX for youth aged 14 Bj.9/2010 2011Other7
Quantya Strada 2009Other14
Quantya Strada Bike TeamFutureMX 2009Other11
Quantya Strada Evo 1 Electric 2008Other2
Quantya Strada Supermoto 2009Other14
Quantya Track 48 2009Other13
RX 125 EXplorer 2009Other5
Section 249 Fantic Trial 1996Other4
Sherco 125cc S1 with a new replacement panel 2000Other5
Sunbike 2009Other5
TX250 2011Other2
vr250 1997Other1
xd 2012Other1
xmotos xb 33 2011Other5
XZ 250 R 2010Other5
YCF-125 / Acrapovic! Top condition! 2011Other10
ZERO MXD 2011Other12
Peugeot Elystar 2003Peugeot5
Peugeot speedfight 2005Peugeot5
PGO Buggy 250cc Bugrider 2007PGO5
PGO BUGRACER 500i Buggy 2009PGO4
PGO Bugrider 250 2005PGO5
Puch Magnum x 1974Puch5
Rieju MX 50 2007Rieju4
Sachs Dirty Devil 50 2006Sachs5
Sachs Hercules GS 250 1978Sachs5
Sachs zx 125 2002Sachs4
Sachs zx 1998Sachs1
Sachs zz125 2002Sachs4
Sherco 125 2001Sherco4
Sherco 125 Trial 2006Sherco3
Sherco 2.9 Trial 2010s 2010Sherco5
Sherco 250 SEF-R 2014Sherco4
Sherco 250 Trial 2000Sherco2
Sherco 290 2008Sherco5
Sherco 290 Trial Trail with airbag 2004Sherco5
Sherco 320 4Takt Cabestrany Factory Replica 2007Sherco5
Sherco 4.5 i 2006Sherco2
Sherco honda gas gas 2007Sherco5
Sherco SE / SX 250/300/450/510 2013Sherco5
Sherco SE-250 F i Racing 2014Sherco8
Sherco SE-300 F i Racing 2013Sherco5
Sherco SE300i Factory 2013 2013Sherco3
Sherco ST 2.9 2007Sherco5
Sherco ST 2.9 2013Sherco5
Sherco SX 300 HP Racing 2012Sherco13
Sherco SX 450 retired 2012Sherco5
Sherco Trial 125 2003Sherco5
Sherco Trial 125 cc model 2011 incl Zulassungkit 2011Sherco9
Sherco Trial 2.9 ST 2003Sherco4
Sherco Trial ST 2.9 model 2012 in the dream state 2013Sherco5
Sherco Trial Trail 250 does not Gas Gas Beta 2003Sherco14
Sherco Trial Trail 250 does not Gas Gas Beta 2006Sherco15
Sherco Trial Trail no gas gas beta 2004Sherco14
Simson - 1985Simson2
Simson Crosser 80cc 2012Simson5
Simson Enduro 1997Simson4
Simson ETS GS dirt bike conversion 2012Simson5
Skyteam Cross 125 2010Skyteam7
Skyteam gorilla 2007Skyteam3
Skyteam ST * 125 * 1.Hand 2007Skyteam6
Skyteam ST 50-2 2004Skyteam4
Skyteam ST 50-2 2005Skyteam1
Suzuki 125 rm 2010Suzuki5
Suzuki 250RM 2008Suzuki1
Suzuki 50 JR 1993Suzuki2

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