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Lightweight Motorcycle Category

Our DB Contain Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike category vehicles since 1934 (DKW RT 2.5) to 2015
Most powerful Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike is
2001 Harley Davidson Road King
Derbi  124 4T 2010 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo

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Daelim VC 125 Custom 1996Daelim7
Daelim VC 125 F ** GOOD CONDITION * WITH TOP BOX * ENGINE GUARD * 1996Daelim12
Daelim VC125 F 1996Daelim5
Daelim VC125 F Advance 1997Daelim4
Daelim VJ125 Roadwin 2004Daelim4
Daelim VJF 125 2007Daelim4
Daelim VJF 125 fi Roadwin ACCIDENT \u003e\u003e and parts sales 2010Daelim12
Daelim VJF 125 Roadwin F FI 2009Daelim5
Daelim VL 125 2005Daelim5
Daelim VL 125 2006Daelim5
Daelim VL 125 Daystar 2012Daelim4
Daelim VL 125 DayStar 2014Daelim10
Daelim VL 125 F 2000Daelim3
Daelim VL 125 F 2004Daelim4
Daelim VL 125F 2002Daelim4
Daelim VS 125 Best Maintained 2007Daelim6
Daelim VS 125 F 1997Daelim4
Daelim VS 125 (no VL / REBEL) 2002Daelim8
Daelim VT 125 1998Daelim3
Daelim VT 125 2000Daelim4
Daelim VT 125 Evolution 2003Daelim5
Daelim VT 125 F 2012Daelim5
Daelim VT 125 F Custom - Chopper 1999Daelim4
Daelim VT 125F 1999Daelim4
Daelim VT125 F-10 2002Daelim7
Daelim VT125F 1999Daelim5
Derbi 124 4T 2010Derbi3
Derbi 125 4T 4V 2012Derbi5
Derbi Boulevard 125cc 2008Derbi2
Derbi City Cross 2012Derbi5
Derbi Cross 125, Senda Baja 2012Derbi6
Derbi Cross City 125 2009Derbi3
Derbi Cross City 2011Derbi5
Derbi DRD 125 R No cheap junk \ 2012Derbi6
Derbi DRD 125 SM 2010Derbi5
Derbi DRD 125 Supermoto 4-valve 15hp 2012Derbi11
Derbi DRD Senda SM 125 Supermoto with 15HP 2011Derbi8
Derbi DVD 2011Derbi7
Derbi GP 1 2007Derbi5
Derbi GP 50cc 2006Derbi3
Derbi Gp1 50 Open Malossi Edition 2008Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 2008Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 2009Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 4T 2013Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 4T 4V 2010Derbi2
Derbi GPR 125 G new vehicles 2011Derbi3
Derbi GPR 125 HU / AU New! throttled to 11KW 2004Derbi4
Derbi GPR 125 Racing 2-Stroke 2009Derbi2
Derbi GPR 125 Racing 2007Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 Racing 2010Derbi12
Derbi GPR 125 Racing 2011Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 Racing 2T LC 2008Derbi5
Derbi GPR 125 Replica throttled 80 km / h 2011Derbi9
Derbi GPR 2004Derbi4
Derbi GPR 2007Derbi4
Derbi GPR-4 T 4 V 2012Derbi4
Derbi Gpr 50 2005Derbi5
Derbi Gpr 50 racing 2005Derbi5
Derbi GPR Racing 125 2004Derbi1
Derbi GPR125 2011Derbi2
Derbi GPR125 Racing 2T / day registration 2011Derbi7
Derbi GPR125 RACING 4T 2011Derbi2
Derbi GPR125r 2005Derbi4
Derbi Mulhacen 125 2008Derbi5
Derbi Mulhacen 2011Derbi4
Derbi Mulhacén 2008Derbi5
Derbi Nulhacen 125 2010Derbi2
Derbi sander 2003Derbi1
Derbi Savannah 75cc 1993Derbi4
Derbi Send DRD 125 R 4T 4V 2011Derbi1
Derbi Senda 125 2004Derbi2
Derbi Senda 125 cc 2008Derbi4
Derbi Senda 125 RY 2008Derbi4
Derbi Senda 125 SM 2008Derbi5
Derbi Senda 125R 2007Derbi4
Derbi senda 2003Derbi10
Derbi Senda 2007Derbi5
Derbi Senda 50 Zimowa promocja cenowa! 2009Derbi3
Derbi Senda Baja 125 2008Derbi5
Derbi Senda Baja 125 2010Derbi3
Derbi Senda Baja 125 delivery charge 2011Derbi3
Derbi Senda Baja 125 R 2007Derbi3
Derbi Senda Baja 125 SM 2011Derbi7
Derbi Senda Baja 125 SM delivery nationwide 2011Derbi6
Derbi senda cross city 125 2008Derbi3
Derbi Senda Cross City 125 incl 80km / h restriction 2011Derbi6
Derbi Senda Cross City 125 Special Price 2012Derbi10
Derbi Senda Cross City 2008Derbi4
Derbi Senda DRD 125 SM 2010Derbi4
Derbi Senda DRD 2012Derbi3
Derbi Senda DRD R 125 2011Derbi2
Derbi Senda DRD SM 125 R 2012 80 km / h 2011Derbi4
Derbi Senda DRD X-Treme 50 SM 2011Derbi9
Derbi SENDA DRD125R Enduro 2011Derbi5
Derbi SENDA DRD125SM 4T Supermoto 2011Derbi5
Derbi Senda R / SM 125 4T Baja 2008Derbi5
Derbi Senda SM 125 4T 2007Derbi11
Derbi Senda SM 125 4T Cross City 2008Derbi5
Derbi SENDA SM BAJA125 2011Derbi1

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