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Lightweight Motorcycle Category

Our DB Contain Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike category vehicles since 1934 (DKW RT 2.5) to 2015
Most powerful Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike is
2001 Harley Davidson Road King
Malaguti  Warrior F18 2004 Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo

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Kymco Quannon Naked immediately - from 0.9% financing! 2011Kymco8
Kymco Sector 125 open design, special price! 2002Kymco7
Kymco Sector 2002Kymco5
Kymco Spacer / Yager 2000Kymco5
Kymco striker 2001Kymco5
Kymco Stryker 125 off 2004Kymco5
Kymco stryker 2000Kymco5
Kymco Stryker 2002Kymco6
Kymco Super 8 50 2007Kymco5
Kymco vendo 50 cc scooter 2001Kymco4
Kymco Yager GT 2012Kymco15
Kymco Zing 2003Kymco5
Kymco Zing II - Dark Side 2009Kymco5
Kymco ZX 50 * Zamiana 2010Kymco3
Laverda LB 125 1984Laverda5
Laverda Motobecane 125 1972Laverda3
Lifan 125 2008Lifan5
Lifan 150cc street legal mini bike 2007Lifan5
Lifan 70GY-2 2014Lifan5
Lifan GY 110 2010Lifan5
Lifan Hero 125 LF 125-30 2010Lifan8
Lifan Hero125 2010Lifan5
Lifan LF 110 GY-E (Honda Monkey replica) 2011Lifan5
Lifan LF 110GY-E 2009Lifan5
Lifan LF 125-9J 2009Lifan2
Lifan LF 125 GY 2012Lifan11
Lifan LF 125 Hero 2009Lifan5
Lifan LF125 GY3 2005Lifan5
Lifan LF50Q-2 Father 50cm3 Cup 2010 2010Lifan6
Lifan LF70GY-2 Monkey Racer 2003Lifan3
Lifan Monkey 2002Lifan5
Lifan Monkey LF 70 GY 2 nail new gorilla 2011Lifan10
Lifan NEW 2014Lifan5
Lifan Real Reptor 2009Lifan5
Lifan Rocket 125-9J 2009Lifan5
Lifan Rocket 2014Lifan5
Lifan Street Cross 125 SPT 12 2009Lifan5
Linhai Lingben LB50QT-16 2006Linhai3
Maico MD 50 1976Maico5
Maico MD50 1973Maico4
Malaguti 49 cc FRANCO MORINI Gyromat GAM 1974Malaguti3
Malaguti Centro 125 ie! ACTION! 2011Malaguti5
Malaguti CENTRO SL 2011Malaguti8
Malaguti Drakon NKD Ducati Corse 2004Malaguti5
Malaguti F18 Warrior 125 2005Malaguti7
Malaguti F18 Warrior 2004Malaguti7
Malaguti Firefox F15 2000Malaguti5
Malaguti Warrior F18 2004Malaguti7
Malaguti X3 Motard 2013Malaguti4
Malaguti X3M Motard 2011Malaguti3
Malaguti x3m125 2012Malaguti5
Malaguti XT 125 2006Malaguti2
MBK 80 scooter 1998MBK3
MBK Aerox 2002MBK4
MBK Evolis 80 1994MBK4
MBK Evolis 80 1996MBK4
MBK Fiztz 1995MBK5
MBK Flame XC 125 2000MBK5
MBK Flame XC 125 TH 2000MBK3
MBK Fleming 1996MBK2
MBK Flipper 2001MBK5
MBK Motorhispania RX50 AM6, water cooled, 6 speed 2003MBK5
MBK Pinball 2000MBK1
MBK SE042 2004MBK5
MBK Skyliner 1998MBK5
MBK skyliner 2003MBK4
MBK skyliner 2007MBK5
MBK Thunder 125 2006MBK3
MBK Thunder 2001MBK1
MBK YAMAHA Evolis 80 1998MBK7
MBK YP 125 D Skyliner 2006MBK5
Megelli 125 R 2011Megelli4
Megelli 125 r 2014Megelli5
Megelli 125 R possible trade! 2011Megelli6
Megelli 125 R sports such as RS 125, CBR, YZF 2012Megelli5
Megelli 125 S 2011Megelli3
Megelli 125 S 2012Megelli4
Megelli 125 SM 2010Megelli4
Megelli 125 SM, new vehicle by the authorized dealer 2012Megelli6
Megelli Naked 125S ACTION different colors 2014Megelli15
Megelli Super Sport 125 2012Megelli6
Megelli Super Sport 125R ACTION different colors 2014Megelli9
Megelli Supermoto 125 2011Megelli3
Megelli Supermoto 125 M 2010Megelli5
Megelli Supersport 125 R WINTER OFFER 2011Megelli4
Moto Guzzi Cardellino 1956Moto Guzzi9
Moto Guzzi Cardellino 73cc luso 1958Moto Guzzi10
Moto Guzzi Motoleggera 65 (Guzzino) 1949Moto Guzzi4
Moto Guzzi Motostar 2012Moto Guzzi8
Moto Guzzi Stornello 125 5V 1971Moto Guzzi5
Moto Guzzi Stornello 125 German papers EP16 tires new 1960Moto Guzzi13
Moto Guzzi Stornello 1973Moto Guzzi5
Moto Morini 125H 1983Moto Morini5
Moto Morini CC50 CON DOCUMENTI 1970Moto Morini6
Moto Morini Kids Motorcycle 2002Moto Morini5
Moto Morini Neco Borosalino uno (1hand) tip top shape! 2012Moto Morini8
Moto Morini Zeta Zeta, ZZ 50 1975Moto Morini3
Motobi 125 - Benelli Moto Guzzi 125 1973Motobi11
Motobi 125 SS 1972Motobi1

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