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An Enduro motorcycle is a motorcycle especially made for enduros, which were originally long-distance cross-country time trial competitions. Today, enduro motorcycles vary considerably according to the rules of many different competitions and challenges.
Our DB Contain Enduro/Touring Enduro category vehicles since 1924 (Moto Guzzi 500 Racer) to 2015
Most powerful Enduro/Touring Enduro bike is
2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 A
BMW  F650 Dakar 2005 Enduro/Touring Enduro photo

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BMW F 800 GS ABS, BC, LED, heated grips 2011BMW7
BMW F 800 GS ABS, Heated Grips, BC, LED, center stand 2011BMW7
BMW F 800 GS ABS, Heated grips, onboard computer, topcase 2009BMW7
BMW F 800 GS C.M.Rider 2011BMW1
BMW F 800 GS F 800 GS 2009BMW4
BMW F 800 GS F 800 GS 2011BMW4
BMW F 800 GS low seat 2011BMW5
BMW F 800 GS Special Model 30 years of GS 2010BMW3
BMW F 800 GS Special paint - ABS, BC, heated grips 2011BMW11
BMW F 800 GS Top case 2009BMW7
BMW F 800 GS with car alarm 2010BMW5
BMW F 800 GS with Safety and Comfort Package 2013BMW5
BMW F 800 S ABS 2 hand 2007BMW7
BMW f 800GS 30 years of GS 2010BMW5
BMW F from 650 1.Hand orig. only 7.000 km!!!!! 1994BMW15
BMW F (G) 650 Gs - fully equipped 34 or 50 hp 2005BMW4
BMW F st 650 STRADA 1999BMW4
BMW F650 - Black / Orange - 2 Hand 1996BMW6
BMW F650 169 1997BMW1
BMW F650 1994BMW5
BMW F650 1996BMW4
BMW F650 1997BMW5
BMW F650 1999BMW4
BMW F650 CAT 1994BMW5
BMW F650 CS 2002BMW2
BMW F650 CS 2006BMW2
BMW F650 CS ABS ------------------ ---------------- 2002BMW12
BMW F650 Dakar 2001BMW5
BMW F650 Dakar 2004BMW1
BMW F650 Dakar 2005BMW5
BMW F650 Dakar with ABS 2003BMW5
BMW F650 Funduro 1998BMW4
BMW F650 Funduro top condition! 1994BMW5
BMW F650 GS - OFF 1.HAND - ABS 2005BMW3
BMW F650 GS - top condition - Check 3/12 - Case 2004BMW2
BMW F650 GS 1 Hand 2001BMW2
BMW F650 GS 2000BMW4
BMW F650 GS 2001BMW4
BMW F650 GS 2004BMW5
BMW F650 GS 2006BMW5
BMW F650 GS 2007BMW2
BMW F650 GS 2008BMW5
BMW F650 GS 2009BMW5
BMW F650 GS 2011BMW3
BMW F650 GS ABS case-good-maintained condition 2002BMW5
BMW F650 GS ABS top condition, heated grips, 2005BMW6
BMW F650 GS Dakar 2000BMW5
BMW F650 GS Dakar 2005BMW2
BMW F650 GS little * km * 2001BMW14
BMW F650 GS Low 2009BMW5
BMW F650 GS Lowering \ 2007BMW4
BMW F650 GS Twin 2008BMW5
BMW F650 GS Twin 2010BMW2
BMW F650 lowered 2001BMW3
BMW F650 motorcycle learner drivers 1997BMW5
BMW F650 ST 1993BMW4
BMW F650 ST 1999BMW3
BMW F650 ST 2000BMW3
BMW F650 Top condition, Touring Edition, Case, GS / ST 1999BMW14
BMW F650 TUV New! 1998BMW5
BMW F650GS - like new! Warranty! 2010BMW9
BMW F650GS / E650G / ABS 2005BMW1
BMW F650GS 2_ZYLINDER Deeper & 25kW 2011BMW3
BMW F650GS 2000BMW4
BMW F650GS 2001BMW5
BMW F650GS 2002BMW2
BMW F650GS 2003BMW1
BMW F650GS 2004BMW5
BMW F650GS 2005BMW5
BMW F650GS 2006BMW9
BMW F650GS 2007BMW5
BMW F650GS 2008BMW5
BMW F650GS 2009BMW5
BMW F650GS 2010BMW1
BMW F650GS 2011BMW1
BMW F650GS 800 seat height 80cm 2009BMW5
BMW F650GS ABS deeper factory 2006BMW7
BMW F650GS Dakar 2003BMW1
BMW F650GS Dakar 2007BMW5
BMW F650GS DEEP *** / *** 34HP 2006BMW12
BMW F650GS (F800GS) 2008BMW1
BMW F650GS new set of tires and inspection! 2010BMW5
BMW F650GS on behalf of customers 1998BMW8
BMW F650GS Twin 800 2009BMW6
BMW F650GS Twin ABS, HG, BC 2008BMW5
BMW F650GS Twin lowered 2008BMW4
BMW F650GS Twin lowering only 298km! 2010BMW5
BMW F650ST 1997BMW9
BMW F650ST 1998BMW5
BMW F651 1995BMW10
BMW F700GS 2012BMW5
BMW F800 GS 2008BMW5
BMW F800 GS 2009BMW5
BMW F800 GS 2010BMW5
BMW F800 GS 2012BMW3
BMW F800 GS Adventure 2013BMW5
BMW F800 GS fully equipped - guaranteed 2010BMW5

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