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There are various types of off-road motorcycles, also known as 'dirt bikes', specially designed for off-road events like motocross and mx.
Motocross is a form of motorcycle racing held on enclosed off road circuits. The sport evolved from motorcycle trials competitions held in the United Kingdom. Motocross is a physically demanding sport held in all weather conditions.
Our DB Contain Dirt Bike category vehicles since 1920 (Other LEM 50 LX2 Factory) to 2015
Most powerful Dirt Bike is
1999 Harley Davidson electra glide street glide
Other  Pocket Bike 2011 Dirt Bike photo

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Lifan BFD 2011Lifan4
Lifan CBF 125 2009Lifan2
Lifan CBF 33 A 2011Lifan5
Lifan CBF33A 2012Lifan5
Lifan CDI 2010Lifan5
Lifan Dirt Bike 125cc Apollo Orion Conditions 295 Enduro 2015Lifan5
Lifan Dirt Bike 2000Lifan5
Lifan Dirt Bike 2010Lifan2
Lifan DirtBike, Pitbike, Mini Cross Street Fighter 2013Lifan5
Lifan kdx 2011Lifan5
Lifan Nitro Carbon Look 2012Lifan3
Lifan Orion 2006Lifan3
Lifan Pit / dirt bike 2009Lifan5
Lifan Pit Bike 2010Lifan5
Lifan Pit Bike 2011Lifan5
Lifan Pocket Bike Dirt Bike Pocket Dirt Bike Cross Cross 2007Lifan5
Lifan Sky 125cc Dirt Bike Dirtbike Pit Bike Cross 2014Lifan5
Lifan Supermoto Racing bike 140 cc 2011Lifan5
Maico 250 Motocross 1964Maico5
Maico Kawasaki KX500 KX 500 1988 YZ490 n RM 465 1988Maico5
Maico MC 250 full cross Sammlerno XL 250 XR XT 1982Maico8
Malaguti Grizzly 12 2000Malaguti5
Malaguti RCX 12 1995Malaguti5
Megelli Naked 125 2012Megelli4
Moto Morini Fun Car of Moto Morini 1998Moto Morini5
--- 2005Other5
110cc dirt bike 2008Other5
125cc Dirt / Cross / Pitbike, NEW! NOW! 2011Other7
250 2008Other1
250cc Motocross 2014Other5
Carver One 2012Other4
Cenkoo xb 30 dirtbike Cross Cross Country Full 2011Other4
Cenkoo XB-35 air-cooled 2011Other4
cenkoo XB37 2012Other3
cross Dirtbik250ccm 2010Other3
Dirt Bike 125cc 2011Other1
Dirt Bike 200cc 2008Other4
Dirt Bike 2012Other4
Dirt Bike Mini * 10 'TIRES ONLY 20 € + shipping * 2011Other15
Dirt Bike Mini Tuning * have * € + shipping NUR20 2011Other15
Dirt Bike Moto X 125 2007Other4
Dirt Bike XB 31 2011Other4
Dirt bikes 2006Other5
Dirtbike 2011Other5
Explorer 2010Other4
Jincheng JC 90-6 2006Other5
KXD 2012Other3
LEM 50 LX2 Factory 1920Other5
Lincoln 2011Other3
Mini bike, pocket bike, enduro, kids motorcycle, 2008Other5
Pocket Bike 2011Other5
Sherco 3.2 4T 2007Other7
Special Price Vorführbike oset bike 2011Other9
SY 250 SY 250 Racing SCORPA 2005Other4
Terms Explorer 21S 2012Other5
XMotos XB 31 2010Other5
YCF 140 done much to it to sell urgently 2010Other5
YCF 150 Classic 2011Other5
YCF 150 Pilot Classic 2012Other2
YCF 88 MONSTER 2012 2012Other5
Rieju MX 50 2003Rieju12
Rieju MX 50 2009Rieju3
Sachs Dirty Devil 2008Sachs2
Sherco 290 / 2.9 2004Sherco5
Sherco 300 Cabestany 2011Sherco5
Sherco 9.2 Trial Trail 2000Sherco5
Sherco SE300i 2013Sherco3
Sherco ST 125 2012Sherco5
Sherco ST 125 2013Sherco5
Sherco ST 2.9 2010Sherco5
Sherco ST 2.9 Trial 2001Sherco5
Sherco Trial 125 2001Sherco5
Sherco Trial 2.9 2006Sherco5
Skyteam ST-50Y1 2007Skyteam5
Suzuki 125L DR-Z 2010Suzuki4
Suzuki DR 125 Dirt Bike 1998Suzuki4
Suzuki DR-Z 70 2012Suzuki5
Suzuki PE250 1981Suzuki5
Suzuki RM 2000Suzuki3
Suzuki RM 250 1995Suzuki5
Suzuki RM 250 with vehicle registration letter 1999Suzuki2
Suzuki RM250 2010Suzuki5
Tauris Madator 125 2010Tauris4
Tauris Matador 125 demonstrators 2012Tauris3
TM 125 mx 2007TM5
TM 250 2-stroke 2010TM5
TM 250 mx 2006TM2
TM 450 MX 2007TM3
TM 450cc Fi 2012TM3
TM 85 2012TM5
TM 85 cc Full Cross 2006TM3
TM EN 300 2006TM5
TM EN 300 2011TM5
TM MX 125 2011TM2
TM MX 250 2006TM5
TM MX 300 2010TM4
TM MX 300 2011TM5
TM MX 300 2012TM3
TM MX 450 2011TM2
TM MX 85 2011TM2

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