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1983 Honda MTX Rally/Cross Bike

1983 Honda  MTX Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo
1983 Honda  MTX Motorcycle Rally/Cross photo 1
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Uploaded by 1000melochej on Mar 15, 2012
Model ID
Make and ModelHonda MTX
Engine Capacity80 cm³
Engine Power7 kW (10 PS(Hp))
Fuel TypePetrol
GearboxManual gearbox
FairingsMX race plastics
Suitable for sale is a Honda MTX 80, the best on Fri cross purposes.
With the extended fork is the MTX
Fri perfect forest, meadow, private plots of land,
Field, gravel pit and co. The 80 cc range
Fri absolutely out these purposes.
With only 273kg, it can be easy MTX
heat on any grounds beautiful.

The brakes are good and the tires have also profile.
Clean in and out clutch disengages and the engine runs
like clockwork. That's me of the old Honda
Mitlerweile models used. They're indestructible and
as soon not get the small. I sell the MTX
vehicle as a hobbyist, but only because they already have a
has some years under his belt. Even after prolonged
Life once already kicking and running the machine.

No more papers but has been around at least
Since two previous owners. But of course I have the original
Honda Schlssel. The bike was about 3 years now in my possession. It
was even thento tinker with a lot of undocumented and
sold. In the first week it was really extreme, many loose screws
even the rear axle was held only by a splint.
The chain lock was so worn it right the first
Go broke. Clutch Cable and lever and brakes were
Worn or broken. As I said to tinker a lot. The engine and Co.
however, was even then top and without tinkering. The Honda was as yet
Today, with the first kick at.

But after two weeks I was on the motorcycle front man
accommodated. Since I had absolutely no problems and since
about 2.5 years so a lot of fun.

The Honda runs with mixture of 1 liter of regular gasoline is mixed
a small portion (50ml) of 2-stroke oil.

I am also happy to arrange a viewing with a test drive
to agree. Then they can even convince them that
The MTX is great and it was fine with her venial Crossent.

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