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Motor-assisted Bicycle Category

Our DB Contain Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped category vehicles since 1900 (Simson Enduro S 70) to 2015
Most powerful Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped bike is
1999 Other Moped car to 25 km / h
Motowell  Retrosa 50 2011 Motor-assisted Bicycle/Small Moped photo

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Moto Morini Corsarino 50 1973Moto Morini5
Moto Morini Corsarino Scrambler 1972Moto Morini5
Moto Morini Kids Motorcycle 1980Moto Morini4
Moto Morini LEM LX2 2002Moto Morini5
Moto Morini Meteora M 4 Cross 1974Moto Morini5
Moto Morini Minarelli 1970Moto Morini4
Moto Morini Moped 1978Moto Morini4
Moto Morini moto morini corsarino 1967 1967Moto Morini3
Moto Morini Peripoli Giulietta Typo America 1969Moto Morini5
Moto Morini Zeta Zeta 1973Moto Morini8
Motobi 250 SS 1971Motobi15
Motobi 48 Sprint 1966Motobi5
Motobi Imola Sport Elegance + Equipment 2012Motobi5
Motobi Misano 2012Motobi5
Motobi Misano 50 2014Motobi4
Motobi Misano 50 Basic Enduro 2012Motobi5
Motobi Misano 50 Basic Supermoto 2012Motobi4
Motobi Misano 50 Sport 2015Motobi4
Motobi MISANO 50 Sport SM Supermoto ACTION 2014Motobi9
Motobi Misano 50 Sport Supermoto, Enduro, Dirtbike NEW 2012Motobi10
Motobi MISANO 50 Sport SX ACTION 2014Motobi9
Motobi Misano50 2012Motobi3
Motobi Misnao 50 cc 2013Motobi4
Motobi Motobecane 1997Motobi5
Motobi Pesaro50 2009Motobi3
Motobi Rimini 125 2012Motobi4
Motobi Scooter 50cc WY50QT-40 Top condition with case 2012Motobi5
Motowell 2T 2011Motowell5
Motowell 2T magnetic limited edition 2011Motowell2
Motowell 2T solenoid 2010Motowell4
Motowell 50 2010Motowell3
Motowell Crogan RS 95 2012Motowell5
Motowell Crogen City 2T 2011Motowell2
Motowell Crogen City 2T presenter 4 years warranty from EZ 2013Motowell15
Motowell Crogen RS 2011Motowell11
Motowell Crogen Sport 2T new paint 4 years warranty 2012Motowell15
Motowell Crogen Sports 2011Motowell3
Motowell Limited Edition 2011Motowell5
Motowell Magnat 2T 2011Motowell3
Motowell Magnet 2011Motowell4
Motowell Magnet Rs 2009Motowell2
Motowell Magnet RS 2014Motowell5
Motowell Magnet RS 2T 2011Motowell5
Motowell MagnetCity 2014Motowell5
Motowell Magnetic 2T presenter 4 years warranty from EZ 2013Motowell15
Motowell magnetic smoke rs 21 2011Motowell2
Motowell Retrosa 2013Motowell5
Motowell Retrosa 50 2011Motowell2
Motowell Sports 2012Motowell5
Motowell Yoyo 4T 2011Motowell5
Motowell Yoyo 4T 4 year warranty from EZ 2013Motowell15
Motowell YOYO t4 2011Motowell5
Mz 125 RT 2002Mz5
Mz 125/2 1956Mz5
Mz CHARLY - electric scooters, zus.klappbar, NEW BATTERY 2001Mz1
Mz Charly - no helmet law 2012Mz14
Mz Charly 1999Mz1
Mz Emmely 2012Mz2
Mz SM 125 2005Mz4
Mz SM 8500 km only! Checkbook! 2009Mz5
NSU Bicycle with Rex auxiliary engine 1952NSU5
NSU Bumblebee 1957NSU5
NSU Lambretta 125 D125 MK2 1952NSU5
NSU Lambretta 1960NSU4
NSU Qickly S 1960NSU5
NSU Quckly 1954NSU5
NSU Quickly / 51TZ / 2 speed / moped 1959NSU10
NSU Quickly 1955NSU3
NSU Quickly 1956NSU5
NSU Quickly 1957NSU4
NSU Quickly 1958NSU1
NSU quickly 1959NSU5
NSU Quickly 1960NSU5
NSU Quickly 1961NSU4
NSU Quickly 1963NSU1
NSU Quickly 1964NSU5
NSU Quickly 1965NSU5
NSU Quickly 1967NSU5
NSU Quickly 1968NSU5
NSU Quickly 23 1962NSU5
NSU Quickly Cavallino Sport 2012NSU13
NSU Quickly F 1962NSU5
NSU Quickly F 23 1965NSU2
NSU Quickly-L 1952NSU1
NSU Quickly N 1953NSU1
NSU Quickly N 1954NSU5
NSU Quickly N 1956NSU5
NSU Quickly N 1961NSU5
NSU Quickly N 23 1964NSU4
NSU Quickly N built in 1955 1955NSU5
NSU Quickly N23 1955NSU5
NSU Quickly S/2-23 1962NSU2
NSU Quickly S2/23 1963NSU5
NSU Quickly S23 2012NSU8
NSU quickly TT 1962NSU5
NSU Quickly ZT 51 1962NSU5
NSU Quicky 51TZ 1959NSU5

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