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Lightweight Motorcycle Category

Our DB Contain Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike category vehicles since 1934 (DKW RT 2.5) to 2015
Most powerful Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike is
2001 Harley Davidson Road King
Hercules  K50RL 1977 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo

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Hercules K100 1956Hercules4
Hercules K101 1959Hercules5
Hercules K125 1970Hercules5
Hercules K125 BW 1979Hercules5
Hercules K125 S / FULL RUNS 1979Hercules12
Hercules K125s 1977Hercules5
Hercules K50 RLC 1979Hercules4
Hercules K50 RX 1971Hercules4
Hercules k50 sx 1970Hercules5
Hercules K50 Ultra LC - \ 2012Hercules15
Hercules K50RL 1977Hercules4
Hercules K50RL 1980Hercules2
Hercules KKR MK 50 from 1970 1970Hercules5
Hercules Megelli 125 Supermoto 2012Hercules11
Hercules MK 50/1 super 4 1967Hercules2
Hercules Mr. Saxonette motor bike 1988Hercules5
Hercules nbr 1964Hercules5
Hercules NHW R50 S 1965Hercules5
Hercules PRIMA 5 1999Hercules6
Hercules Rixe 80 cc 1981Hercules5
Hercules Rixe RS 80, no Hercules 1982Hercules5
Hercules RS 80 AC 80 with TÜV and papers! 1983Hercules5
Hercules RX9 1983Hercules5
Hercules RX9 1984Hercules2
Hercules Sachs motorower 1996Hercules1
Hercules Saxonette 1x 1x Ladies and gentleman motor bike 1988Hercules2
Hercules Sportbike 1972Hercules5
Hercules Sportbike 1978Hercules4
Hercules Ultra 1 \u0026 quot; the Red \u0026 quot; K50 1977Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 1983Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 2 LC - 1. Hand - Year 1979 -. Top 1979Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 50 1978Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 80 1981Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 80 1982Hercules2
Hercules Ultra 80 1983Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 80 1987Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 80 AC 1978Hercules5
Hercules ULTRA 80 AC 1983Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 80 chopper 1982Hercules3
Hercules Ultra 80 LC with full fairing Polybauer 1981Hercules5
Hercules Ultra 80 water-cooled type 686 1981Hercules5
Hercules Ultra Chopper 1981Hercules5
Hercules Ultra RS 80 AC 1981Hercules5
Hercules Ultra RS 80 AC top original condition only 8600 km 1984Hercules5
Hercules X Road 125 cc 2007Hercules5
Herkules 125 BW 1978Herkules5
Herkules 125 BW V1 1980Herkules3
Herkules 316 (original letter, TUV, stainless) 1953Herkules5
Herkules K 125 BW (V2) 1978Herkules3
Herkules K 50 RL 1979Herkules4
Herkules k101 1959Herkules5
Herkules K50 Sprint 1971Herkules5
Herkules K50 Sprint 1972Herkules5
Herkules K50 Sprint 1973Herkules5
Herkules Megelli Naked 125 2012Herkules3
Herkules Megelli RD 125S Naked 2011Herkules2
Herkules Megelli Sport 125 2012Herkules3
Herkules Megelli Supermoto 2010Herkules5
Herkules Optima 3 S 1992Herkules5
Herkules Prima 2S 1989Herkules2
Herkules Prima 3S 1997Herkules3
Herkules prima5 1983Herkules4
Herkules Roller (Hercules) Peugeot 125 SV Exicutive 1996Herkules5
Herkules RS 80 1982Herkules5
Herkules Saxonette 1990Herkules5
Herkules Ultra 80 LC 1985Herkules4
Herkules Ultra II 1980Herkules5
Herkules ZX 1 1991Herkules5
Honda @ 125 2002Honda5
Honda 125 Cityfly - Montesa JD18 1999Honda5
Honda 26 JC 1997Honda4
Honda 8 MB 1981Honda4
Honda 8 MB 1984Honda5
Honda ANF ​​125 Innova 2008Honda13
Honda APE 100 2004Honda4
Honda bali hf 07 1997Honda5
Honda CA 125 1996Honda2
Honda CA 125 (model JC24) Rebel 1998Honda5
Honda CA 125 Rebel 1998Honda3
Honda CB 125 1972Honda4
Honda cb 125 1976Honda5
Honda CB 125 1982Honda5
Honda cb 125 T2 1979Honda5
Honda CB J 125 1970Honda1
Honda CB Super Sport 1973Honda5
Honda CB125S classic rarity No. SL, XL 125 1975Honda5
Honda CBF-125 2009Honda5
Honda CBF 125 2010Honda3
Honda CBF 2010Honda4
Honda CBF TOP 125 * OFFER * 2011Honda5
Honda CBF125 2011Honda5
Honda CBF125 2012Honda1
Honda CBR 125 2005Honda5
Honda CBR 125 2009Honda4
Honda CBR 125 R / CBR125 2011Honda4
Honda CBR 125 R 2004Honda4
Honda CBR 125 R 2008Honda5
Honda CBR 125 R Repsol 2013Honda4
Honda CBR 2004Honda5
Honda CBR 2005Honda3

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