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Lightweight Motorcycle Category

Our DB Contain Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike category vehicles since 1934 (DKW RT 2.5) to 2015
Most powerful Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike is
2001 Harley Davidson Road King
Yamaha  DT 125 2005 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo

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Tauris HT 125-28 2012Tauris4
Tauris Strada 125-4 2012Tauris5
TGB BM1-A 2010TGB3
TGB corona 2004TGB3
TGB Ergon 1996TGB5
TGB X-Motion 2010TGB3
Triumph bonneville 750 1978Triumph5
Ural dnepr p300 1979Ural3
Ural YZF R 125! Black! Maintained Edition Top 2009Ural5
Vespa 1968 1968Vespa5
Vespa 200 Rally 1978Vespa5
Vespa 50 N 1980Vespa3
Vespa 50 PK XL2 1997Vespa5
Vespa 50 special 1977Vespa7
Vespa DSO 3 T 1962Vespa5
Vespa Faro Basso 1953Vespa5
Vespa LX 125 2006Vespa5
Vespa LXV 125 ie Dream Edition Km ZERO 2015Vespa7
Vespa Moped Tomos Flexer 25 2006Vespa5
Vespa Piaggio LXV 125 E.3 2010Vespa4
Vespa Piaggio top condition! 1983Vespa3
Vespa PK 125 1984Vespa4
Vespa PK 125 XL 1986Vespa5
Vespa PK 125 XL 1990Vespa5
Vespa PK 80 1983Vespa2
Vespa PK 80 s 1988Vespa5
Vespa Primavera 125 1979Vespa5
Vespa PX 139ccm custom transformation 1992Vespa3
Vespa PX 80 1987Vespa5
Vespa PX 80 E 136 cm EFL 1992Vespa5
Vespa PX 80 new TÜV 1990Vespa5
Vespa PX125 2006Vespa2
Vespa PX200 1987Vespa4
Vespa PX80 TÜV / AU 08/2013 1988Vespa9
Vespa Super 1966Vespa5
Vespa Super 1978Vespa2
Vespa TÜV PX 80 NEW! 1984Vespa3
Vespa vbb 2 1962Vespa3
VICTORY Victoria Vicky 3 M50 1955VICTORY5
WMI 125 Cross Street 2010WMI5
WMI Barhog 2011WMI3
WMI DD 125 E Raptor 2012WMI15
WMI dragtail 2011WMI2
WMI Motorcycles Cross Street 125, NOW OR NEVER! 2011WMI10
WMI Regal Raptor 125 Repco 2008WMI5
WMI YBR 125 2012WMI8
Yamaha 125SR 1998Yamaha4
Yamaha Aerox 1999Yamaha5
Yamaha Aerox 2003Yamaha5
Yamaha As new YBR 125 2011Yamaha3
Yamaha bw50ng 2002Yamaha4
Yamaha BWS 2000Yamaha2
Yamaha Cygnus 125 1996Yamaha5
Yamaha Cygnus X 125 2005Yamaha7
Yamaha DT 125 1997Yamaha5
Yamaha DT 125 2005Yamaha4
Yamaha DT 125 R 1997Yamaha3
Yamaha DT 125 R 2001Yamaha5
Yamaha DT 125 R 2002Yamaha4
Yamaha DT 125 Supermoto 2005Yamaha5
Yamaha DT 125 X 2005Yamaha5
Yamaha DT 125R 2000Yamaha5
Yamaha dt 1998Yamaha5
Yamaha dt 2006Yamaha3
Yamaha DT 80 1981Yamaha3
Yamaha DT 80 LC 1991Yamaha5
Yamaha DT 80LC 1996Yamaha5
Yamaha DT RE 2004Yamaha4
Yamaha m 1995Yamaha3
Yamaha NITRO LIMITED 50 2011Yamaha5
Yamaha Ovetto 100 2000Yamaha5
Yamaha R 125 YZF Hester WGP Edition 50th Anniversary 2011Yamaha4
Yamaha R125 Scheckheftgepfegt! 2013Yamaha5
Yamaha R125 YZ 2010Yamaha5
Yamaha RD 100 1983Yamaha3
Yamaha RD 125 DX 1976Yamaha1
Yamaha RD 80 LC 1987Yamaha5
Yamaha RD 80 mx 1983Yamaha2
Yamaha rd80 lc2 1986Yamaha5
Yamaha RD80Lc2 1983Yamaha5
Yamaha Rieju RS 125 2008Yamaha5
Yamaha RS 100 1978Yamaha5
Yamaha RS 100 1980Yamaha5
Yamaha RX-80 HE 1983Yamaha1
Yamaha skyliner 2003Yamaha4
Yamaha Sr 125 1996Yamaha4
Yamaha SR 125 1997Yamaha3
Yamaha TCR 1998Yamaha4
Yamaha TCR 2009Yamaha3
Yamaha TDR 125 2000Yamaha5
Yamaha TDR 125 5AN 1999Yamaha5
Yamaha TDR 1999Yamaha5
Yamaha TMAX 500 WHITEMAX Anniversary - 2010 2010Yamaha3
Yamaha TT-R90E 2007Yamaha5
Yamaha TW 125 2000Yamaha4
Yamaha TW 125 2001Yamaha1

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