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2011 Sachs Electra deLuxe

2011 Sachs  Electra deLuxe Motorcycle Other photo

Uploaded by camera-killed on Mar 10, 2012
Model ID
Make and ModelSachs Electra deLuxe
Engine Power35 kW (48 PS(Hp))
Fuel TypeElectric
GearboxManual gearbox
When Electra de luxe, you can choose whether you want to go with Tretuntersttzung or with the \huge 378 Wh battery Fri long range, removable and rechargeable Lightweight at each outlet using the latest lithium polymer battery technology was safe two-legged stand brstenloser 36 V AC motor with planetary gear? quietly in the front aluminum frame - lightweight suspension fork and suspension seat post ensure maximum comfort Untersttzungsmodi different adjustable motor: Brstenloser AC motor with planetary gear power: 250 W Weight: 28 kg including battery Maximum speed: 20 km / h, Tretuntersttzung up to 30 km / h colors: silver / anthracite, metallic blue / silver MSRP: 2,250 - Detailed technical specifications Motor: AC motor with Brstenloser Planegearbox of his engine layout: Front Power Rating: 250W Transmission: 7 speed Shimano Battery / Battery: 36 V, 10, 5 (AH = 378 Wh) Battery charge time: about 5 hours Range: up to 60 km in the E-bike mode , up to 80 km in the seat pedelec mode: gel saddle Front suspension: suspension fork Front brake: V-Brake Rear Brake: V-Brake and Rcktrittbremse Wheels: 28 inches Front Tires: 47 - 622 (28x1, 75), Rear tires: 47 - 622 (28x1, 75) Illumination: Halogen Spanninga, Rcklicht with parking light weight: 28 kg including battery Maximum speed: 20 km / h, Tretuntersttzung up to 30 km / h colors: silver / anthracite, metallic blue / silver Standard features: multi-function display with speedometer, battery indicator and fault code display (illuminated), suspension seat post m. Quick, tool-adjustable handlebar stem (Quick Release), gel saddle, fully enclosed chain guard, parking lights automatic, high-quality AXA Defender lock, two-legged stand with besonders safe level, very deep and convenient hatch, and all cables are installed in the frame, with 378 Wh large capacity battery Remarks: start-up and pushing aid over prescribed twist, helmet-free, license-free, small insurance plate

Other >> Motorcycle Makers >> Sachs >> 2011 Electra deLuxe - Information and Pictures

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