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Sidecar Tricycle Category

A sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle producing a three-wheeled vehicle.
Our DB Contain Combination/Sidecar category vehicles since 1900 (Jawa 250 + sidecar Velorex 560, team) to 2014
Most powerful Combination/Sidecar bike is
2002 Other Zeus Side Bike
Ural  Replica Chang Jiang 750 1965 Combination/Sidecar photo

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Ural N / 650 1975Ural5
Ural NEW 750cc sidecars 2011Ural15
Ural Others Ranger 2WD 2012Ural5
Ural Patrol 750ccm Brand new. 2010Ural5
Ural Prefect 650 1994Ural5
Ural Prefect sidecar 1991Ural5
Ural Pustinja Limited Edition December 2007 2007Ural5
Ural Ranger 2001Ural2
Ural ranger 2002Ural2
Ural Ranger 2004Ural1
Ural ranger 2006Ural3
Ural Ranger 2011Ural1
Ural Ranger 2WD EFI 2012Ural12
Ural Ranger 650 2000Ural5
Ural Ranger Tundra TWD 2012Ural5
Ural Replica Chang Jiang 750 1965Ural5
Ural Retro 2007Ural10
Ural Retro 2010Ural14
Ural Retro 2012Ural5
Ural Retro 750 NEW 2013Ural5
Ural Retro M70 team 2011Ural15
Ural Search for sale Dnepr MT600-2 trailer 1994Ural5
Ural SIDECAR 1950Ural4
Ural Sidecar 2001Ural5
Ural Snow leopard 2011Ural5
Ural Sportman 2009Ural5
Ural Sportsman 2WD new vehicle 2014Ural3
Ural Sportsman 2WD sidecar 2011Ural5
Ural Sportsman 750 Special model hybrid 2014Ural5
Ural Sportsman EFI 2012Ural6
Ural Sportsman (Ranger) 2012Ural3
Ural Sprotsman 2WD 2012Ural3
Ural strained and solo 1994Ural3
Ural SU 1994Ural5
Ural SU 1999Ural5
Ural (SU) 650R 2000Ural5
Ural T 2011Ural5
Ural T 2012Ural4
Ural T 2WD 2012Ural2
Ural T-Model 2012Ural4
Ural T team 2011Ural4
Ural T TWD 2012Ural5
Ural Team 1964Ural4
Ural Team 1982Ural5
Ural Team 1991Ural5
Ural Team 1994Ural5
Ural Team 1995Ural3
Ural Team 1997Ural5
Ural team 1998Ural4
Ural Team 2000Ural5
Ural Team 2013Ural5
Ural Team 650 1.Hand orig. 7400km 1992Ural4
Ural Team 650cm ³ 1991Ural5
Ural Team 750 cc \ 2010Ural5
Ural TOP 750 Tourist team maintained 2001Ural5
Ural Tourist 1993Ural5
Ural tourist 1994Ural2
Ural Tourist 1996Ural4
Ural Tourist 1998Ural5
Ural Tourist 2000Ural4
Ural Tourist 2001Ural5
Ural Tourist 2002Ural4
Ural Tourist 2003Ural4
Ural TOURIST 2005Ural10
Ural Tourist 2007Ural13
Ural Tourist 2011Ural4
Ural Tourist 2012Ural3
Ural Tourist 750 2003Ural7
Ural Tourist 750 2006Ural7
Ural Tourist 750cc 1 hand 2004Ural13
Ural Tourist America 1996Ural5
Ural TOURIST DE LUXE 1999Ural5
Ural Tourist sidecar 2011Ural6
Ural Tourist sunset 2013Ural5
Ural Tourist trailer 1999Ural5
Ural Ural-10 IMZ.8.103 1993Ural5
Ural URAL Dnepr 12 1983Ural9
Ural Uralgespann 1993Ural3
Ural Urals 1998Ural5
Ural Vorona 2006Ural5
Vespa Cosa 200GS team 1996Vespa5
Vespa LML Star 2009Vespa4
Vespa PX 80e 1998Vespa5
Vespa Team 1986Vespa5
Voxan 1000 SS - Swivel team of Fa Müller / Sauer 2003Voxan5
Voxan Street Scrambler 2007Voxan5
WMI Yamaha GTS 1000 - Side Bike Comanche 1998WMI5
Yamaha 1100 4-seater 1995Yamaha1
Yamaha Royal Star 1996Yamaha5
Yamaha Royal star con sidecar d'epoca 1995Yamaha4
Yamaha Side Bike Cyrnus 2001Yamaha5
Yamaha Side Bike FJ1200 Mega Shark Comete with Ruko 1988Yamaha5
Yamaha Wasp 1977Yamaha5
Yamaha Wasp 1979Yamaha5
Yamaha XS1100 1982Yamaha1
Yamaha XS1100 team 1979Yamaha5
Zundapp Zündapp BW 38 1938Zundapp5
Zundapp Zündapp K500 army team 1937Zundapp5

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