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Lightweight Motorcycle Category

Our DB Contain Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike category vehicles since 1934 (DKW RT 2.5) to 2015
Most powerful Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike is
2001 Harley Davidson Road King
Sachs  Triumph 1943 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo

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Sachs 912 2003Sachs1
Sachs 98 1942Sachs11
Sachs Backpacker 1937Sachs5
Sachs Brennabor 1938Sachs5
Sachs Currently, 125 1999Sachs5
Sachs Currently, 125 2012Sachs5
Sachs Currently, 125 2013Sachs5
Sachs Currently 125 Deals 2011Sachs2
Sachs Currently, 125 limited edition similar to DT125 2002Sachs5
Sachs Currently 125 Luxxon 125 Enduro 2011Sachs11
Sachs DIRTY DEVIL 125 2010Sachs3
Sachs Dirty Devil 2007Sachs10
Sachs FY125T 2008Sachs7
Sachs Göricke 98er Fichtel \u0026 Sachs 1952Sachs5
Sachs Hiking 1938Sachs5
Sachs Luxury Saxonette 2005Sachs5
Sachs Luxxon 125 ZZ Enduro 2012Sachs11
Sachs Mad Ass 125 2012Sachs13
Sachs MAD ASS 125 4T 4-SPEED 2008Sachs4
Sachs MadAss 2012Sachs4
Sachs MadAss 50 2006Sachs4
Sachs Panter98 1955Sachs5
Sachs Prima-E 20kn / h 2011Sachs2
Sachs QM 125 GY-2B 2010Sachs8
Sachs Rex RS 1000 2009Sachs4
Sachs Roadstar 125 2000Sachs4
Sachs Roadster 125 V2 2002Sachs5
Sachs Roadster 125 V2 2004Sachs5
Sachs Roadster 125 V2 throttled 2001Sachs5
Sachs Roadster 2000Sachs5
Sachs roadster 2001Sachs5
Sachs Roadster QM125-2D 2010Sachs5
Sachs SACHS ROADSTER 125!!! ACTION!! 2011Sachs3
Sachs Sachs ZX 125 ENDURO!! ACTION!! 2011Sachs7
Sachs Sachs ZZ 125 SUPER MOTO!! ACTION!! 2011Sachs3
Sachs Saxonette 1987Sachs5
Sachs Saxonette 1997Sachs1
Sachs Saxonette 1998Sachs2
Sachs Saxonette Sparta Met 1996Sachs2
Sachs Spartamet 1992Sachs2
Sachs Speddforc R moped 2009Sachs5
Sachs Speed ​​Force 2010Sachs5
Sachs Supermoto 125 80 km / h Demonstration 2011Sachs6
Sachs SYM JET 50 2004Sachs4
Sachs Triumph 1943Sachs5
Sachs Wanderer 1938Sachs1
Sachs Wanderer 1940Sachs5
Sachs X Road 125 1998Sachs3
Sachs X-Road 2005Sachs4
Sachs X-Road 2007Sachs5
Sachs X-Road 2008Sachs5
Sachs X-Road (German version) 2005Sachs2
Sachs XTC 125 2005Sachs5
Sachs XTC-125 N 1999Sachs5
Sachs XTC 125 Racing 2002Sachs5
Sachs XTC 125 Racing 2006Sachs5
Sachs XTC 1999Sachs5
Sachs XTC 2001Sachs5
Sachs XTC 2002Sachs5
Sachs xtc 2004Sachs5
Sachs XTC N 2-stroke 2002Sachs4
Sachs XTC Racing 125 4-stroke 2005Sachs5
Sachs XTC Racing 2004Sachs5
Sachs XTC Racing 2005Sachs5
Sachs ZX 125 1998Sachs5
Sachs ZX 125 2014Sachs5
Sachs ZX 125 Enduro 2011Sachs8
Sachs ZX 125 Enduro 2013 NEWEST Model (SFM) as new 2013Sachs5
Sachs ZX 125 Enduro with warranty, new condition! 2011Sachs10
Sachs ZZ 125 1999Sachs5
Sachs ZZ, ZX Roadster 125 2011Sachs3
Sachs ZZ125 2010Sachs4
Sachs ZZ125 Supermoto new car with warranty! 2011Sachs4
Sherco 250 2011Sherco3
Simson Duo 1979Simson3
Simson duo 4.1 1984Simson5
Simson duo 4.1 4.2 roadworthy 1962Simson5
Simson Goshawk SR 4-4 1976Simson5
Simson Hawk 1970Simson4
Simson KR 51 Swallow 1965Simson5
Simson KR 51/1 1976Simson5
Simson KR 51/2 E 1981Simson1
Simson KR51 / K Rare Comfort Swallow 1973Simson5
Simson krause duo / 3 1969Simson5
Simson krs 51/1 1974Simson5
Simson Roller S50 / 1B 1990Simson4
Simson S 50 B2 1977Simson5
Simson S 70 1984Simson2
Simson S 70 Enduro 1983Simson2
Simson S 70E 1986Simson5
Simson S51 1984Simson5
Simson S51 1987Simson5
Simson S51 S83 S70 Cafe Racer 1993Simson2
Simson S51B1 1972Simson1
Simson S70 rebuild 1986Simson5
Simson Schikra 125 2001Simson5
Simson Schwalbe KR 51/2 1963Simson5
Simson Schwalbe KR51 / 2 E 1984Simson3
Simson Schwalbe Kr51/2L TOP! Must see! New! 1987Simson5
Simson Scooter 1987Simson5

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