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1992 Yamaha SR 500 Chopper Bike

1992 Yamaha  SR 500 Motorcycle Chopper/Cruiser photo
1992 Yamaha  SR 500 Motorcycle Chopper/Cruiser photo 11992 Yamaha  SR 500 Motorcycle Chopper/Cruiser photo 21992 Yamaha  SR 500 Motorcycle Chopper/Cruiser photo 31992 Yamaha  SR 500 Motorcycle Chopper/Cruiser photo 4
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Uploaded by i-lexx on Feb 27, 2011
Model ID
Make and ModelYamaha SR 500
Engine Capacity500 cm³
Engine Power25 kW (34 PS(Hp))
Fuel TypePetrol
GearboxManual gearbox
Fairings typeChopper-type, plastic and metal
Here you find what for all who want to get on it and drive off,
There are mountain passes or to Norway,
This newly constructed SR would be something you Fri.
I went with her mountain passes and the Ligurian border ridge road and never had problems with the drum brake power
(Must have registered) Bilstein shocks, rear (registered), increased Wilbers fork springs (registered) and a fork stabilizer Telefix bring peace to the chassis.
The engine was stripped of his constant depression carburetor from the carburetor and now the 34-hp version-fired (not registered, but no one even noticed). A K & N permanent air filter keeps clean the carburetor and the engine happy. A KEDO double lubrication provides Fri khlen a head, the oil temperature, oil temperature of an RR at Öleinfllstutzen read werden.Ein registered 20-liter tank of fuel cap Egu with Guzzi from VA Fri provides adequate coverage.
The engine-a poem.
In oneTotal mileage of 65 686, he was completely overhauled by me.
Complete means the crankshaft replaced, new bearings, oil seals, all new, completely overhauled oil pump, cylinder to 1 Excess honed, head surface ground, milled valve seats. Since then he has gone just 1850 km. The exhaust gases through a dfen Edelstahlkrmmer over a BSM Classic Phonschacht into the open. The BSM was welded back once because the rear baffle plate had come loose.
All aluminum parts are polished. The 18-inch wheels with stainless steel spokes are bestckt and the tires (the excellent Bridgestone BT 45, 4.00 \Just as the drive chain and chain wheels.
Natrich you get here, no new machine, wear-no fall damage, in spite of all present.
If you go one of hundreds on it, get updated very often have an original Yamaha rack system including Yamaha suitcases with them.

Chopper/Cruiser >> Motorcycle Makers >> Yamaha >> 1992 SR 500 - Information and Pictures

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  • 1992
  • 1993

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