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naked bikes (Standards) are versatile, general purpose street motorcycles. They are recognized primarily by their upright riding position, partway between the reclining posture of the cruisers and the forward leaning sport bikes. naked bike- term that became popular in the 1990s in response to the proliferation of fully faired sport bikes.
Our DB Contain Naked Bike category vehicles since 1929 (DKW Luxury Special 200) to 2015
Most powerful Naked Bike is
2006 Triumph Rocket III Conversion
Ducati  Street Fighter 1100 with Best Warranty 2010 Naked Bike photo

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Ducati Monster S2R1000 2007Ducati5
Ducati Monster S2R1000 2008Ducati4
Ducati Monster S4 - Monster 1000 Hyper Model 2001Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4 2002Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4 2003Ducati8
Ducati Monster S4 916 Senner 2001Ducati4
Ducati Monster S4 Corse 2002Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4 Corse paint set u.a 2003Ducati4
Ducati Monster S4 Ohlins damper top condition, etc. 2001Ducati4
Ducati Monster S4 R 2005Ducati10
Ducati Monster S4 R 2006Ducati3
Ducati Monster S4 R 2007Ducati11
Ducati Monster S4 Senna Edition 2001Ducati1
Ducati Monster S4 Senna Edition 2002Ducati4
Ducati Monster S4R, 1 Hand, few kilometers 2006Ducati6
Ducati Monster S4R 1000 996, WARRANTIES financing 2003Ducati10
Ducati MONSTER S4R 2004Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4R 2005Ducati3
Ducati Monster S4R 2006Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4R 2008Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4R 996 cc 113 hp 2.Hand much carbon 2004Ducati2
Ducati Monster S4R 996cc (2004) NL Kenteken 2004Ducati14
Ducati Monster S4R Desmoquatro Carbon Arrow, Perfect 2004Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4R Monster S4R (2003 - 07) 2003Ducati5
Ducati MONSTER S4R Testastretta 2008Ducati4
Ducati Monster S4R with Ohlins / brake of 998 R 2006Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4RS 2007Ducati5
Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore 2009Ducati5
Ducati Monster VERY maintained effect paint, etc. 2001Ducati5
Ducati Monster750i.e. 2003Ducati4
Ducati Monster900 Si.e. 2002Ducati5
Ducati Monster900ie 2002Ducati5
Ducati MonsterM 600 2000Ducati3
Ducati Moster 600 1998Ducati5
Ducati moster 600 2000Ducati3
Ducati moster 696 Anniversy abs 2013Ducati9
Ducati MS4RS M 4RS monster testastretta 2007Ducati11
Ducati PER GLI Amanti DELLA DUCATI 2003Ducati1
Ducati S 2 R 1000 2005Ducati4
Ducati S 4 RS 2006Ducati5
Ducati S2 R 800 2007Ducati5
Ducati S2R 1000 2006Ducati1
Ducati S2R 1000 2007Ducati5
Ducati S2R 1000 2008Ducati14
Ducati S2R 2005Ducati1
Ducati s2r 2007Ducati9
Ducati S2R 800 2006Ducati5
Ducati S2R 800 winter price only 9031 KM 2008Ducati12
Ducati S2R Monster 800 2007Ducati6
Ducati S2R, new timing belt, 12-month warranty 2005Ducati10
Ducati S2R1000 2006Ducati5
Ducati S4R 2004Ducati5
Ducati S4R 2007Ducati4
Ducati S4R by dealer 2005Ducati4
Ducati S4R gem 2005Ducati4
Ducati S4R Monster 1000 2004Ducati9
Ducati S4R Monster 996 2004Ducati4
Ducati S4R, new timing belt, 12-month warranty 2005Ducati10
Ducati S4RS Testastretta 2007Ducati5
Ducati Scrambler 1971Ducati3
Ducati Scrambler Icon, 62 'yellow ABS 2012Ducati9
Ducati Sport 1000 2006Ducati6
Ducati Sport 1000 Monoposto Classic Cafe Racer 2005Ducati4
Ducati Sport 1000 S 2008Ducati4
Ducati SS 1000 DS Supersport ! Cafe Racer ! 2003Ducati13
Ducati Street Fighter 1098 2010Ducati5
Ducati Street Fighter 1098 Rizoma, Termignoni kit and much more. 2009Ducati5
Ducati Street Fighter 1100 with Best Warranty 2010Ducati6
Ducati Street Fighter 2009Ducati5
Ducati Street Fighter 2011Ducati4
Ducati Street Fighter 848 2011Ducati15
Ducati Street Fighter 848 2012Ducati4
Ducati Street Fighter 848, customized version 2011Ducati9
Ducati Street Fighter 848, Yellow In Stock Red / / 2011Ducati1
Ducati Street Fighter EVO 848, DTC, Model 2012 2011Ducati1
Ducati STREET FIGHTER few km south, QD Silencer 2011Ducati6
Ducati Streetfeighter S 1098 Model 2012 2011Ducati8
Ducati Streetfighter 848 2013Ducati11
Ducati Streetfighter S, \ 2011Ducati4
Ducati Streetfighter S ** 5 km ** NEW CONDITION ** 2010Ducati11
Ducati Streetfighter S 1098 with accessories 2012Ducati13
Ducati streetfighter s 2009Ducati5
Ducati Streetfighter S 2010Ducati10
Ducati Streetfighter S, Hyper Fighter complete conversion 2011Ducati4
Ducati Valentino Rossi Replica Monster 796 2011Ducati11
Ducati Xerox 1098 2008Ducati6
Ducati ZDM 900M Monster 1993Ducati5
Generic KSR Code 125 0.00% eff. Interest oh. Number.! 2012Generic12
Generic KSR Moto GRS125 2012Generic4
Generic Worx 125 2012Generic1
Gilera 300 B 1959Gilera5
Gilera RV 125 1984Gilera3
Harley Davidson -Later V-Rod Muscle ABS remaining warranty 2010Harley Davidson5
Harley Davidson 883 Sportster 2004Harley Davidson5
Harley Davidson 883R 2000Harley Davidson5
Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle V-Rod Nr914 2007Harley Davidson8
Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle VRSCX V-Road 2007Harley Davidson15
Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom 1998Harley Davidson5
Harley Davidson Sportster 1997Harley Davidson1
Harley Davidson Sportster XL 883, Sporty, 1988Harley Davidson9

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