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1985 Kawasaki KLR Rally/Cross Bike

1985 Kawasaki  KLR Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo
1985 Kawasaki  KLR Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo 11985 Kawasaki  KLR Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo 21985 Kawasaki  KLR Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo 31985 Kawasaki  KLR Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo 4
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Uploaded by reddaro on Jul 10, 2012
Model ID
Make and ModelKawasaki KLR
Engine Capacity600 cm³
Engine Power33 kW (45 PS(Hp))
Fuel TypePetrol
GearboxManual gearbox
FairingsMX race plastics
Hello, The KLR is a Beliebtest reliable motorcycle, she has actually never failed me! She is very robust and good for driving, regardless of road or off road.

I leave in April set the valves, oil change done, replaced all filters and Zndkerze. Ne new chain came in May and still on it and new gear and new front brake pads. Front Kam NEN new headlights aufgerstet watt pure and identical with ner Motocross bulb 100/130!
I Installed the rear mini indicators, it was done by tuning the engine by 45 hp Kawasaki therefore, could be scarce 50-52.

It has a 21 liter tank!

The tachometer is the Tv Fri defect which is not a problem, however. I have a bicycle speedometer that goes up 300Kmh mounted. Can I also make it.
Mileage is not accurate, + - 5000km

Front is a spring leaks easily but I used two good leg when you have just unscrewing!

New tires must also be given to eachnfall on it and the timing chain tensioner msste ma be done otherwise you can drive your motorcycle NEN Top in 2.5 years what is beautiful soger H (Vintage flag) and thus a good Wertsteigerug still has all its original condition is!

It is not a new vehicle! Traces are of course also available!

Sale due to move to SM

KLR is logged and can of course be driven test

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