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Lightweight Motorcycle Category

Our DB Contain Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike category vehicles since 1934 (DKW RT 2.5) to 2015
Most powerful Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike is
2001 Harley Davidson Road King
Other  Monkey JC 90-6 2004 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo

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GRACE ONE E-Bike 45km / h ** E-POWER ** 2011Other11
Hartford VR-125 2006Other2
Her Chee Taiwan scooter, moped, scooter helmet included 1997Other5
Hikers SP 2 1941Other5
Jinlun flex tech hurrican x1 2006Other5
Jonway JS 2010Other3
Junak 123 2012Other5
KMS HS 125-2 2008Other5
lambretta 2011Other5
LML Star 125 4t 2012Other6
Manic ZIPP 125 RS 2011Other5
Megelli Super Sport 125 2011Other7
Mini bike street legal 2008Other10
Monkey 2007Other5
Monkey JC 90-6 2004Other5
Motino 2005Other5
Motorhispania Arena 125 2004Other4
Phenomenon Bob 98 1940Other3
Pozostałe inny Mini Choper 2008Other5
Prewar Wanderer 1938Other15
Qingqi 2007Other1
Retro Scooter 125cc ³ 2012Other3
Rex \ 2006Other3
Rex 125 RC 1998Other5
REX 2011Other5
Rex Chopper 125 2000Other4
REX scooter 25/50 2004Other2
RJOS Impact 125 2010Other5
RX RS 125 2007Other5
Sky Team Corporation 2010Other6
smart e-bike 2011Other4
Solex Bj. With round frame assy. for restoration 1952Other5
solo cheat 1977Other2
Solo MK 40 1980Other5
Supermoto 125 2008Other5
SWM 125 1987Other10
The Asian fuel-saving model HS 100 2008Other5
Tomos SM125F 2007Other12
Victoria Avanti Express Radex 102, 100cc 1959Other5
VONROAD YB125-T15 2006Other5
Wanderer 1938Other4
Yamasaki yM50-B50ccm 2009Other3
Yiying YY50QT-02 2008Other2
YY125T-11 2008Other1
YY125T-6 2010Other3
zipp 50 2012Other2
ZY50QT-7 Scooter 2003Other5
Pegasus Corona 125 2002Pegasus5
Pegasus Corona 125 Comfort Edition 2005Pegasus4
Pegasus Corona Comfort Sport Edition Austellungsstück 2009Pegasus5
Pegasus Corona Sport Edition 125 2006Pegasus5
Pegasus LJEJCB10X8AZ00166 2010Pegasus4
Pegasus Sky 50 1999Pegasus2
Peugeot Elysatr 50 2009Peugeot3
Peugeot Geopolis 2010Peugeot5
Peugeot Kymco Activ 50 yamaha gilera never 2010Peugeot3
Peugeot Ludix 50 2006Peugeot6
Peugeot S2A 2005Peugeot5
Peugeot Satelis 2006Peugeot5
Peugeot Satelis 2010Peugeot3
Peugeot Scooter 2012Peugeot5
Peugeot Sooter LXR 200i 2011Peugeot5
Peugeot Speedake 1995Peugeot4
Peugeot speedfight 1996Peugeot3
Peugeot SV125 1997Peugeot4
Peugeot Trekker 100 1998Peugeot5
Peugeot V-clic 2009Peugeot3
Peugeot XP 6 Przepiękny LIMITOWANA WERSJA SUPERMOTO 200 2008Peugeot6
Peugeot XPS 125 2006Peugeot3
PGO Big max 50 fully running 2000PGO5
PGO Big Max 90 1999PGO4
PGO T-REX donated 50 Trike + a scooter! 2003PGO3
PGO Taiwan co.ltd 1997PGO5
Piaggio APE 2008Piaggio1
Piaggio Ape 50 1990Piaggio5
Piaggio Ape 50 TL4T Elestart 1990Piaggio5
Piaggio APE 50/102 1997Piaggio4
Piaggio Ape Car P2 1991Piaggio5
Piaggio Beverly 125 2004Piaggio4
Piaggio Beverly 125ie 2014Piaggio5
Piaggio CIAO PRIMA SERIES 1970Piaggio2
Piaggio ciclomotore boxer piaggio 1970Piaggio4
Piaggio Cosa GS 1992Piaggio5
Piaggio ET2 type C16 2001Piaggio5
Piaggio Evo X 2008Piaggio5
Piaggio Gilera 2005Piaggio5
Piaggio Gilera Cougar 125 1999Piaggio2
Piaggio Gilera DNA 125 2004Piaggio2
Piaggio Gilera Runner 180 1998Piaggio5
Piaggio Gillera Runner 125SP 2002Piaggio5
Piaggio GTV 250 2011Piaggio7
Piaggio Hexagon 125 EXS 1996Piaggio5
Piaggio Liberty 150cc nero 2002Piaggio1
Piaggio Liberty 200 2005Piaggio1
Piaggio Liberty 50 2T 2008Piaggio5
Piaggio M02 1996Piaggio5
Piaggio NRG extreme 2000Piaggio5

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